Friday, August 1, 2008

Countdown to Breaking Dawn!!!

Tonight I'm taking my oldest daughter to a Breaking Dawn Midnight Release Party at our local Barnes & Noble. Or is she taking me? Not really so sure about that. I read Twilight and New Moon back to back in September 2006 and she only read them last summer right before Eclipse came out in August 2007. Then we passed Eclipse back and forth for a few days while we read it at the same time. In the last two weeks she's been rereading the first three books so she's uber ready to read Breaking Dawn. Which will be in my her my her my hands at 12:01 am tonight. Well... technically tomorrow morning, but you know what I mean.

We went to B&N last night to sign up for the party, and I'm so glad I did. The clerk said they have 200 books in the store and we were the 194th to sign up. I added my friend's daughter's name to the list, and then there was a teen next to me who claimed the 196th, so as of 9:30 pm last night there were only 4 copies of Breaking Dawn unaccounted for at my local B&N! I imagine they only put aside 200 for the party, but there will be more available when the store opens again at 9 am on Saturday morning?!

It appears that as part of the festivities tonight we are asked to claim our team. Team Edward or Team Jacob. I'm hoping there is a Team Switzerland, because I love both Edward and Jacob. I think Edward is the one for Bella. Only because they have this intense soulmate kind of chemistry. Which is amazing and incredible, yet... not enough for me. Physiological chemistry is not enough to convince me he's the perfect hero or the perfect match for Bella. Or me. Jacob, on the other hand, is a genuine, warm, supportive friend whose love would be steadfast and true... from the heart. Edward's is this undeniably intense attraction that's more fantasy like. With that being said, the ideal hero, to me, is one who a little bit Edward and and a little bit Jacob all rolled up into one hero. Who is this hero? My husband.

If you read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, what team are you on? Team Edward? Team Jacob? or Team Switzerland?


  1. So you're a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll? (omg dating myself!)

    I'm a team Edward but I think your observations are right on the money. If we could just have hero #3 that is an awesome mixture of both I'd be an extra happy camper! :)

    Can't wait!

  2. I do think that Bella will end up with Edward, but I really hope that there is a happy ending for Jacob as well because I do like him a lot. If I have to declare teams I go with Team Jacob.

  3. Oooh pretty widget!

    I am firmly Team Jacob, baby!! One of the very few I'm sure :p I love the interactions Jacob and Bella have, and how much healthier their relationship seems than the all-consuming, sort of tragic obsession Bella and Edward has. Not that I have anything against Edward (besides being a control freak in Eclipse, he's pretty flawless), but I hate that in order to be with Edward, Bella has to give up everything that she is--her friends, family, her life and doesn't sit right with me.

    And well...give me a were over a vampire any day ;)

  4. Hey Twilighters!
    Just got home from the Midnight Release Party. The table of contents page is misprinted in our copy. It only lists Chapters 1-7 when there are 30 something chapters. Woops.

    Tracy :: Yes! Can we hear from bachelor #3? (omg dating myself!) :P

    Marg :: I agree and I want an HEA for Jacob, too.

    Thea :: Exactly! I'm with you 100%.

    BTW, even though Maria has been claiming she's more Team Edward, she declared Team Switzerland at the party. It appears she can't let go of Jacob either.

  5. How great that this is a series that you can share with your daughter! :) Did you have fun at the Release party?

  6. I had no idea this series is such a big deal. The rocks I live under ...

    I haven't read it (and don't think I will) but it's great that you can share this with your daughter.

  7. I should have read the other two books.

  8. Team edward all the way. I was watching the concert at home last night and I loved it.

  9. God help us if this books blows!
    Team Edward! :D

  10. So did the book live up to your (must I say extreme) expectations? I was just wondering-I myself have yet to read the series (which I do plan on doing-once my daughter starts back to school) but have read so many mixed reviews about Breaking Dawn, some people have even demanded their money back. ANd when I say demanded I mean, it was either that or burn the book-wjat on earth took them from a lover to a fighter?

    N.C. Murphy (from Lj)

  11. Hi N.C.!
    I'm still reading it. My daughter read it first and then it took a few days for me to find the time to start it. I'm probably 3/4 of the way through and I've got mixed feelings about it. I think the quality of the plot and character development (except for Jacob's character, that is) throughout this series has slowly declined since Twilight, but I don't think it's so horrible that I would demand my money back or threaten to burn my book. Jacob is definitely making Breaking Dawn worth reading.

    My daughter and I plan on doing a discussion type review when I've finished reading. Hopefully we'll post it by the end of the week.


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