Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

I love Halloween. The costumes, the pumpkins, the decorations, the delicious seasonal foods, the fun tricks and treats, and the candy! This Halloween, however, pretty much snuck up on me without warning since I've been so preoccupied with the house, so I feel lacked its usual fanfare that I love, but it was a fun one in the end. I managed to at least decorate the front porch a bit last weekend, and get costumes together for my girls. My 9 year old was asked to be one of the Seven Dwarfs with a bunch of her friends. [She was Bashful, of course. Didn't even have to pose shyly for costume judging or photos--she fits the mold perfectly as is. ;) ] One of the moms did a lot of legwork to get matching details for each girl, so I just had to get the pants and shirt together. Kinda lame on my part, but the efforts of the organizing mom were well rewarded when the eight girls dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs won first place last Sunday in our town's Halloween Costume Contest and Parade in the group category. Yay! Little effort on my part and a first place trophy? Win win, if you ask me!

At the town Halloween Costume Contest and Parade. Happy is at a soccer game. 

My Bashful.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the school parade today.

The school librarian dressed as Mother Goose. 

So after school today, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, along with one mom dressed as Queen Maleficent, had plans to trick or treat together for an hour or so at the shops downtown before going their separate ways to be with other friends or families in their own neighborhoods. Well, my little Dwarf came home from school with tears in her eyes over who knows what, proclaiming that she didn't want to trick or treat downtown or anywhere else with the other dwarfs or Snow White. She doesn't even want to be a dwarf. What's a mom to do? Part of me wanted to pressure her to join her group for even just half an hour because they were counting on her to complete the ensemble. But the other part of me just wanted to say forget it. She did the town Costume Contest and Parade and she played the part all day at school. Halloween is supposed to be fun and happy, not stressful or tearful. If she really doesn't want to go, I won't make her. Needless to say, the second voice was the one I listened to and agreed that she didn't have to go with the group. I took it one step further and suggested she trick or treat on her own as something different. Of course, her first reaction was, "But I don't have another costume." Hellllooooo??!!?! Years of dance costumes and a basket of assorted dress up accessories on the shelf of her closet and she doesn't have another costume? I could have pulled together maybe a dozen or more last minute costumes. We found bunny ears, she wore a white t-shirt, white tights and a white corduroy skirt and voila! An Easter Bunny. Only she used a pumpkin head instead of an Easter basket for her candy bucket. 

My little bunny. The ex Dwarf.
Looking much happier.

This year my 13 year old finally used one of her past year's dance recital costumes for a Halloween costume. Finally! It's frightening to say, but we probably have a few thousands of dollars worth of dance costumes after the 14 cumulative years of dancing between both of my girls. And finally my oldest decides to use one. She basically took a gorgeous ballet costume and cut the lace off the tutu, shortened it a bit, wore fishnet stockings, Converse sneakers, and lots of blue and black makeup to be a goth ballerina. Okaaaay. Welcome to the teens.

My goth ballerina. 
In the 'pair of scissors $72 vintage 2007 ballet recital costume.'

Goth ballerina meets ex Dwarf Easter Bunny. 

I dropped my teen off at a friends house to go trick or treating with a group. Thank goodness for cell phones, I can keep easy tabs on her throughout the afternoon and evening. 

My bunny and I called on a friend of hers who was thankfully free to trick or treat with us for a while. The girls had a really great time together and I could tell by my bunny's relaxed and carefree demeanor that I made the right call in allowing her to change her costume and her plans at the last minute.

Look at that happy face. :) 

This house had the best treats ever: coffee for weary parents! 
What a wonderful idea, don't you think? 

I just couldn't resist posting a few honorable mentions, i.e., other people's kids. 

This is a little friend of mine (I met his mom just before she got pregnant with him). He's dressed up as Michael Phelps, of course. So incredibly cute! 

Another young man whose mother I've known since before he was in her womb. He gave his very artistic and talented mother very detailed specifications on how to make his 'Candy Robot' costume. So cute. So creative. So smart! 

My bunny and her friend had a great time trick or treating together, but after two and a half hours, we started to get cold and hungry and called it a night around 6 pm. Fine by me! :)

My teen, however, has been out since 3:30 pm this afternoon. Trick or treating with this group, pizza at this one's house, then more trick or treating before I picked four of them up only to deliver them to a party at a boys house! Eeep! I'm showing up a few minutes early to pick her up because the mom promised to give me the inside scoop on some of the boys I'm not so familiar with. In fact . . . it's time to go!

