Thursday, October 2, 2008

Give me a 'J' . . .

I saw this meme at Stacy's Place on Earth, and decided to play along. Before I play my version of the meme, here are the rules:

1. Comment on this blog and ask for a letter.
2. I will give you one.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters whose name begins with that letter, and post their names and your comments on that character on your blog.

Stacy assigned me the letter 'J.'  I chose all romance heroes whose first name starts with the lettter 'J.' 

1. Jack Travis, hero of the upcoming Lisa Kleypas contemporary romance, Smooth Talking Stranger. So far, readers had a brief glimpse of Jack Travis in Sugar Daddy, and then a more prominent one as the brother of the heroine Haven Travis in Blue Eyed Devil. Jack Travis and Gage Travis were both protective of their sister Haven, and I admired the way Jack still gave Haven the space she needed to figure out her own way. He's obviously a ladies man, i.e., he has many, frequent lovers, but I get the impression that he's always a gentleman. Well, at least I think he is. LOL Even though he hasn't yet had is own story, with Lisa Kleypas writing his story, I'm confident he'll be a hero I'll love. Smooth Talking Stranger is scheduled for release in March 2009 and you can read my post about it HERE.

2. Judd Lauren, hero of Caressed by Ice, Book 3 in the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh. Judd is a defected Arrow or soldier of the Psy Council who is renowned for his cold silence and control. He falls in love with Brenna Kincaid, the sensual Snow Dancer wolf who has just been rescued from having had been abducted, abused and experimented on by a sociopathic killer. Judd's struggle with finding a balance between the cold, unfeeling nature of his psy being and the desire to be emotionally and physically intimate with Brenna just melted my heart.

3. Jacob Black from the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. Jacob Black is best friends with the heroine Bella Swan, their love often teetering on the edge of friendship and lovers throughout much of the series. While it is undeniable that Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are soulmates, the intensity and wholesomeness of the love shared between Bella and Jacob cannot be denied. On more than one occasion, Jacob demonstrates what it means to be a hero and by the end of the series, he is my favorite Twilight character. For even more explanation of why I love Jacob, read this awesome post HERE by Ciara on her blog.

4. Julian Sinclair, the hero from The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran. I don't normally gravitate to historical romance, but do pick up one up now and then if highly recommended by readers, this being one of them and I loved it! The story was poignant and romantic, the hero and heroine flawed and misunderstood, but oh so right for each other. The author's story telling voice was beautiful and poetic and I'm truly looking forward to her upcoming novels.

5. John Matthew, a.k.a. JM, a.k.a. Terrhor from J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. JM's story has been sloooowly developing over this series, ever since the very first book when the Scribe Virgin gave the deceased vampire, Darius, who was Beth's father and Tohr's best friend, the gift of returning to Earth as the young pretrans John Matthew. It's been a fun, albeit a rather drawn out, journey as readers have watched JM transition from a scared, abused young orphan to the lethal vampire he was in the more recent novels. His role was especially interesting in Lover Enshrined, and I'm looking forward to his own story. And please, J.R., make someone figure out that he is Darius soon. His apparent mysterious identity is getting old.

Anyone want to play? 


  1. Okay, I'll play... Give me a letter :)

  2. Hmmm...ok, sounds like fun. I wanna play

  3. Oh, fun, fun...gimme a letter too please!

    And you got a good letter, those are some good heroes and good books!

  4. I wanna play! Give me a letter, please.

  5. lol - we all want to play! :) Slap one on me sister!

  6. Haha. Nice. JACOB RULES! Edward Drools. Every day I get more pashonate letrs about that post. :)
    I don't even remember Jack Travis. I'll have to reread the books before the next one comes out. Duke of Shadows is one of my favorite historicals of the year.

    Gimme a letter please!

  7. Good post.
    I'll bite, give me a letter too :)

  8. You did a great job at this. Okay, hello, you are SO right. When will somebody figure out John Matthew is Darius?!?!?

    Will you still be my friend since I didn't do banned books?

