Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Today is my 40th birthday. Eeep!

I thought it was going to be sad or scary, but it's not so bad, really. I feel just like I did yesterday when I was still in my 30s! Ha ha ha.

Seriously, though, this year was full of few OMG!! milestones. My oldest became a teenager in the spring. OMG!, my husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage in the summer OMG!!, and now it's fall and I'm celebrating my 4oth birthday today. OMG!!!

See?! Lots of OMG!! milestones.

While this birthday was the first one that's ever made me think, "Uh oh," I don't think it's because I feel old. I feel young at heart and I'm in good health, so I happily embrace 40. Now I just wish I could S - L- O- W- down the hands of time just a wee bit. Life just passes by way too quickly, don't you think?

So what's a birthday without presents, right? I've decided to give a lucky someone a present for my birthday. Isn't that nice of me? I'm going to give away a copy of the first book in Jaci Burton's Wild Riders series titled Riding Wild. All you need to do is leave a comment in this post telling me your favorite way to celebrate your birthday by Sunday, October 5, 2008 11:59 pm EDT, and I'll draw one name at random to receive a copy of Riding Wild. You can read my review of Riding Wild HERE. Good luck!!!

Don't forget to read my review of Jaci's upcoming release, Riding Temptation, Book 2 in the Wild Riders series below. It hits bookstores on October, 7, 2008!


  1. Chris!! Happy Birthday. For some reason I never minded those milestones - 30, 40, 50. It's yet to be seen what I think of the next one though.
    And since you asked - my favourite way to celebrate a birthday is to go to a nice restaurant - order Prime Rib and then go to a nice chic flick kind of movie after.

  2. Happy BD baby!

    40's are awesome. So. Great.:)

    Don't enter me in the contest, but my fav. way to spend my birthday is Thai food with my family. And if my day falls on the weekend: hiking.

  3. Cause it's your birthday...cause it's your birthday *doing the birthday dnace* Cause it's your birthday!

    Yeah, Baby!

    My husband started the guffy birthday dance/song a few years ago and it has stuck ever since!

    Hmmm, a trip to the bookstore is the best way for me to celebrate my birthday. This year, however, I am going to do something like you, becasue you inspire me! I am going to have a book giveaway (hope you don't mind I snag your idea!) My birthday is this month also. At the end of the month. So tomorrow I'll post all the details...and it's a great way to get rid of some books!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    To celebrate we tend to just do a family dinner! I very nearly had a party this year, and I am thinking of psyching myself up for one next year (yes, I need 8 months of psyching to do this!), not because it is a big one, but just because I think the last time I had a birthday party as such was probably 17 years ago!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Looks like this has been a great year for you :)
    I like family around me and lots of chocolate that of course is non fattening because it is my birthday and everything is calorie free on my birthday :P

  6. Thanks for the Bday wishes!

    Kristie :: I've only been 40 for several hours, but so far so good. :o) Dinner and a movie sounds great!

    Lisabea :: I love Thai food. We just had some Friday night. Pad Thai, Pad Se-Ew and Pineapple Fried Rice are my favorites. We had some Thai BBQ and it was delish. A family hike sounds great, too. We haven't done that in a while.

  7. Well, I already gave you a birthday poem, but here's another prezzie:

    In my 30's (which I spent pregnant and/or changing diapers) my husband used to lament: "Honey, am I ever getting it AGAIN?"

    Well after I hit about 41, his lament changed to "Honey, not AGAIN?!"

    So, see there's LOTS to look forward to!

    BTW, don't enter me in the contest.

  8. Amy :: Can you get your husband's birthday song and dance on YouTube? I'd love to see that! ;p

    I love the birthday bookstore idea. I actually thought about it myself. Some books and a pumpkin latte. Mmmm. Perfection.

    Yay! I'm glad I inspired you to give away presents for your birthday, too! LOL

  9. Marg :: Thanks! I say start psyching yourself up! I think a birthday party is a great idea! The last birthday party I had was the one I threw for myself for my 30th and had such a great time.

    Kris :: Thanks! It has been a good year! I love the idea of a calorie free birthday! That works for me. Especially since I had a Happy Meal with a strawberry shake for lunch today! ;o)

    Bev :: ROFLOL!! I can totally relate to that!!! And thanks again for the awesome poem on Lisabea's blog--it was great!


