Monday, October 27, 2008

COLDPLAY concert tonight!!!

I had been planning on attending the Literacy Signing at the NJ RWA Conference this past Saturday since at least May or June, but instead had the really fantastic opportunity to take the girls to see the 2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars show at the IZOD Center. It was a really great afternoon, and the excitement and joy on both of my daughter's faces the whole day weekend was priceless. The show is a choreographed performance of freestyle-type gymnastics routines featuring members of the men's and women's olympic teams as well as about a dozen other very talented performers. My youngest has been a fan of Nastia Liukin since before the Olympics, so we were so thrilled to see her perform.

So while we were at the IZOD Center, I had an impulsive moment of inspiration and decided to find out if there were any tickets available to see the alternative Rock band Coldplay in concert either Sunday or Monday night (tonight). It turns out Sunday's show was sold out but there were a handful of tickets available for Monday night's performance, so I bought two tickets for tonight's show! Since my husband isn't crazy about the band, I'm taking my thirteen year old daughter to her first ever rock concert (Sorry, I don't count the Jonas Brothers) and we're both super super excited. My husband was surprised that I was willing to take her to a concert on a school night, but she's a straight A student in honors classes and helps out with her sister and or my father-in-law without too much complaining, so I say 'why not?'--it's a great mom and daughter night out while she still doesn't mind being with me. Besides, I really want to go!!!

I told her I'd try to act and long young so she didn't feel too awkward. I asked her what she thought I should wear to look younger and she said, "A push-up bra." Niiiiiice. She said she was kidding, but I don't know. I don't think something like that would fly so fast out of her mouth if there wasn't some grain of truth to that. I told her they're the way they are because they nourished her for all those months and months when I breastfed her. And months. Embarrassment and guilt are a few of the best weapons of revenge against a teenager. Heh.

Last night my husband said he thinks I'm going to regret taking her to the Coldplay concert tonight--that she's too young and will be exposed to inappropriate behavior of audience members. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm thinking it won't be so bad. And maybe it's a good thing that I'm taking her to her first real concert, so we both find out what it's like these days before she starts wanting to go on her own with friends. I don't know, I haven't been to a grown up concert in ages. I think the last concert I went to was to see Sting on his Dream of the Blue Turtles tour in 1985. Could it be that long ago? Oh wait. I went to see jazz musician Pat Metheny in 1992 maybe. Oy! I've got to get out more.

So what was the last concert you've been to? And who would you want to see in concert if you had the opportunity?

We have floor seats FLOOR SEATS! at tonight's Coldplay concert. Nothing like diving right back into the concert scene full force, eh? Here's a video of Coldplay performing the single "Lost" from their current best selling ablum Viva La Vida.


  1. Christine, I hope you guys have a wonderful time!!! I wnet to the NJRWA conference. It was up in the air for me because I had a christening and a halloween thing going on. But finally I decided to skip on the haunted house and take my daughter to see JR Ward.

    We had a mother/daughter/grandma afternoon, lol. Bella had so much fun! Thanks so much for letting me know about it.

    ;) Barbara

  2. Christine:

    You have a wonderful time with your daughter! I love Coldplay. I think they have a very wide appeal and I'm sure you will find a wide cross section of age groups there.

    Your daughter will have a blast and as you indicated before too long she will not want to be out with "Mom" to a concert.

    I cannot remember the last concert I went too. Therefore it was to long ago - yikes!

    Have Fun :)

  3. Have an awesome time! I have some years before I can take my daughter to a concert, but when that time comes I'll relish in it.

    I'm drawing a blank on the last concert I went to, but the first one I went to with my mom was a Michael Jackson concert. I was only five and she dressed me up in a mini with a white glove. I will always remember that. LOL!

  4. I took my 8 year old to see Panic at the Disco. We get a lot of this type of music at the uni where I teach, and he happens to love this band. Most of the innuendos fly right over his head, luckily. He had a great time, and so did I actually (except for seeing some of my students not exactly at their best).

    I'm very jealous about Coldplay. I would love to see them!

  5. Christine - I hope both you and your daughter have a wonderful time at the Coldplay concert tonight. I look forward to hearing all about it :)

    My last concert was U2!!!!!! Yes, still excited - LOL. I spent 5 years living in London but I couldn't get tickets. However, soon after I returned to NZ they announced one concert in Auckland (which sold out in ~1 hour). Believe me I tried to get tickets. However, they announced a second concert, my friend got tickets and....I was hoarse for days! It was AMAZING! I *heart* U2!

    Oh, and thank you so much for the email. I'm so sorry I haven't replied - bad week last week. I will reply this week - I promise!