  9. Ooo! Look at all the players!! I'm so excited!

    I think that Stacy was very good to me when she assigned the letter J to me. If you have trouble with your letter, just let me know and we can switch it. Remember the characters can be ANY fictional character. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! Have fun. =)

    Maria :: A
    Because that's what I expect on your report card!
    LOL Kidding. Well, not really. ;P

    DarlingDiva :: H

    Amy C:: R

    MK/Kati :: C

    Tracy :: S

    Ciara :: L

    I still subscribe to the comments thread of the 13 Reasons Why Jacob is Better Than Edward post on your blog... totally cracks me up!

    Naida :: K

    Kris :: M

    And last but not least ...
    And because you aren't doing the banned book meme....

    Carolyn Jean :: Z or Q

    LOLOL KIDDING!!!!! I still love you.

  10. S? Crap! lol I'll give it everything I've got Captain!

  11. OMG! You are so evil. Well, we all know one who is a Z. Maybe I will do this...

  12. Hmm, I know two Z's but that's it!

    I searched and found my five R's. Two I knew but I had to look for three more. Now I gotta put it all together.

  13. "C" huh? Like for Christine??

    I'm on it!

    Thanks, dude!

  14. Tracy :: I have faith in you!

    CJ :: LOL I was totally busting on you! I didn't even think you were playing the letter game. But if you're up to the Z challenge... I say go for it!

    Amy :: I can't wait to see your list. Coming over now...

    MK :: There ya go! Didn't Stephen King write a story about a possessed car named Christine?!

  15. John Matthew is my favourite after Butch! YAY for some JM lovin'

  16. Fun! Give me a letter please.

  17. Fun, I like that letter, so many possibilities :)

  18. Sayuri :: I love JM, too. He's such a great character. I can't wait for his book... although I feel like his 'story' has been ongoing for awhile already.

    Did you get a letter from Tracy?

    Brie :: Yay! Another player! How about D? If you have trouble, we can switch it.

    Kris :: I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  19. Does "L" as in "Lost Duke" and "Lord of Scoundrels" count? :P Loony Lovegood? Luke Skywalker!

  20. Absolutley, Ciara!! ANY fictional character. I love Loony Lovegood! =)

  21. ooohhhh...K....I'll let you know when my post is up :)

  22. I was just trying to think of my characters and realized that amy c gets Roarke, no fair :)

  23. Ohhh I wanna play, I wanna play! Can I get a letter?

  24. And I haven't met some of your J heroes, gonna have to fix that! =)

  25. ooo...j is a gooood letter!

    I'll give it a go if you have any letters left! lol

    oy...what a long week it's been!

    I spent the day with my niece...we played, baked, played...baked some more!

    It's been fun...but sooo EXHAUSTING! How do you do it??? oy vai...the good Lord knew I couldn't have on of my own!!! O.O

  26. JUST so you know, I am doing the Z!! Tomorrrow.

  27. Great choices Christine. I had fun reading your reasons.

  28. Kris :: Ack! The worst part is that I don't think Amy C even reads the In Death series! LOL

    Rowena :: Yay! Another player! How about B? If you have trouble, we'll change it.

    You should definitely get to know some of my J heroes. They're great!

    dd03 :: I give you the letter V.

    Aw, that sounds like a fun day with your niece. I'm sure she expects visits with Auntie to be non stop fun.

    CJ :: LOL WOW! Talk about stepping up to the challenge! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Stacy :: Thank you! I had fun playing. You gave me a great letter. :)

  29. Is it too late to play? I'd love to.

  30. Um you have to be out of letters by now so I asked Ciara to give me one LOL. Living under my current rock doesn't help. I miss all the fun crap *pouts*
    Love your answers

  31. Marisa :: Sure you can still play! How about J, but you can't repeat anyone from my list?

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Marisa. I just found out that I can't make it to the NJ RWA literacy signing later this month. I'm so disappointed. You'll have to have some extra fun for me, okay? ;)

    Sarai: Ooo! I can't wait to see what you come up with. This is such a fun game.

  32. Christine, mine is up. Thanks for a really fun exercise!

  33. Christine - we'll miss you at the NJ RWA! - but we'll take lots of good pictures and videos post them for your enjoyment.

    Thanks so much for the letter J - I'm going to really have to think hard on this one. I'll have it up by Saturday! Wish me luck.

  34. B, this is going to be really hard for me but I'll give it a go. =)

  35. *running tackles you*




    ok...I'll stop!

    *sticks out fist* Pound it, girl! You so ROCK!


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