Friday, October 10, 2008

Showin' Some Blog Lurve

I've been awarded the I Love Your Blog Award by a handful of my most favorite bloggers: Ana & Thea of The Book Smugglers, whom I completely adore and idolize. Ana and Thea read an amazing number and variety of novels and write the most phenomenal reviews. They're smart, articulate, thorough, insightful and honest. Carolyn Jean of The Thrillionth Page. I love Carolyn Jean's posts. She has this talent for conveying her thoughts on books in such clever and fun ways. She's so incredibly creative and articulate, it's really no wonder she's got a two book deal with Bantam. WoOt! Sarai of Thoughts of an Aspiring Writer. Sarai is an aspiring author and an avid reader. Well, lately, life has disrupted her momentum a bit, but her blog is always full of enthusiasm and devotion to the art of reading and writing romance, and her attitude toward life is amazing. And hot off the presses, Jill D. of Romance Rookie has also nominated me for this award! Which I just discovered upon clicking to her blog for her url because I'm nominating her as well! See below. ;)

Thank you Ana, Thea, Carolyn Jean, Sarai and Jill D. for awarding me the I Love Your Blog Award. I'm so flattered and it is a great honor that you consider my blog one of your favorites.

The rules for this award are that you need to:
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

My nominees are:
1. Ciara of Ciara Stewart
An aspiring writer, Ciara posts almost daily about all kinds of book related topics such as reviews, conference details, author interviews, and other tidbits about the world of romance or urban fantasy novels. Her posts are informative and always enthusiastic and upbeat.

2. Kmont of Lurve a la Mode
Kmont writes comprehensive, thoughtful and honest book reviews of romance, urban fantasy, and some sci fi novels, and I love the way her personality shines through everything she writes. She also discusses the latest episodes of her favorite tv shows.

3. Amy C. of Romance Book Wrym
Amy and I have a lot of favorite books and authors in common, but she still manages to introduce me to something new all the time. Amy is also a romance writer and published her first novel with Red Rose Publishing earlier this year. Amy has since decided, howver, that the publishing world wasn't a good fit for her right now, so instead, Amy is sharing her stories every Monday on her blog one chapter at a time. Right now you can read her latest work, Spirits Unveiled. Check it out HERE.

4. Tracy of Tracy's Place.
Tracy is one of my favorite reading machines. Seriously she typically reads in one week what I barely manage to read in one month! My favorite post at her blog is titled "What I've been reading this week." I love the diversity of novels she reads, and I love that she's adamant about happily ever after endings.

6. Taja of Books and Games.
Taja's blog is always a pleasure to visit. She writes thoughtful reviews and is really good at picking up on the little details in novels that can either make or break the story. She also posts reviews or comments on a wide variety of video games. Very cool.

7. Jill D. of Romance Rookie.
Unlike me, Jill is so good about writing timely reviews for books she reads. Her reviews are consistent and she reads from a wide variety of romance sub genres, always giving me ideas for my wish list. I also love that Jill includes links to other reviews in her posts. She makes it so easy to quickly hop around and see what others are saying about the same book.
Note: I had already composed this post when I discovered Jill nominated me for this award, too! Thanks, Jill! And I had to laugh that both of us poked fun at my procrastination at writing reviews. LOL Okay, not really funny. Damn pathetic is more like it. :P

8. DarlingDiva of The Things In Live That Make Me Happy.
DarlingDiva and I met on JR Ward's message boards and then became close real life friends when we finally met in person in the Summer of 2007. We have remarkably similar (identical?) tastes in books, including our fondness for YA fiction and she is undeniably my fellow Twilight Addict. In fact, she might just be more obsessed than me! DarlingDiva posts lots of random tidbits about all things Twilight on her blog, other books, movies, music, tv shows, . . . Anything that makes her happy! :)

9. The girls at Book Binge.
One of my favorite go to sites for book reviews, author interviews, interesting discussion and lots of newsworthy information regarding the romance novel industry.

