Sunday, August 17, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer: A Mom & Daughter Chat

My daughter and I have both read the Twilight Saga novels by Stephenie Meyer over the last two years and just recently we've both finished reading the latest and last novel in the series,
Breaking Dawn. There are numerous reviews of Breaking Dawn available on the internet by now, so my daughter and I decided to do something a little different and post an IM discussion we had about the book.

C: is Christine, the *beep* year old Mom. ;p
M: is Maria, the 13 year old daughter.


AIM IM with Maria
8/17/08 9:18 PM
C: hi
M: why hello, christine.
C: lol very funny
M: ha ha.

C: look we have matching icons
C: you copied me

M: lol mine's better
C: uh. no
C: mine's better

M: suit yourself mum
C: brb gotta get ur sis a bowl of cereal
M: otay
C: ok i'm back
C: shall we get started?

M: sure im multitasking so dont worry if i dont respond right away. is that ok
C: lol yes. i'm sure your sister will interrupt us a few more times.
M: kk
C: plus i'm watching the olympics
M: kk
C: let's start with the first part of BD told from Bella's perspective
M: okey dokey
M: What did you think of Bella's wedding??
C: it was okay. i didn't think Bella was so into it.
M: Yeah she just wanted to get it over with. Kinda like she was just doing it for the benefits afterwards.
C: i agree. i think if the whole vampire thing wasn't there, she would have waited till after college.
C: do you think she just agreed to the wedding so Edward would turn her to a vampire?
M: Yeah.

M: def. :]
C: the best part of the wedding was when Jacob showed up
M: Yeah I know! I was so sad when he had to leave.
C: I loved that scene. I loved the dialogue between Jacob and Bella when they were dancing.
C: He made me cry. :(
C: I heart Jacob. :D

M: Me too. As soon as he showed up I cried.
C: Me too.
C: I also liked the part when Bella and Edward tell Charlie they're getting married.
C: It was rather charming.
C: And the tone of the scene was reminiscent of the earlier books. I liked it.

M: Yes! Charlie and Edward said some of the funnies things in the book in that scene. Like that quote about not hanging up his gun. What was that again?
C: Edward wanted to start to talk to Charlie right away, but Bella protested and told Edward to wait until Charlie hung up his gun.
C: That was funny.

M: Yeah. Bella and Edward have really cute conversations. Were you surprised they slept together on the honeymoon?
C: No. They were married, so I figured it was going to happen.
C: Were you surprised?

M: Yeah, at first, I didn't really know it was happening until they started talkin in the water. Which reminds me, I wish Esme Island existed!
C: LOL I'm sure there are places like that in the world.
M: Haha :] I laughed when the pillows were ripped up in the morning
C: I thought that was kind of silly.
C: I was disappointed that it was written such that Edward actually hurt Bella.
C: I wanted Edward to have more control.
C: I expected him to
M: I thought it was realistic. He didn't hurt her on purpose he just.... huged(?) her too tightly.
C: hugged*
M: :]
C: I know. I just don't think it was necessary.
C: so were you surprised that Bella got pregnant right away?

M: YES! Omg, I almost thought I was reading the wrong book! Lol... But I can see how Stephenie wanted the story to go that way.
C: Yeah... the whole pregnancy birth infant toddler thing seemed awfully rushed.
C: Don't you think it was unrealistic that they didn't even think they could possibly conceive?
C: Bella --as a human-- should have asked if it were possible
M: I think Bella would've thought of the question if it hadn't happened so quickly. I was surprised at Edward though, because he always worries about little things and this thing was big...
C: Edward-- as the ever so knowledgeable and overly cautious about EVERYTHING with Bella, didn't once wonder if he could get a human pregnant?
C: Oh I think Bella knew they were going to have sex on their honeymoon

M: Yeah.
C: she wanted to since Eclipse.
M: Since Twilight! Haha... just kidding.
C: Haha. She still should've thought about birth control.
M: Yeah.
M: I thought it was really cool that Jacob became Alpha of his new pack. He deserves that.,
C: oh yeah... lets move on to Jacob's part
C: My favorite part in this whole monster of a book was Jacob's part
M: Haha, not my favorite but I did enjoy it,
C: Really? I thought Jacob's voice was the only one that rang true to his character in the whole book.
M: You're right about that... But the storyline was more interesting in Bella Part III
C: slow down! I want to talk about Jacob!!! LOL
M: Okay. LOL
C: I liked the scene when Jacob came to see Bella at the Cullen's house.
C: And he came to see what was right... about Bella and the Cullens. That they were good people and didn't deserve to die just for existing.

