Monday, July 28, 2008

RWA : Readers Wallowing in Abandonment

Many of my friendly romance bloggers and aspiring authors are coming together for a week of meeting, greeting, workshopping, author signing, sight seeing, and I'm sure partying at the RWA Conference (Romance Writers of America) this week in San Francisco. I have read many recent blog posts about who will be there (Meljean!!!!!), what to wear, what workshops to attend... basically all kinds of nervous and excited pre-conference jitters. I've left many happy, enthusiastic, non-envious, non-self-pitying comments on these posts. And I'm truly excited for my friends. Truly. I think the last few are packing their bags and heading to the airports as I type. Me? I will experience RWA vicariously through (hopefully) hourly twitter updates and frequent blog updates. I will also be doing the other non Reader Wallowing in Abandonment things like:

1. Clean out the garage as it will be demolished for our impending addition/renovation in a few short weeks.
2. Finish cleaning the basement to make room for storing everything from garage.
3. Get my teeth cleaned.
4. Take my 83 year old father-in-law to the dentist for the first time in probably over a decade. 
5. Pay the mortgage. 
6. Pay the balance of the architect bill. *faint*
7. Pay the good faith deposit to the contractor. *faints again*

Wow! I didn't realize how exciting my week was going to be. It's the picture perfect pity party! I feel so much better now. No wallowing whatsoever. :D

How about you? What are you up to this week?

Seriously, I sincerely hope all RWA attendees-readers, bloggers, aspiring authors, published authors, editors, agents, publishers, etc., all have a fun, fantastic, and safe trip!  :D


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  2. Dang girl all that hard work, I hope you slip some reading time in there. LOL!

    As for myself... This week my little town will be a buzzin' our County Fair starts at the end of the week. It'll be fun, usually run into some high school friends. Always a good time. :)

    I so wish San Fran was closer to like my part of the country. LOL!

  3. Sounds like a fun week for you! ;)

    I'll have to deal with the usual crap, I already dealt with scrubbing the floors (yay!), I should do the taxes, and I really should deal with the huge load of ironing...

    Despite all these exciting things, SF still sounds good. But then, the summer finally does what it is supposed to do, so there is that. :)

  4. Christine, my hubby and I have been doing work around the house too. It's exhausting and expensive, but it does feel good afterwards.

    I feel so left out of this RWA thing. :(

  5. Of course now I feel badly for making this post since Katiebabs, Kristie, Tracy and Alys called me last night from SF. They sounded like overdosed sugared kids! I'm truly happy that they're going to have such a great time this week. :D

    Anna :: Yes, I am squeezing in some reading time in the evenings. How could I not? ;)

    I LOVE County Fairs!! I haven't been to one in probably two or three years. This summer is crazy preparing for the construction, but next August, I'm definitely taking the time to go. Hope you have fun!

    Taja :: I hate doing the taxes. You just reminded me that I need to do this State Homestead Rebate Application Tax thing for both my father-in-law and us that must be postmarked by Friday!!! OMG Thank you so much for the reminder!!

    JenB :: It is very expensive, indeed. My husband isn't the least bit handy (mostly because he doesn't want to be), so the onus is on me to get it done, hire someone to get it done, or completely supervise him as my assistant to get it done together. The latter of which requires much nagging which goes against my nature so I don't do it much. Lucky him, huh? Good luck with your projects. ;)

  6. Sounds busy to me. You have your work cut out for you, but it is for a good cause. Changes to the house are always exciting.
    California is too far away for me, I am waiting for the RT con next spring.
    I am headed to my classroom this week because I found out I have to move rooms and another teacher needs to get her stuff in my room.

  7. Haha! Great post, Christine. I've been checking out RWA posts and have exhausted the ones I wanted to follow. Hellooo, RWA attendees, mush already! And thanks very, very much for mushing. ;)

    It's office work and more office work (five days EVERY week of such fun stuff!!), laundry, feed the kid, feed the other kid (hubby), feed the cat, pet the cat, loooooove the cat, pet the kid when she sees how much attention a cat can get and starts meowing...

    Ouch on those bills! After you faint and reawaken, trat yourself to something speshul, like chocolate or a glass of wine, a new romance novel of love everlasting and endless money to pay bills.

  8. Christine, glad I could help! ;)

  9. MISS YOU!!
    pressies coming...

  10. *hugs Christine* Cripes, you deserve a pitcherful of watermelon martinis after paying those bills!

    It feels so lonely with all the girls at RWA. Sigh. Plus, Ana's on vacation and leaving me to fend for myself here... *sniffles*

    I'll join in the pity party! Nothing much for me planned, just the usual reading, working, bill paying, monotony :p Oh but I am planning for my big vacation in 2 weeks!

  11. wow so I will be working, paying my mom back for loan, turning around and asking for another loan, paying her back for that and OH I get to go to the Brad Pasley concert Friday that's about it. Huh my life sucks right now.

    OH I did get to post freaking how menz for the last 3 days LOL

  12. overdoesed sugar kids? Yep - that was us! lol

    I'm officially joining your pity party today as I had to come home and work! :) It was fun while it lasted though!

  13. Hey I called too!!!! I was a smidge lit, but I was there lady!

    :) Miss you.

  14. That comment you read up there was from Monday! You and sula weren't there yet!

    Let the record show that I received another call last night (Tuesday) from my RWA friends during which I got to speak to Kate, Tracy, Alice, Sula AND Lisabea! Who may have been lit, but I'll never tell! Oh well, you can go read it on her blog and she'll tell you the truth anyway! lol

    I also got a phone call from Kate tonight (Wednesday) as she was helping set up for the literacy signing. She was scoping out the tables before the authors and readers came in... hopefully mapping out her author route since there were so many authors there to visit, and not really a whole lot of time to do the visiting. I hope she got to meet Nalini. Not only is she one of my favorite authors and bloggers, but she is from waaaaaay on the other side of the world from here. New Zealand. Which is so cool. As in neat. But cool, too since its technically winter there. :P

  15. I am missing you Christine! I hope my phone calls help as I am here in SF.
    Missing all my favorite blogging gals!

  16. Dangit I knew I should have giving my phone number to you guys DAMN DAMN DAMN! *sigh* oh well next year I plan to just randomly show up at your houses to say hi! Watch you'll see!

  17. We'll all plan for RWA in DC 2009! Woohoo!!


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