And last, but not least . . .
10. Kristie(j) and Katiebabs of Ramblings on Romance, Etc.
What can I say? These two are the dynamic duo of romance blogging. There's always something new and fun popping up on Ramblings whether it be the excellent and entertaining AIM book reviews, today's hottest or most 'interesting' book covers, or simply the announcement of a new Crusader. No matter the topic, friendly discussion is sure to follow.

Is there any rule against nominating everyone in your blog roll? Does anyone know? 
Because I've got a lot of Blog Lurve to give here.  


  1. Hugs, Christine :)

    Thank you for sharing the lurve with me. I gotta share the love right back.

  2. ((KISSES)) I will be spreading the blog lurve soon :D

  3. Great choices! Everyone seems to be lovin' them some Christine.

    Of course!

    Love your blog love!

  4. Thank you SO much, Christine! You are such a sweetie and I love visiting your blog.

    By the way, I love the latest background - I have that rough texture and it does great for lots of stuff. The flowers on top of make it perfect. Beautiful stuff!

  5. Those people knew what they were talking about when they were spreading the blog love around. I love your blog too. The tidbits of your life, the wonderful pictures, your fabulous reviews and of course your incredible posts like "Do the Math" keep me coming back for more. :0)

    Now, I'm not sure I've ever been called a machine before! lol Something new and different.
    Thanks for showin me the lurve!

  6. Something's messed up with either my email or my blogger account, because I didn't get my usual email alert for comments today. So if I went to your blog in the last hour to tell you I gave you the award and you commented here HOURS ago... now you know why. LOL What a week! I need a martini! =)

  7. Amy C :: You're very welcome. I'm loving your blog these days. And not just for the free chapter reads every Monday! I love what you have to say.

    Katiebabs :: Kisses right back atcha!

    MK :: Thank you so much! I love your blog, too! :)

    kmont :: You're so very welcome. And thanks for the compliment on my latest background. I really like this one, too. I'm going to keep it at least through Thanksgiving. Can you tell I like changing it up for the seasons? LOL

    Tracy :: Um. Thanks for the email a few minutes ago. Yes, I am blond, but this was definitely an email/blogger thing this time. Promise. ;o)

    Oh yeah, that "Don't Do The Math" post gets a lot of hits! ;)

  8. Email problem is fixed. Silly little settings error on my part. Very silly. :o)

  9. Hey, I love your blog love - these are some fab blogs. I keep adding to my weekly, okay daily, stops. Thanx for the heads-up on some really cool places to hang :)

  10. Oh, wow, thanks Christine! That is so sweet of you to say that. I love your blog, too, as you well know. And it is so cool to be reading about other blogs you're into. I know most, but not all. Lovefest. Boom chicka boom.

  11. I've tagged you, too :)

    Seeing as how you've already done it, no need to redo, unless you have a burning desire, LOL!

  12. Hi, Christine :) I awarded you with the "I Love Your Blog".


  13. Good choices :)

    Did you see the results on Writeminded? You lucky duck! The devil duck and the new Larissa Ione ARC! I would hate you if you weren't so cool ;)

  14. Well, I'm away for a week and then I come back and see that you nominated my blog! *blush*

    Thank you, Christine, especially for the kind things you said about it. *double blush*

    What else can I say except that I would nominate you right back!? Thanks again.

  15. Congratulations Christine!

    I'm learning there is a whole world of wonderful people out there to chat with.

    Your blog is beautiful and I love the name.

    The 'I Love Your Blog' award and concept is so great!

    Best Regards

  16. :)

    I just love discovering new blogs - you get to meet the most amazing people! Although it is very addictive :)

  17. That was one of the hardest things narrowing it down but I think Katiebabs has it right once a week we should nominate someone LOL!
    Thanks sweetie I'm glad you like the blog now if only I could finish a story or balance a checkbook I would be good!

  18. You are so sweet. THANK YOU!!!

  19. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. I was seriously tempted to make a post awarding the 'I Love Your Blog' award to about 50 blogs I enjoy, but that seemed a bit overboard. But seriously, I do love all of your blogs and thinking blog hopping is my new favorite hobby. =)



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