    Hmmmm....even though I have tried to avoid (like the plague) my birthday of late, I would say the best way to celebrate it is to do something just for you, whether it be having a therapeutic massage or facial, going to your favourite restaurant or to the theatre etc.


    PS And please don't include me in the draw (although thank you very much for the opportunity :) - I live way too far away and have just discovered that posting a mass market paperback from the US to NZ costs as much as the book itself!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What better way to celebrate than to be surrounded by friends and family? Congratulations on reaching a milestone. 40 is still very, very young, and look at all you have accomplished already! I hope your day is wonderful and that your cake is delicious. Cheers! :)

  12. *clearing throat*

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Christine!!!!! Haaaapy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu!!!!

    *throwing up confetti*

    And by golly you are young, girl! (after all, I'm two years your elder, m'dear!)

    Celebrate my birthday? I stay home and read or watch a DVD, and get something to eat I didn't cook :grin: aren't I easy to make happy?

  13. Horray!!! Happy Birthday, Chrissy!!! Oh what a happy day, because it's your birthday! Happy happy day, for your birthday! Happy birthday! Let's party!!! Actually, how about some cake, soda, and relaxation? ;)

    Despite my youth, I'm already dreading this upcoming birthday. Usually, having cake, sleeping in, and reading a book makes my b-day great. Or movie. :D

    Or, you know, you can check your mail. Cuz, I like to do that for my birthday. *cough*

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE! I hope you had a really great birthday! =) Make it a good year, eh?


  15. OMG OMG OMG Happy birthday GIRL!!! You are truly blessed to have so great of milestones happening all at once.
    Congrats and may you have many more years full of wonderful milestones *g*

  16. Have A Happy Birthday, Christine!! :)

  17. Hey C!!! Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Birthday!! 40 was a tough one for me. Inside my head I'm still 20-something, but the body? Eh, not so much anymore. *shrugs* But what can you do? Hope you spent it doing things you wanted to and you got lots of pressies. Be sure to stop by The Keep to pick up your birthday well-wishes in the Sanctuary!! Muuah!! Terri

  18. OMG!feel so bad for not wishing you a happy birthday sooner. So....Happy Happy 40th birthday. I will celebrate mine in 9 months. I hope you had a wonderful day and that this milestone year is fantabulous.

    I am so blessed for having you as a friend. smoochies!!!


  19. I'm not entering for the Jaci Burton draw - just wanted to wish you a VERY HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY! I hope you've had a lovely day. :-)

  20. I own this one, so no need to enter me, but I wanted to say Happy Birthday, sweetie! I'm so glad that we've gotten to be friends this year!


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  22. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! My favorite way to celebrate a birthady is with lots of food and with friends and family!

    Have a wonderful day!

  23. HelenKay :: Thank you!!! :)

    orannia :: I haven't had a professional massage in a few years. That actually sounds like a nice treat right about now!

    I'm still entering you in the contest. It's a birthday present, after all! ;p

    Ciara :: You are so sweet! We're having cake on the weekend because Wednesdays are one of the nights Maria is at dance during dinner. I'm still deciding what kind to make or buy. Hmm...

  24. What a year for some great milestones! I raise a glass of champagne to you!

  25. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one! I like to spend my birthday with my family eating my favorite dinner and cake.

  26. azteclady :: Wow. Thanks for the song and confetti! =) Despite the fact that I love to cook, not cooking on my birthday is usually at the top of my list, too!

    little_alys :: Thanks, sweetie! Getting mail on your Bday is always nice. And packages and flowers, too.

    I got this really fantastic homemade card from my childhood friend and it is a picture of her and me at her 4th birthday party. She'll be 40 in December. Oh man, I was so damn cute.

  27. Happy Birthday! On my birthday I like to look myself in my apartment and just to whatever I feel like. Read, watch a movie, sleep, do yoga or whatever! I load up with something sweet to and forget everything about healthy food, musts and mostly other people too. I often have the party the day after my birthday 'cause I want my birthday to be just for me to do whatever I feel like...

  28. Rowena :: Thanks! I do my best to make every year a good one! =)

    Sarai :: Thank you!! =)

    Terri :: Hey girlfriend!!! Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes! I'm heading to the Keep in just a few minutes!! xoxo

  29. Barbara :: Thank you!! :)

    Author M :: Thank you!! :)

    DarlingDiva :: Silly girl, you're right on time! And just because you're a few months younger than me, no old lady jokes, k? *muah*

    Jace :: Thank you, Jace! :)

    MK :: Thank you! I'm glad we've become friends, too! :)

    I Heart Book Gossip :: Thanks! Dining with friends and family is certainly a must for a birthday celebration. :)

  30. Kate :: Thank you! I LOVE champagne! xoxo

    Amy S :: Thank you! And Welcome to my blog if this is your first visit. I checked out your blog and am adding you my blog roll, :)

    Angelica :: Thank you and welcome to my blog. You have some great birthday advice there! I visited your blog and wish I could read Swedish.

