Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Romance in the Olympic Commercial Breaks

The 2008 Olympic Games have been the center of family life in my household for the last week and a half, starting with the amazing opening ceremonies on August 8. Every night we gather in front of the screen and watch the games with rapt attention until the late hours of the night. Even my teenager wants to be home every night to watch the games. I love it! :)

We've been allowing the girls to stay up until midnight or later to watch the games, which means they're sleeping late every morning. It's going to be really tough getting them back to normal sleep schedules for school in two weeks, but I don't really care. I'm really enjoying this quality family time right now. By the time the next Summer Olympics rolls around in 2012, the girls will be 17 and 13 and I'm thinking they might not want to sit home with mom and dad every night for two weeks then.

Anyway, with all the hours spent watching the Olympic Games every night, we've also watched a lot of commercials. But there's one commercial that I absolutely adore. It's the GE Healthcare Re-imagined (China) commercial. Have you seen it? 

Romance with a happily ever after.  My favorite kind. 

I love the music, too. It's from the last minute or so of the song "In Summer" by Cao Fang. 


  1. oh yes, you know i love me some olympics. Am sitting here watching it right now as a matter of fact. *g*

    and i do love that commercial. soooo cute. and so romantic. awww. :)

  2. heh. I'm watching right now, too. ;)

    I asked my little one what her top 3 favorite events are and she said, "Gymnastics, gymnastics, and gymnastics." LOL

  3. Awwwwwhhh: I haven't been watching the Olympics, but thanks for sharing that commercial - it's adorable.

  4. That commercial is too cute for words!
    I really like The Today show coverage in the morning.

  5. Ah, what a cute commercial!

    I love that your whole family is into the Olympics. I used to do that with my family when I was younger too.

  6. I love the Olympics! Gotta have my dose of synchronized swimming and the race walk! LOL.

    The commercial is really cute. Hadn't seen it before, thanks!

  7. Awwww, that's so cute! I've seen that actor and actress before. Actor more so. I think he's a singer.

    I watched most of the swimming, diving and track. The gymastics kinda scare me.


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