Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Whole Living {detox} Action Plan 2012

Beet Carrot Smoothie 

All my talk last week about getting back on board with calorie counting on the Lose It app?

That's going on hold.

I decided to do something different to jump start my way to healthier eating this month. On Monday, I started the 21 day detox plan that's featured in the January-February 2012 issue of Whole Living magazine. and can also be found online at http://wholeliving.com/challenge-action. It's called the Whole Living Action Plan 2012 and is basically a detox plan that's designed to give your liver and entire digestive system, really, a break from the stresses of the foods so typical in our diets. I'm looking at as a way to give my mind and body a clean slate for the New Year and hopefully eliminate cravings for sugar and simple carbs that seem to be the pitfall of healthy eating and living.

Foods that are completely off limits for the entire 21 days [28 days if you do the bonus week] are processed foods and beverages, added sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine and alcohol. No coffee... :(

Week 1: Eat ONLY fruits, vegetables and plant-based fats such as nuts, seeds and oils.

Week 2: Reintroduce seafood, legumes, beans and organic soy.

Week 3: Reintroduce eggs and gluten-free grains.

Week 4 [the Bonus week]: Reintroduce lean proteins such as chicken and beef, dairy and grains with gluten [wheat, barley, rye..] in moderation. Maybe a sip or two of coffee? 

I started this plan on Monday, so I've survived the first two days! Although I am about to go to bed a little hungry, at least today I didn't have that awful caffeine withdrawal headache I had yesterday.

Have you ever followed a detox or cleansing plan before? Survived coffee withdrawal? 

Interested in joining me? 

If you're interested in learning more about the plan, visit Whole Living at http://wholeliving.com/challenge-action.You can also follow Whole Living magazine on twitter at @WholeLiving and or follow participants like me [@ChristineA] on the plan with the hashtag #WLActionPlan.

Wish me luck! :)


  1. I went through caffeine (Coca Cola) withdrawal. Not fun. And I survived 3 weeks without it. But...it felt like I was punishing myself - bad orannia, penance is no Coca Cola. Which isn't conducive to maintaining said healthy eating plan. Moderation, moderation, moderation. I started the week swearing I would stick to my healthy eating plan (with Coca Cola) but didn't for the first 2 days :( I did today though! YAH! Now....tomorrow :)

    Good luck with the plan!

  2. orannia, how about making the coke a reward instead? Good orannia, has earned her daily coke!

    I have gotten to the point where any drastic changes in my diet result in horrible gastronomic distress--you really don't wanna know more.

    Which means that I would need to take at least the first week off work, and I really can't afford it.

    So, no deep cleansing for me for the time being.

    I'm aiming for small changes in my diet. Step by baby step is going to be the ticket for me.

    (But there's no way I can function without coffee, so that one is staying)

  3. Yeah, I'm not cleansing anything either. It's too much work! I love hearing about you doing though. I learn something new from you every day!! Good luck - I'm cheering for you.

  4. Wow! detoxing sounds hard core!
    I don't think I could do it, mostly because I'm week when it comes to fries and because I'm still on Anemia watch -though I've been free for a year - so I'm not allowed to stop eating meat (even though half the time I don't even like it).

    Good luck with this! may your will be strong and the force be with you :D

  5. I'm managing surprisingly well without caffeine - no headaches either. I am having a bit of raw honey in my tulsi tea - but I'm more about making this work than following the rules to the nth degree. This is day 9 for me - not a big cleanser usually - but I find this one doable, delicious and smart! All the best from my creative oasis to yours and good luck, Jill

  6. Um, no cleanse for me, either. I can't eat a lot of nuts or raw veggies and soy is a big no-no. Then again, I've been doing some reading and be careful with your soy intake. Recent studies show that soy can lead to weight gain and to be technical soy was never meant to be the staple it's become in our lives.

    Best wishes for your cleanse!

  7. Wow Christine, GOOD LUCK!!! I've never done a detox or cleansing diet before...I don't think I ever would unless the Doctor said it was a life or death situation. I'll be interested to see how it goes for you, how you feel after 4 weeks and then if you think it really helped in 4-6 months. :-D You can do anything you set your mind to, I think you've proven that time and time again, so go for it!

  8. I'm currently feeling the effects of Coca Cola withdrawal. We started this on Monday and I've had headaches for two days now. And I've slept, slept and slept. My husband hasn't felt anything, because he still drinks coffee (but he also stopped drinking Coca Cola).

  9. My grandmother did a fast paced detox-type diet called the Sacred Heart Medical shortly before Christmas. It is 7 days, and sounds almost like a condensed version of this plan. My mom is doing it now, and I plan to do it with my sister this month.