M: Agreed.
C: And when he went back to his pack and realized he just couldn't be part of them any longer.
M: I was so proud!
C: I could feel Jacob's turmoil
C: I was, too! But I was so proud that he followed his instincts about what was the right thing to do
C: JACOB was the hero in this book
M: Yeah... Good wolf.
C: from beginning to end he did heroic things when everyone else was careless
M: Look who's Team Jacob. :]
C: ME! :D
C: Were you surprised that Seth followed him?

M: No, I've always thought Seth was kind of like Jacob. Loyal, but still stays true to what he believes in. You know what I mean?
C: Yes. Seth is a good pup. I like him.
M: He's my favorite wolf besides Jacob.
C: I was surprised that Leah followed them at first. But it turned out to be perfect for them
M: Yeah. I could see how she followed because of her past with Sam.
C: Yeah. That was sad when she talked to Jacob about that... and when she explained to Jacob that she understood Bella and Rosalie's position on the pregnancy.
That was such a great discussion. I totally admired Leah after that.

M: I know! It was a woman thing.
C: yes.
C: What did you think of Jacob imprinting on Renesmee?

M: I thought it was perfect! He's just what she needs and she's just what he needs.
C: From the outside it probably looks creepy. Jacob imprinting on Bella and Edward's human-vampire hybrid baby.
C: But it felt right somehow.

M: Yeah definitely. I'm so happy for Jacob that he just actually imprinted.
C: And the way he was with Renesmee for the rest of the story felt natural
M: Yeah. Just like how Quil was with Claire in one part of the story. I thought that part was adorable.
C: Yes. That was very sweet.
C: I secretly hope Stephenie Meyer writes a short story on Jacob & Renesmee when she's all grown up.
C: I can picture their future in my head... but I'd love to read it anyway.

M: I know! Renesmee is so cute. She's the perfect combination of Edward and Bella.
C: I think her gift was very clever.
M: Yeah what did you think of Bella's gift?
C: Well, it certainly came in handy against the Volturi in the last part.
C: Do we ever find out WHY she was unreadable as a human?

I get how it is related to her gift as a vampire.... but why was she that way before?
M: I don't think so. I think of it like she's always had a certain forcefield or block in her head... but that's unrealistic.
C: yeah.
C: too convenient.

M: Yup.
C: maybe I have to go back and reread a few parts. just to make sure it wasn't explained and I forgot the reasoning behind it.
M: I didn't remember reading an explanation either.
C: I thought Part III-back to Bella's perspective- was way too drawn out
and rather anticlimactic

M: Agreed. Way too fluffy. Like the part about Jenks.
M: That guy was pretty funny though
C: The only time I got the least bit emotional in the last part was when Bella showed Edward the locket she got for Renesmee for Christmas
C: And when Bella put Renesmee in Jacob's care when they thought they were going to die at the Volturi's hands and both Bella and Edward professed their love and trust in Jacob

M: I was so sad at that part even though I knew they couldn't die! That would suck.
C: I know. But it was still so emotional
C: And I NEEDED Bella, Edward and Jacob to be comfortable with their relationships
C: And that scene finally gave them all closure

M: Yeah. I was relieved when Alice showed up.
C: Me too!
C: I was happy she found another hybrid like Renesmee.
M: Yeah! I find it amazing how this book goes all over the world lol. Like one minute they can be in Forks, and then the next, in Australia. But that's vampires for ya.
C: I'm glad that Bella has such a pivotal role in the outcome with the Volturi.
C: She finally got to feel important and valuable
C: I think she finally felt like a Cullen.
C: Besides a mom will do anything to protect their babies

M: Aww :] Renesmee was my favorite character.
C: Jacob is my favorite.
M: So overall are you happy with the ending?
C: Yes. I think so.
C: Bella and Edward got their happily forever after.
M: And Jacob, too!
C: Yes, and Jacob imprinted on someone worthy of his love.
C: I think Charlie's acceptance and understanding of the paranormal was kind of weak, but oh well.

