Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Peachy

I love I learned about the site earlier this summer from Jaci Burton who mentioned it on her blog because of a post she read on Kwana's blog--who's post that day was inspired by The Pioneer Woman. Don't you just love the power of blog hopping? ;) Anyway, I think I spent over an hour that day getting lost in The Pioneer Woman's website, and now it's part of my daily blog visits. I could spend a whole post just gushing over this site that I find heart warming, inspirational, educational and often very amusing, but instead I suggest you just go spend a few minutes at the site and poke around on your own. Even if the content of the blog is not your cup of tea, you can't deny the fact that Ree--who is the Pioneer Woman--is an amazing photographer. I'm constantly mesmerized by how well captures the beauty of her life and her loved ones on film. So much so that mesmerization has turned to inspiration. 

My first Pioneer Woman inspired post . . . Confessions of a Suburban Woman? ;p

Earlier this week, my girls and I headed out to a local farm to go peach picking. We got our basket from the farm stand and started our way up the hill to the orchard. Of course, you're never too old or too much a suburbanite to not say hello to the farm animals. Or should that be the other way around? 

Hello beautiful white rooster. 

Hello beautiful peacock. 

Enough pleasantries. Time to get to the orchard and pick some peaches . . . 

Deciding on the perfect specimen.

She chooses.

She picks. And inspects. 

And goes to put it in the basket. The basket? The basket! The one that I left at the bottom of the hill back by the farm stand when I stopped to take pictures of the rooster and peacock. Yours truly sets off to retrieve the basket. 

In the meantime, a pile in the grass will do. 
(this photo taken by Maria).

Look at this beauty! And the peach look good, too! ;)

I think she's inspecting for bugs. 

Sometimes a little teamwork is required to get that perfect peach.

And sometimes the reward is more than the fruit itself. 

Life is just peachy . . . 


  1. We didn't do any fruit picking this year :(. I think we can still apple pick. That's in the fall.

    Sounds and looks like you all had a great time!

    Are you making any peach preserves:)?

  2. Oh how cute. Did you go upstate to pick peaches?

  3. blueberries, peaches, you are on your way to making a great fruit salad!
    And don't forget, in a few weeks apples will be great for picking also!
    Love the last picture. Very cute :D

  4. You have beautiful girls, Christine!

    And now I crave peaches...

  5. This is really cute, and aren't your girls lovely! I'll have you know that song "Shake It" is on our workout tape now, and I think of your girl's crazy video sometimes when I hear it. That song really is addictive!

  6. That is too funny, Carolyn Jean. The other day I was out in the garage and that song came on the radio and I thought of the video Christine's girls' made!!

  7. I'll have to check out this site.

    I love the pictures of the peach picking! You always have such great photos of your girls! Thank you so much for posting them!

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. :-)

  9. Aw, nice post. Your daughters are too cute. What did you do with the peaches?

    I love Pioneer Woman. Her blog is a piece of art and like you I can get lost there going through posts and looking at pictures. I've also used many of her recipies, to my husbands delight.

  10. CUTE!!! They're so adorable.

  11. Ahh Christine your daughters are positively beautiful. Honestly they look so cute and the last pick of them with the bucket of peaches, priceless. An awesome end to summer picture.

    Hugs to Anna and Maria

  12. Amy :: I think I might just make peach jam because all the peaches are ripening so quickly and we're not eating them fast enough! Or a peach tart.

    I heart book gossip :: Actually we went to a farm about 20 minutes from my house right here in NJ. I'm close to the best of both worlds where I'm 30-40 min. east of NYC and 20-30 min. west of farms and spread out places. I love it. :)

    Katiebabs :: We also go blackberry and raspberry picking right before the girls go back to school. Maybe we'll go on Tuesday. We used to go apple picking every year, but the last five or so years we've skipped. Maria and Gabe are allergic to raw apples. Go figure.

    azteclady :: Thank you!!! I happen to think so, too! ;) The peaches have been delicious! Perfect flavor, texture, and very juicy! Yum.

    CJ :: Thanks, CJ! That is so funny about the "Shake It!" song. I thought it was just me who can't help but think of the girls' video whenever I heard it! LOL

    Amy :: You, too??! So funny.

    In case anyone else is interesed in seeing the famous "Shake It!" video, you can see it HERE. So cute.

    Tracy :: Thank you!! Let me know what you think if you visit

    Jace :: You're welcome. Thanks for visiting. :)

    Brie :: Thank you! We've been eating the peaches in morning cereal and on pancakes. We've also been eating them out of hand. But they are now all ripening at once, so I think I'll make peach jam and a tart over the weekend. Sounds yummy, huh?

    Holly :: Thank you! :)

    DarlingDiva :: Thank you, sweetie! Maria says hi back. Anna says okay. LOL

  13. They are soooo cute! Now I want to go peach picking!! Wait, there isn't one around?!?! Oh well, I'll live through your pictures then. :D

    Happy end of summer and beginning of fall! More time to read? ^_^

  14. Ummm, if you do make some jam, what do I gotta do to get me a jar??? ;)

  15. Aaahh! they're beautiful!

    Looks like the girls had fun!

  16. The girls are just lovely and what a great way to spend the day! :)

  17. Aw, your girls are such cuties!

  18. These are wonderful pics and beautiful girls. I love the power of blog hopping and now I've found yours! yay!

  19. Oooh, and what did you make with all those peaches?

    The photos are lovely.

  20. Alys :: You're in CA!!! There's got to be something fabulous to pick there!

    dd03, Kimberly & Wendy :: Thank you!! I treasure times like this with my girls.

    Kwana :: Hi! Thank you for the compliments and I'm glad you hopped to my blog. ;)

    Devon :: Thank you and welcome to my blog. We've been eating the peaches out of hand so far, but now they are all ripening at once, so today is Peach Day at my house. I'm making Peach Jam right now, then later on this evening we're making Peach Ice Cream! YUM!! If I still have peaches left, I may make a peach tart in the next day or so. I must say my house smells really really good right now!

  21. Oh my gosh, your girls are so beautiful Christine!!!!! :) Thanks for sharing your photos, it looks like you had a wonderful time!

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  23. Mmmmmm, peaches! And they are at their peak right now. So, C, what time for coffee and peach pie?? *snort* Your girls are so adorable. I wish we had time to do stuff like this...but it's all about the boyfriend now. *sigh* Where has the time gone?


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