Happy Halloween! 


  1. How cute they look!! Adorable.

    You did the right thing in letting your youngest do her own thing. Obviously it made her very happy.

    Ok - you guys trick or treat at 3:30pm??? Color me jealous! We wait until it's dark outside - no fair! lol

    Glad your kids had a good night and you got some coffee!

  2. You are a good mom, Christine! Supporting and validating her feelings is as important as not letting others down. Sometimes you gotta choose, and the world won't end.

    And she does look happy as can be!

    Teens: oh dear. But hopefully they just had clean fun all around.

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos. I always enjoy looking at them, for they show me what life's like on the other side of the world. :-)

  4. Oh wow, I love these pictures. so cute, looove snow white and the dwarves!

  5. What a great call on the bunny. Who is really going to count the dwarves anyway? Fun post! Great photos. I love the goth dancer too. I never have gotten that shake it song out of my head thanks to her. It's okay, I like it. It's on an exercise tape now!

  6. What great Pictures Christine :) The kids are adorable!

  7. Oh Christine!

    What a great Halloween story! I'm so glad your bunny a.k.a. dwarf had a wonderful time. As you indicated that is what it is all about.

    Your neighbourhood looks beautiful and the pictures of the kids are delightful.

    I raised a shy guy too who was not at all into the "dressing up" thing at Halloween, I so related to your daughter's change of mind. Good for you to be so creative and make it special for her!!

    Hope tons of fun was had by all.

  8. Christine! Your eldest daughter looks soooooooo much like you!!! :)

    Halloween was quiet for me for the first time in years. My son went out with a group of friends, so I didn't have to take him around. And my daughter hung home with the boyfriend. (Speak about welcome to the teens!!! Wait this this starts happening to yours!!)

    So I was able to relax and just answer the door and dole out the treats.

    I'll miss this stage of life when they're grown and too old to Trick or Treat.


  9. So glad you had a wonderful day trick or treating. I wouldn't have made Devin go either. I'm pretty easy :). That was a great idea to have coffee set up for the grown-ups :).

    Devin had fun too. Shawn let him stay up til midnight last night! I was long asleep by then, LOL.

  10. Cute!!! They look like they're having a blast. :)

    We don't celebrate it here traditionally. But, in the last couple of years some of the bigger outlet stores have started selling costumes and kids have started going out.

  11. Tracy :: I understand a lot of towns have set times for trick or treating. We don't have that, although I think there might be a trick or treating curfew of 9 pm.

    Azteclady :: Thanks for the encouragement. It's such a challenge sometimes to weigh the importance of following through with a commitment with a little one's emotional well being.

    And the teen did just fine. She thankfully hangs with a nice group and I know and trust the mother who was hosting the party.

    Jace :: I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos and got a realistic glimpse of this fun, but otherwise silly, American tradition.

    Ana :: Thanks! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were a cute bunch. :)

    Carolyn Jean :: LOL I thought the same thing about the counting of the dwarves!

    I still love the 'Shake It' song, too, but Maria and her friends are sick of it and turn the station now! LOL

  12. AWWWW!!! Sounds like you had a blast and your girls did also!

  13. I love his Michael Phelps costume! So cute XD

  14. Barbara :: Thank you! :)

    Lea :: Ah, the mom of another shy one. It can be very challenging parenting the painfully shy child. I sometimes have a difficult time knowing when I should or shouldn't push her.

    And thanks for the compliment about the neighborhood. I think it's beautiful, too. I actually took a bunch of photos of home accents that I liked on many of those homes for inspiration on our own house. :)

    T.M. :: I think those days are in the not too distant future for me, too. How fast these kids grow up.

    Amy :: I'm glad you guys had fun, too! :)

    Sarah :: I'm glad you liked the pics! That's so interesting that Halloween is beginning to make a presence in NZ.

  15. Kate :: It was a great day, really. We had a lot of fun. :)

    Maria :: I know!!!! He's soooo cute. I talk to him almost every day when I drop your sister off at school. He's usually in his pajamas and I ask about whatever character is on his pajamas. Or what toy he's going to play with when he gets home, or what he's going to eat for breakfast. He's so adorable.


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