Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reflections on Week 2 : Whole Living {detox} Action Plan

I've just finished Week 2 of the Whole Living Action Plan that I've been following to cleanse my body of impurities, get control over sugar and carb cravings and establish better habits of eating clean {i.e. eating foods as close to their natural state as possible; no packaged or processed foods}.

Carrot Mango Herb Smoothie

How was Week 2? 
Although still challenging to avoid all grains, this week was significantly easier than Week 1. After having eaten ONLY fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and olive oil for a week, I welcomed the addition of seafood, legumes and organic soy in Week 2! These protein and fiber rich foods were more filling and I felt much more satiated after each meal. Here's a list of what I ate in Week 2:

  • hot water with fresh squeezed lemon at start of every day.
  • detox smoothies for breakfast {Carrot Mango Herb Smoothie is my favorite so far} 
  • fresh fruit & vegetables
  • steamed or roasted vegetables with olive oil
  • nuts & dried fruit trail mix {also Dried Fruit and Nut Bites}
  • mixed green salads with black beans and avocado, dressed with lemon or lime juice and olive oil
  • red lentil soup
  • tofu with red curry coconut sauce
  • oven roasted salmon

What have I learned so far?
Be prepared! If you have a few plan-approved snacks prepared in advance, you'll reach for the right foods instead of being tempted by the foods you should be avoiding during the detox. The same goes for the meals. Have a big bowl of greens ready for salads so you can just assemble your salad and eat! Make a big pot of soup in advance and store individual portions in glass jars or microwavable safe containers--ready to heat up when you are.

How do I feel?
I felt really good this week. I have more energy again so I've increased the intensity of my workouts this week almost back to my normal levels. I also feel 'lighter' than I did before starting the detox--which is a good feeling. Not that I thought I felt 'full' or 'bloated' before, but I guess I'm just aware of it now that I feel so much better.

I've lost a total of 6 lbs. on the detox plan so far. This is keeping me motivated to stay on track, although I know this will probably taper off to a rate of 1-2 lbs. a week once I add grains back into my diet.

What do I miss?
Coffee, oh how I miss thee. One afternoon last week I really, really wanted a cookie and a cup of coffee. I survived.

As I forge ahead into Week 3:
In Week 3, eggs and gluten-free grains are re-introduced. I am already planning an omelet with spinach and tomatoes for breakfast tomorrow. I can't wait! I'll also be able to have oats again--I've missed them. FYI, oats are an essentially gluten-free grain, but many popular brands are not able to tout the gluten-free label because they are grown, stored and shipped in ways that may contaminate them with traces of wheat, barely or rye. Since I'm not gluten intolerant, I'm not going to worry about those trace amounts and I'll be digging into my store brand oats this week!

I think the return of eggs and oats in my diet this week will allow me to have a breakfast that will better fuel me for my regular full speed ahead workouts. We shall see..

I already have a few dinners planned this week with brown rice, rice noodles and the superpower grain quinoa. I've only had quinoa a few times in the past, so I'm looking forward to getting to know this grain again.

Here's to healthier, whole living!

For more information about the Whole Living Action Plan 2012, visit Whole Living at


  1. Go, go, go Christine!! You're doing awesome!! I'm really in awe!! :)

    and yum, that Carrot Mango Herb smoothie sounds good :)

  2. You have way more willpower than I would! You're doing great! I picked up a gluten-free cookbook from the library yesterday. I'm hoping I can talk Chris into trying a recipe or two from it.
    You're making me want a smoothie..... *g*
    Congratulations on being successful with your de-tox!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Brandy! :)
      I can't believe I've made it 2.5 weeks dairy, gluten and sugar free. Well, other than sugar that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables, that is. And no meat! Just fish. I guess now I'm a gluten free vegan pescetarian. Ha!

      I borrowed a gluten free cookbook from the library, too! I'm sure you can talk Chris into trying a few recipes. It's good to have gluten free meals throughout the week. There's just SO much wheat in our diets. We should vary our grains as much a possible, I think. Let me know what you try!

      The smoothie recipes on the Whole Living website are fantastic and so healthy. You should try some of them!

  3. The Carrot Mango Herb smoothie does sound good!! Other tan that, I don't think I could keep this up :-) I admire your determination!! Keep it up!

    1. "than" not "tan".....sheesh. There's a preview button for a reason. I should use it!

    2. Dev, the Carrot Mango Herb smoothie is SOooo delicious. I used parsley which was very fresh and clean tasting. I bet basil or mint would be just as yummy!

      I never use that preview button either! Who has time for that? ;)

  4. You are so much braver than me! I couldn't stick with it longer than a week but you are right about feeling better. I truly think it helps you feel rebooted! I can't wait to see how week 2 goes for you :)

    1. Felicia, I'm struggling here in Week 3. I'm sticking to it and haven't cheated, but I'm kind of up and down during the day with my fortitude. I'm good in the morning and at night... but when my girls come home from school I really want to have a cookie with them. You'd think by Day 17 I'd be over the cookie cravings, but it still ain't easy!

  5. Another fabulous update! 6 lbs already, that is awesome Christine! I'm sure it will tapper off to 1-2 lbs a week, which is healthy weight loss...but it's still such a good jump start! I'm so happy that you're sticking to it even with all the temptations that make themselves known! It will be easier having the eggs and gluten free grains introduced. I can't wait to hear how you are feeling after this 3rd week!

    I was talking to my Mom about this and we are seriously thinking about trying it we'll see what we decide. If I do decide to try it out, I'll definitely let you know. :-D

    1. Deanna, thank goodness for the weight loss, because it's really the #1 thing keeping me motivated here. Imagine I was stuck on a weight loss plateau for 5 months and then gave up trying for another 8 months and then Poof! 6 lbs. off in two weeks! If I could lose 4 more lbs. between now and the end of Week 4, I'd be thrilled! I just keep thinking of that possibility..

      It would be awesome if you and your Mom did the detox together. It's SOoo much easier having a partner in this. My friend and I were texting during the day checking in on each other and sharing food the first week. I don't know if I could have done it without her close support in those early days!


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