Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Book Shopping Spree!

I never got to use my 40% coupon that I was so happy about using on Tuesday. GRRR! Don't you hate that? I like to use those hefty discounts on a trade or hardcover book, so it annoyed me that I didn't get to use it. Anyway, after a few failed attempts at getting to Borders, I finally made it yesterday afternoon and--thanks to my Twitter friends who coached me via my iPhone--I did some serious book shopping! This is what I came home with:

Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon. 

This book is like a tome. Seriously. I'm thinking it reads quickly, though. Most of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books do. I can't wait to read this--I've heard some awesome feedback so far. First I'm going to finish Breaking Dawn, though. I'm itching to know the outcome of this series, not to mention I've got a daughter and some friends who are ready to discuss this book.

My Wicked Enemy by Carolyn Jewel. 

Carolyn Jewel is a new to me author, so I'm looking forward to reading this one. Would you believe that of all the places and ways to find a new author, I discovered Carolyn Jewel on Twitter?! In early July I noted Ciara started posting twitter updates on what she was reading on the side bar of her blog and I thought that was pretty nifty. Then two days later author Jaci Burton posted on her blog that she started twittering. Having never heard of Twitter before Ciara, then hearing of second acquaintance joining, of course I had to check it out, and joined.  Now Twitter is part of my daily online routine and I'm keeping up with some fun people--readers, bloggers, authors, and publishers. And that's where I met Carolyn Jewel and how her latest novel, My Wicked Enemy got onto my To-Buy list and now into my TBR pile.  So I suppose no one can say Twitter is a waste of time for Ms. Jewel. She sold a book there! :D 

Into the Flame by Christina Dodd

The final installment of the Darkness Chosen Series. I read Into the Shadow in July, and it ended on a cliffhanger that has me very interested in reading this next book. I hope its good.

Kiss of Fury by Deborah Cooke. 

I read the first book in the Dragonfire series and found the mythology of this paranormal world really fascinating. I enjoyed the writing and the storyline very much, although the romance in the Kiss of Fire fizzled out just when it came to its denouement, which disappointed me. But since I loved everything else about it, I'm hopeful that Kiss of Fury will deliver more in the romance. If it does, I'll be hooked on this series for sure. 

Before I Wake by Kathryn Smith. 

I'm a fan of Ms. Smith's Brotherhood of Blood series, which is an historical paranormal series whose vampire mythology is based on the lore of the Templar Knights. Before I Wake is Ms. Smith's first novel in her new romantic urban fantasy series titled the Nightmare Chronicles and I've had this novel on my wish list for quite some time now. I love that Ms. Smith is sure to use the descriptor 'romantic' in front of urban fantasy when indicating the genre for Before I Wake. I love a great urban fantasy novel, but when there's romance in it, too? That's the way to go. 

When Twilight Burns by Colleen Gleason. 

This is one of those series that I've been glomming before I even read the first novel! I picked up the first two Gardella Vampire novels last summer. I hadn't gotten to read them yet and planned on reading them in the week or two before the release of The Bleeding Dusk in February 2008, but failed. I did buy The Bleeding Dusk during its release week, though. Then I planned on reading the three books before When Twilight Burns released just this week, but practically failed again! I say practically because at least this time I at least read The Rest Falls Away a week or so ago. I really enjoyed it and am now really looking forward to catching up in this series. 

Countdown by Michelle Maddox. 

I love Shomi's line of action romance. The stories are futuristic, fast-paced adventures with romance and this particular novel comes with rave reviews from both Kristie(J) and Wendy. 

My Lord and SpyMaster by Joanna Bourne

I read The SpyMaster's Lady earlier this year and absolutely loved it, so of course this novel was on my To-Buy list. My Lord and SpyMaster comes highly recommended from several readers: Katie(babs), Ana, CarolynJean, and Ciara. I'm pretty sure I've read other raves recently, but I can't remember from who at the moment. 