  6. You two are going to have an awesome time and be completely exhausted tomorrow. :)

    It's be wonderful and a great experience and I hope the two of you have a great time.

    I'm not too sure about the training bra though. ;)

  7. Hope you two have an amazing time! How cool for you to take your daughter to her first concert.

    "Embarrassment and guilt are a few of the best weapons of revenge against a teenager." This is so true! lol I have been know to use these much to my 14 yr old's annoyance.

    The last concert I went to...I have to think way back to the 80's and it was either Heart or Aerosmith.

  8. I hope you have the best time and you're boobs will look fab I am quite sure.

  9. Hi Christine,

    It's been awhile (been in rewrite)but I thought I needed a break and a treat so I came by for visit.

    So, how did the concert go?


  10. I hope you and Maria had a great time last night! Hopefully there weren't alot of weirdo's about. I wouldn't think there would be going to a Coldplay concert, but then I thought you do live in a much larger area which might attract them more so than here.

    I remember my first concert. It was Bad Company and Damn Yankees. I was almost 14! And I went alone with my girlfriend. My mom dropped us off. We lived in a rather small town in Kansas, so to go alone was no big deal. It was a great concert. Alot of older people becauses of Bad Company. It was a decent crowd. But the Metallica concert we went to a few years ago...not so pleasant a crowd. It was a group of us so we got lawn tickets in the grass. You're on your own where you want to be and people were slinging hunks of grass and a group started some thing where they throw themselves at each other almost right in front of us. Pretty stupid if you ask me. There was some weed being smoked. But there were no kids so it was an interesting experience! I even think there were two girls making out LOL. It was dark and we were all speculating if that was what they were really doing. :)

  11. Have a great time! And for the record, we've taken the boys to see Van Halen, Brian Setzer (twice - the Christmas show), Bon Jovi, and Steve really really is begging to see AC/DC. We're on the fence about that one. Tickets were super expensive, plus... well... it's AC/DC, LOL.

    You'll have a blast.

  12. Oh I can hardly wait to hear how it was!!! I hope you guys had a great time!
    I'm thinking a Coldplay concert would be pretty tame (re: your husband's comment). Now if you were taking her to Metallica I'd agree with him! lol

  13. Oh and I can't remember the last concert I went to!

  14. Lori-Several years ago my husband and I seen AC/DC. The freakin ROCKED!! I'd have to say it was one of the best ones we went to.

  15. Thanks, everyone!! We had an amazing time at the concert last night! No inappropriate behavior from audience members to report back. However, my thirteen year old now knows what weed smells like. I smelled it every once in a while, but it wasn't anyone near us, so I didn't say anything to her. Then when the band set up in the audience for a few numbers, Chris Martin made a comment about smelling it out there. So of course, she asks me, "What is that smell?" So I told her and she said, "Ewww! That smells bad! I was wondering what that was. Eww." Right. Disgusting. Stay away, Maria. Stay away!

    Anyway, I started leaving this huge comment here for all of you, but decided to write a whole new post on the concert anyway. I just posted it.

    Thanks for sharing your concert going stories. I'm glad to see you guys are taking your kids to see rock bands, too!

    p.s. Alys!!! Not a training bra! LOL Maria suggested I wear a push up bra to you know... give mine a little lift to help me look younger. Gah! ;)

  16. How fun, Christine! I'm thinking your daughter will have a great time. The last concert I went to was The Cure. I'd been wanting to see them for a looong time and it was a great show. I'd say Belle & Sebastian is at the top of my list of must-see shows.

  17. Well I'm glad you liked it!!! I still remember every single concert my dad or mom took me too including the Oldies reunion tour LOL>
    I saw Janet in concert last Friday kind of a disappointment but I'll get over it.

    I LOVE DUFFY her CD rocks to high heaven! I wish she would have impressed you more b/c her voice is awesome. Although she is more of a lounge singer to me.

  18. Angiegirl :: Yikes! I'm so out of "the loop!" I don't even know who Belle & Sebastian are!

    At the concert, Chris Martin stops and says to someone in the front row: "Hey, that's a Killers t-shirt. We love The Killers." Then to the audience, "Who else loves The Killers?" The crowd goes wild and they play the next tune. I thought that was so cool. Even though .... I don't know The Killers either. LOL

    *off to iTunes to check out Belle & Sebastian.*

    Sarai :: Yes! I think you nailed it. Duffy definitely has talent, just not for the scale of an arena stage. I could definitely see her blowing away an audience at a much smaller venue. And her song recordings are very soulful. I'll probably buy a few of her singles.


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