M: Yeah wish it wasn't the last book.
C: I'm glad its the last Bella & Edward book.
C: But I'd be open to a book about Jacob and Renesmee when she's grown up.

M: Same.
C: So what grade would you give Breaking Dawn?
M: B or -B
M: You?
C: well.. which is it? B or B-?
C: Your teachers don't give you open ended grades like that!!

M: B!
C: LOL okay
C: I would give it a B- or C+
C: :P

M: Ooh. I see :]
M: wait..... u have to pick one!
C: I'm going to go with C+
C: Too many plot flaws. Too drawn out. Most of the story was kind of boring.

M: Okey dokey.
M: Peace Out.
C: Peace Out.

How the Twilight Saga measures up in our house:

Maria: Christine:
Twilight A+ Twilight A+
New Moon A New Moon A
Eclipse A Eclipse B
Breaking Dawn B Breaking Dawn C+


  1. Nessie was my least favorite character, but I do like Jacob!
    As a mother, did you feel the scenes with the fade to black sex was written well, especially for a young tween or teen reading?
    Great mother and daughter team review!
    Peace out!

  2. Aww so cute. I won't be reading the book but still so sweet how you IM each other from teh other rooms LOL!!!!

    Peace out home skillets!

  3. Aw. I liked Nessie. I just didn't like that she was conceived, grew in the womb, was born and then a toddler in only say 100 pages? That was kinda weird.

    I still think they should have named the baby Carlie. Carlisle and Charlie are more a part of Bella's life than Renee and Esme. Renesmee? Nessie? *shakes head*

    I do think that the fade to black sex scenes were very well written. Once Bella and Edward were married it would be unrealistic for them not to have sex, but I knew Meyer wouldn't be graphic in that sense. Actually she's not a very graphic writer. Her talent lies in her ability to capture and manifest emotion in her characters through their thoughts, body language, and dialogue.

    Peace out. LOL

  4. LOL Thanks, Sarai! We are silly. Sometimes she shouts to me, "Mom! Sign in!" Some people might think it's not healthy, but we have an understanding that if she wants to talk to me about something and she's too embarrassed to talk to me in person or if we don't want her sister in on the convo (which is often the case given that she's only 9), she can always email or IM me. I'd rather do that than not talk at all, you know?

  5. Ok - LOVE the IM review!

    I definitely liked Jacob more in this book than in others. I liked the fact that he became Alpha which he should have done before..but it was a growing experience for him. He is still so young.

    Renesmee...yeah, not my favorite name and Nessie was just even worse! lol I liked her middle name too and thought that Carlie should have been her first name too!

  6. I love the IM review, also, even though I totally disagree with you about the book. LOL BUT! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

    And I have to leaving the lines of communication open through email and IM is wonderful. That honestly isn't something I would have thought of, but I'm going to implement that w/ my daughter.

  7. Fun! I hope my kids (when I have them) like reading books with me. What a great mother-daughter activity! I wish my mom would read books I like. She only reads depressing ones. I only read HEA ones. Ha.

  8. loved this!

    Not sure if i'll be reading them any time soon. Still need to start book 2. However, I will read them eventually so that i at least understand more about that song that affected darling so much!

  9. Welcome to the insanity Maria! This was an interesting idea Christine. :)

    I just started this series and, sadly, I actually don't like it that much *hides* don't hurt me!

  10. This was awesome , you girls should do more of those!

  11. Actually Christine that's a great idea! Being an only child I didn't think of it like that but it would be a great way to keep the little sis out of the convo.
    My BFF and her hubby do it all the time he'll be in the living room watching TV and she'll be in the office and they IM LOL I think it's cute

  12. I finished breaking dawn today! And I lurved it. ;) I really enjoyed how SM wrote with a completely different voice for Jacob. It sounded exactly like how I pictured him.