Delicious by Sherry Thomas.
This was my impulse buy yesterday. I remember lots of interesting buzz about Ms. Thomas' debut novel, Private Arrangements, earlier this year so when I saw Delicious on the shelf, I instantly decided I wanted to check it out. Last night I saw that Delicious is on the list of August recommended reads at Dear Author, so I'm interested in the story even more so. Let's see if Jayne and Jennie are right about this one. ;) 

I also bought the girls a book, too. Maria really wanted the third book in a series she's been reading called Violet In Private by Melissa Walker--which also happens to be the YA August book recommendation by Jia at Dear Author-- but we couldn't find it. The clerk at Borders arranged to have Violet In Private by Melissa Walker shipped to us directly from the warehouse. I got a kick out of her adamant desire to get Violet In Private on the release date. She's becoming a obsessive passionate reader just like her mom! Of course she couldn't leave empty handed--can you blame her?-- so she bought Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements in the meantime and she's really enjoying it. 

And I caved into the begging for some Twilight merchandise. A Twilight movie t-shirt and the official Twilight Movie Exclusive 2009 Calendar, which I told her she can't open because it's one of her Christmas presents. Hey!!! I started my Christmas shopping! Check. Me. Out. 

Anna chose the first book in the Beacon Street Girls series called Worst Enemies/Best Friends and was reading it nonstop the entire evening. I even saw her sit at the dinner with it on her lap, and saw her sneaking to read it under the table as soon as she finished eating. I knew exactly how she felt about not wanting to put a book down, I couldn't help but let her do it. So cute. My girls the voracious readers just like their mom. 

I would have also bought Nightwalker by debut urban fantasy author Jocelynn Drake, but I think Kate said she had a copy. I also wanted to buy The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox.  I also looked for the first Jaz Parks book by Jennifer Rardin, but it wasn't in stock. Maybe next time. I'm sure Anna's going to want the next book in the Beacon Street Girls very soon and I'm just going to have to go back to the bookstore. ;) 

And that was our $120 shopping spree. Not at the toy store, not at the trendy clothing stores at the mall, but at the bookstore! 


  1. oooh. nice haul of books there! isn't book shopping fun?

  2. Very nice haul of books!

    Now I need to get back there and get some of the ones you mentioned that I didn't get last Saturday!

    So happy your daughters are getting into the groove with the books...mine too, mine too!

  3. $ A shopping spree like that sounds like an absolute BLAST! I can't spend that much money on books all at one time, or my hubby thinks he's entitled to spend the same amount on his own toys. I'm sneaky, making several purchases over the course of a few days. ;)

    Is Delicious a sequel to Private Arrangements, or do you think it stands alone?

  4. Thanks for checking out my haul. I'm very pleased with my selections and feel a little guilty spending that kind of money on books right now, but I don't really splurge on anything else.

    JenB :: I'm pretty sure Delicious is stand alone. I've read a few reviews for it today, and I haven't seen any mention of it tying into Private Arrangements. Do you think you'll pick it up?

  5. Hello there fellow Twitterer! Thanks for picking up a copy of My Wicked Enemy, I hope you enjoy it.

    I heart Twitter. I've met some really neat people on Twitter.

  6. Dude, nice haul. I'm so proud of you! *sniffle* lol

  7. Has Anna been to the Beacon Street Girls website too? If she likes the books, she'll love the website! She can decorate her own locker, join the after school club or teams of her choice and even make friends (safely) with the Beacon Street Girls!

  8. Wow, these are a great set of books, many of which I want myself. The Acheron book I am hemming and hawing about. I haven't read the last two books in the series. I am wavering. I will have to hear what other people think first. So far it seems like people are really enjoying it.

  9. hey there. found you on twitter, too. so glad your daughter wanted violet in private--and thanks for having them order it. borders doesn't have the book in their stores, but b&n does. i appreciate it--have her visit my blog this week--big contests. ;)

  10. Carolyn :: Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to read your book very soon. Twitter is awesome. At first I thought it was silly, but I'm totally addicted and it can be very useful.