  31. Riding Wild was great! I have Riding Temptation on my wishlist!

  32. Happy birthday!!! Your 40s are the best time! Enjoy :)

  33. Happy Birthday, Christine! I hope you have a wonderful day. :)

    My favorite way to spend my birthday is to do what I want, not what other people (coughfamilycough) expect me to do (like throwing a party, for example).

    Best wishes,


    (Obviously, don't enter me in the contest because I live in Europe.)

  34. 40's fun!!! At least I think I remember it being fun! lol

    I know I wished you happy b0day several places yesterday but just wanted to add 1 more today! So


    (PS - don't put me in the drawing for the book)

  35. My favorite pressie is a spa day, massage, pedicure/manicure, facial that my dh gives me every year (I adore that man). Followed with a dinner out, usually at Chilli's, because their Molten Chocolate Cake makes a perfect birthday cake!

    Congrats on your year of milestones, here's to 40 more.

  36. Amy S. :: You're going to love Riding Temptation. It was so great seeing Diaz and Jess as a couple. And they were so hot together! :)

    Lori :: Thank you!

    Zeek :: Thanks. Those birthdays sure do tend to sneak up on ya', don't they?

    Taja :: Thank you! I like your kind of birthday plans--my husband and kids usually let me do whatever I want, too. They're great like that.

    I'm going to include you in the drawing. It's a birthday gift! ;o)

  37. Tracy :: Thanks, girlfriend!

    Cathy :: Thanks for the birthday wishes! Your dh sure knows how to pamper you! A spa day sounds divine!

    By the way, welcome to my blog! =)

  38. Jeez, looks like I'm late to the party! Happy Birthday! For my birthday I always request to go to Olive Garden. I think since my 21st birthday, I have had Olive Garden just about every time. (It's been 10 years) What can I say - I'm a creature of habit!

  39. Hey, happy birthday! I hope you had a great time.

    LB is right, 40s are the BEST. You're through all the insecure shit. You have it together! Or at least you think you do.

    My favorite thing to do on my bday is just low key things. Read, write, but not do ANY work. And Eat!!

  40. Happy Birthday..a few days late. I hope it was great :)
    15 years of marriage is awesome.
    no need to enter me in the contest, I have a mountain of TBR books :)

  41. Better late than never right? *g*
    Hope you're having a great birthday week and get spoiled rotten. : )

    My favorite way to spend my birthday is sleeping in then hanging out with the family. My birthday is close to Christmas so I'm always on sleep deprived mode that time of year.
    Don't enter me in the contest ~ I've got the Jaci Burton in my TBR pile.

  42. Jill :: Thanks! You're not late ... we tend to celebrate birthdays for a week in my house anyway! :)i Haven't been to the Olive Garden in ages!

    Carolyn Jean :: Thanks for the Bday wishes! I'm glad to hear you think 40s are the best! ;)

    Naida :: Thank you for the birthday wishes ... and acknowledging the awesomeness of 15 years of marriage.

    Leslie :: Hey! Welcome and thanks for the bday wishes! I love the idea of sleeping in and hanging out with family on my birthday ... well, any day, really. LOL

  43. Gorgeous 40's! Enjoy them to the max! Happy belated... You'll just be an even more gorgeous and experienced Diva!

  44. Happy Belated Birthday, Christine! And many more. :)

    My favorite way to spend my birthday is by first, going to a bookstore and splurging on a few books. I buy at least one hardback. Then I go to a matinee with the hubby. I like to end my day at my favorite Japanese restaurant eating Sushi.

  45. Congrats on the birthday, I usually spend mine with friends and family at my favorite mexican resturant drinking margueritas!

  46. Tetewa :: Welcome! I love Mexican food! We didn't go out for my birthday dinner on Wednesday because it was a school night for my girls and my oldest had dance class anyway, so we're going out tonight! WoOT! Right now, I'm trying to decide between Mexican and Thai. Yum! =)

  47. Mexican by a landslide!




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