  10. @orannia I'm pretty sure I'll go back to coffee when this detox is over because I just enjoy it so much, but in moderation. That's the plan, anyway. I think what appeals to me so much about this detox plan is that it's food based [there are detox plans out there that are liquid diet based for weeks!] and that the purpose is to cleanse your digestive system from impurities and establish healthier attitudes towards food and therefore continue to make wise food choices in the future. Oh, and of course, a consequential little jumpstart to weight loss again. ; )

    I agree with the moderation mantra. That's key! Good luck!

    @azteclady I am surprised that eating only fruits, vegetables and nuts for three days has not kept me in the bathroom! In fact, the plumbing seems to be working great now! A little different, but in a good way! As for the coffee ban... I think that might be the hardest part! Day 1 I had a wicked headache for most of the afternoon. Day 2 was mild only in the evening. Day 3 was mild late afternoon but then lightened up some more in the evening. Apparently this is also a side effect of the detox, which I am inclined to believe because the headache is a "different sort" than my typical 'I need coffee' headache.

    @Gina It is a lot of work.. it requires a lot of preparation in the beginning and you have to have a plan what you're going to eat every 3-5 hrs. The last thing you need is to walk into the kitchen super hungry and not have the right food ready. Thanks for the cheers! :)

    @Alex This detox isn't so hardcore. At least it's food based! But you bring up a good point. It isn't for everyone.. you have to be in overall good health to even attempt it. If someone is pregnant or has a medical condition, they should consult their doctor first. Thanks for the good wishes!

    @Jill Thanks so much for stopping by. I admit I really miss the coffee! And the carbs, but I'm managing that with handfuls of nuts mid morning and mid afternoon. I can't wait to say I'm on Day 10! LOL! Day 4 here. Good luck to you, too! :)

    @Brandy Thanks for the words of caution regarding soy. I'm not worried about those studies so much. I have the feeling those studies are referring to the soy or hydrolyzed soy protein that is processed from soy and then put into so many processed foods.. so yes, I have to agree that that is NOT the way soy is intended to be in our diets EVER. Now for someone who is eating a whole foods based diet, they are just eating soy beans, soy milk made from just soy beans and water or tofu which is made from soy beans that are cooked down and the solids are skimmed off from the liquids and pressed into cakes--I see no reason why that is unhealthy to eat on a regular basis compared to the processed foods most people eat every single day, if not every meal. Tofu has been in the Chinese diet since at least 179 BC, so I can't imagine it being a food not intended for daily consumption. [We eat tofu as often as once a week, but 2-3 times a month is probably most typical]. Like any food, soy should be consumed with moderation, but a food that comes from it's natural state is always a healthier choice than processed foods.

    Thanks for the good luck cheers! :)

  11. @Deanna Thanks for the luck! I'll take it! This is my first detox, so I'll definitely let you know how it works. It's really not so bad to eat plant based for just one week. It's just one week! Fish and beans next week will be so satisfying! The long range benefits I hope I get from this plan is sticking to healthier food choices--lots of veggies, fruit and healthy grains. Not so much wheat.

    @Maija ahh another sufferer of caffeine withdrawal! Good luck to both of us. I have been napping too. ; )

    @Sarah Excellent! You'll have to let me know how it goes for you. Good luck--you can do it!!

  12. wow, good for you! i could NOT do this, but another "blog friend" of mine wrote a really interesting post about juices/recipes/finding balance that i think you'd like: http://justatitch.com/everydaylife/the-official-juice-cleanse-post/

  13. How is it going, Christine? The thing is I'm pretty sure you can do it :) You're motivated and it allows you to check out new recipes :) Plus, you'll finish your organic coop stash :)

  14. Sorry for the late response. I went away for the long weekend with the family and even though I brought my lap top.. it seems everyone else was using it except me!

    @Lusty Reader You could do this if you wanted to. Really. Thanks for the link! I checked it out on my phone while in the airport and bookmarked the blog for future reading.

    @nath Today is Day 9 and so far so good. I had the caffeine withdrawal and a detox headache on and off for a total of four days, then I did ok! It was tough sticking to the detox diet while we were away, but I did it! I had three minor slips, but they were still whole foods, plant based, so I don't feel too badly about them. I ate edamame two days too soon, chickpeas one day too soon and I had a several sips of regular, unsweetened iced-tea. Oh and I confess I had two sips of Butterbeer, but how could I not? I was in Hogsmeade in Harry Potter World!! :D
    Thanks for your support! xo

  15. I did the South Beach diet a few years back and that, for me, was to cut the amount of sugars I ate, mostly in pasta and breads.

    It was hard but I did it and I remember the first time I ate sugar after it, it tasted so artificial.

    Good luck to you!

  16. @Michelle I've been wondering about what it's going to be like to eat carbs again--especially wheat which is rampant in the American diet. I bet it's going to make me feel bloated and full.