    Renesme was a bit creepy, and this is coming from someone who lurves babies and surprise babies. I think it might be the whole baby-tears-its-way-out-of-moms-stomache-and-kills-her thing, like Alien. Ew.

    Jacob went on my bad list in Eclipse, but he totally redeemed himself in BD. He'd be my hero. :)

  13. I'm glad you guys liked the IM Chat Review. We'll do it again the next time we read the same book.

    Ciara :: I agree that SM did a great job with Jacob in BD. I actually felt it was true to his character all along. Well, maybe in Eclipse he was a bit of a jerk, but I think he was just desperate to convince Bella that his love was better for her and to keep her human.

    I liked Renesmee as a young child, but yeah. The whole pregnancy birth thing was pretty creepy. Maybe Meyer was writing her sci fi novel The Host while writing Breaking Dawn and got her stories a bit confused. LOL You should read The Host now.

  14. Hiya!!! I would have come on earlier but RL has been kicking my butt. I loved this Mother and Daughter chat. I would love to see more. Ok...YES!!! another for team Jacob. **SPOILERS**
    He was soo awesome in this book, so much on his shoulders and that wedding scene. OMG!!! I was so happy when he showed up and then crushed when he left.
    I loved that you got to see things from his POV and SM explained that she had to do that for Bella was laid up and not much was going on from the couch. Yeah..the pregnancy was a bit...gah, but I could see from the first 2 chapters on how this was going to come out. I could see that she was going to get pregnant and the Voltori would get involved. Then as Alice could not get a read on the baby and how Jacob always was drawn to Bells...well then I knew that something was going on...I know that now my heart is happy that Jacob has found his HEA. 355 nearly killed me and that is what dd was talking about. You can go to my blog and see the song dedicated to that moment. Bring tissues.
    I did not care for the charlie story line in went by to nicey nice. Did anyone notice how Mrs. Clearwater was not at his house and not Billy's...hmm. The ending was a bit anti-climactic, and alot of wordiness could have been cut out, but that is SM. I would love to see a future story with Leah, or Jacob and nessie....alice. I am not sure I want to let go of them.

  15. I'm glad you liked the chat review! It was a lot of fun to do.

    I just came from your blog where I listened to MY NEVER sung by Justin F. from Blue October. O. M. G. What a song. It made me cry, too. Thanks for sharing that.

    As always, I think you and I feel the same way about BD. Go Team Jacob! But Bella can be happy with Edward....

  16. Oh wow, this was too cute...I haven't read this book, I've had it since it came out but haven't found the nerve to pick it up...I wonder what's wrong with me since I actually wanted to read this one after I thought about it.

  17. Ohh so you finally got to listen to "My Never" Did ya ball your eyes out or what??? I know that when he started, the tears automatically commenced and I was literally a mess. That part of the book was so painful for me to read because I am such a Jacob fan. As usual, he was the one to save the day. I do adore Edward, for he and Bella are destined for one another, but Jacob is my hero.

    This book had issues with it, nothing will come close to twilight but I hope she continues on with this series but from another POV. Leah, Seth or Nessie would suite me just fine.

  18. Love the style of the review ladies! I agree with you Christine: C+ and I hate Renesmee's name!
    We seem to have a lot in common: married for 16 years (our Ann. was Aug 16th), 2 daughters (mine are 14 and 12 now), love books, love cross-stitching, and I'm sure there's more :) I hardly ever comment on blogs I find through Google - glad I did this time :D

  19. Hi Antoinette!
    You know, I realized after I left my comment on your blog post the other day about having read the first three Twilight books that you posted that in June and you probably would have read Breaking Dawn by now! @_@

    Thanks for coming by and reading our duo-review! We had fun doing it.

    I, too, noticed we had a ton of things in common when I visited your website... in addition to the ones you mention here. I just didn't have a place to comment on it when I read through your 100 Things About Me page on your site. Sure makes the world seem a little smaller, doesn't it?

    I'm very glad you decided to leave a comment, too!

    Cheers! :D


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