    Holly :: Thanks so much for coaching my shopping spree via Twitter. I think. LOL

    Bobbie :: Hello. Yes, my daughter has already visited the Beacon Street Girls website--she loves it! And she's on book 2 already--we bought it today. :)

    Jill :: I don't blame you on waiting on Acheron. Its a big book and a tad expensive. I've read all the books so far though... and its Ash! I just have to.

    Zeek :: I know! I think I like shopping for books almost as much as I like reading them. :D

    Melissa :: Hi! Thank you for dropping by my blog! Maria will be tickled to hear you came by. Why doesn't Borders carry your book? Was it a shipment error? Because their computers showed two copies in house, but they couldn't find them. In any case, I'm glad Borders was so helpful in the end. Hopefully Violet In Private will be here soon! And I'll send her over to your blog! Thanks for the heads up. :)

  11. Great haul!! I am jealous. :)

  12. Woot! Alot or really great books released this month. I picked up the Carolyn Jewel book last week. Looks really good! I still haven't bought Acheron. I will.

  13. Dont you just love book shopping? I spend so much money at the bookstore its crazy! Im dying to read the Christina Dodd book.

  14. Sweet! I want Acheron. Want want want. I really wanted an autographed copy though, but I flew to denver when Sherrilyn was signing in seattle. *pout*

    MY LORD AND SPYMASTER IS AWESOME. I lurve Joanna Bourne. Her masterful skilz with the english language boggle my mind. BOGGLE I tell you.

    I'm looking forward to Into the Flame too.

    I am twitterpated with books. ;) And Joanna Bourne. And my iPhone is now growing out of my arm...twitteriffic.

  15. So glad to hear it was in Borders! They didn't order any of the first two books--I was a B&N girl--but maybe they're carrying Violet now--hooray! Nice to hear. Thanks.

  16. Great choices I wish I could get Twitter to work on my phone DAMN SPRINT.

    *sigh* I miss it.

  17. I think I'll probably pick up Delicious...eventually...but it won't be right away because I already have 200+ TBR books. *sigh*

  18. Christine - You've gotta catch up on the Gleasons so we can talk! Are you TEAM MAX or TEAM SEBASTIAN??

  19. Kris :: Thanks. I'm thinking I overdid it a bit this time. ;)

    Amy :: We'll have to compare notes when we've both read Carolyn's book. It might be a bit before I get to it.

    juniper_breeze :: I do love book shopping! I want to read the last Darkness Chosen book, too! The last one ended with such a shocker.

    Ciara :: I saw your tweets while you were reading Bourne's MY LORD AND SPYMASTER the other day. You were quite expressive. ;)

    I love Sherrilyn Kenyon. I've met her several times already and she's always so kind and gracious. Each time she really made me feel like I was the one who made her day special by coming to see her.

    Melissa :: Did you see the wonderful review of Violet In Private on Dear Author today? Congratulations! :)

    Sarai :: I have to admit it was quite fun Twittering from Borders when I was shopping. Although I think Holly, Zeek, Katiebabs and Cs2 encouraged me a bit too much. LOL

    JenB :: Oy. The TBR mountain. I think mine is of the same magnitude.

    MaryKate :: I know!!! I think right now I'm TEAM MAXIAN! LOL Can I do that? I have a gut feeling who will win Victoria's heart in the end. We shall see if I'm right.

  20. Great books! I got Delicious this week too. : )

    Hope you enjoy Before I Wake as much as I did.

  21. Ohhh I love spending money on books. It is my favorite thing now-a-days. It truly is. I have a TBR pile so large that you could finance the national debt with it, but I will still keep buying more and more. When you read, you can be anyone and go anywhere and that is friggin' awesome.

  22. You got some good ones there. :)


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