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In Death Series Reading Challenge: January 2012

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We have four new participants in the challenge this year. Please welcome Darlene, Lauren, Cassandra and Aisha!:)

Would you believe this post marks the two year anniversary of this challenge? Two years! .. and most of us are still not caught up yet! I'm trying to stay on track with one book per month, but it doesn't always happen. This month was overall a very slow reading month for me. I'm currently reading Born in Death, but haven't finished it in time for this month.

How did you do?

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Eve wasn't sure what it said about her that she was more comfortable in the morgue than in a baby boutique. And she didn't actually care. The cold white walls, the scent of death under the piney odors of cleansers were the familiar.
--Born in Death, p. 46

Oh Eve. We can't even fell sorry for her, thinking she is missing out on anything because the cause for which she chooses to devote herself is so heroic. No one will work harder to solve a murder and see that justice is served on behalf of the victims as Eve does. Of course, we all feel tremendous sadness and sorrow for the horrific childhood that Eve lived. I also sometimes think of Eve's adult life before she met Roarke and think those years must have been pretty sad as well--really only living and breathing her job, rarely if ever relaxing, having fun, sharing herself with someone, loving and being loved. The quality of Eve's life has improved tenfold since those days thanks to Roarke, her friend Mavis and numerous colleagues who are now also considered friends. She's come a long way, hasn't she? So if she's not comfortable with spa treatments, shopping sprees and baby boutiques, I can accept that.

What are your thoughts regarding the quote above?


  1. Shoot. I really need to finish. I'm only 2 or 3 books from the end. That'll be a goal this year.

  2. I actually understand. I was thinking the other day that it's characters like Eve that help those of us that aren't 'normal' be just a bit more ok with who we are - realizing that it's ok to just be like the popular girls...
    I keep picking up Born in Death and putting it back down. I've just not been ready for it.

  3. Oh man, it's the end of the month already?

    I haven't post any reviews to In Death books in...now that I think about it, I'm not sure I've ever reviewed any of the In Death books!

    At any rate, what Regina said. I'm the one who won't go shopping unless someone is dragging me, I won't wear makeup or jewelry and, generally speaking, can't care less about what I wear for clothing (beyond the fact that it covers me, that is).

    Regarding Eve's growth as a person, I personally love that I can go back even just a few books and see it happening. She has not suddenly become a different character, but her rough edges are being slowly rubbed off, simply by being in a loving relationship.

    I have issues with the series, but mostly it's about the mystery side rather than the character development side.

    Oh and, welcome, new participants! *waving*

  4. I think the books are showing that while Eve is not the same person she was in the beginning of the series she's now evolved thanks to the presence of her "family". I don't think all her rough edges will magically disappear, but she will continue to add to her personality. Just as people do.

  5. @Lori You're that close to being caught up? You can definitely accomplish that by the end of the year!

    @Regina I agree. Eve is like the epitome of a real woman. Her own unique blend of strengths and weaknesses--oftentimes unconventional, but always beautiful in her own way.

    @azteclady That's ok! Reviews are 100% optional. I love when you contribute to the discussion on these posts! :)

    She has not suddenly become a different character, but her rough edges are being slowly rubbed off, simply by being in a loving relationship.

    YES! I love these subtle changes in her. A little softening here... a little polishing there... but she's still Eve Dallas to the core.

    @Brandy Again, I completely agree. I like that you describe her character as 'evolving' as a result of being a part of a 'family.'

  6. As for Eve...IDK, I think I've read so many of the books so close together that I am getting a little frustrated with her. Or maybe it's with the author. I just don't need the endless comments about how Eve isn't familiar with X and doesn't know what to do in Y situation. I like Eve, I do, but...I don't need to be hit over the head with who she is every book...I've read the previous 30+! More it along. Sorry, that's my frustration echoing through and why I haven't read an In Death book in a while. Well, that and I want Roarke to butt out of Eve's investigations and stop being Mr 'I have so much money I have a finger in any pie'! *gets off soapbox*

    Hmmm. Methinks I need to wait some more before I read the next In Death book.

  7. @orannia I could see how you'd feel that way. There was something in either this or the last book that Eve had no clue about on the assumption that she was simply not exposed to something most people are in their childhood. It made me pause though and I thought, "Oh come on. She would know about this by now even if she learned about it as an adult. She can't be THAT naive about that!" It wasn't even media related I don't think. So I can relate to your frustration with Eve's character.

    I've been feeling that way about Roarke butting into investigations from book four or five, I think! In fact, I'll probably comment on that next month--since I posted this post, I read more in Born in Death and something along those lines pops up and I felt like shouting, 'COME ON!' Ridiculous.


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