Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You know you're getting old when . . .

. . . the chapter title in the book you're reading is "Reefer Madness" and it takes you at least a full minute until you recognize the word reefer.

The first time, I automatically read it as "Refer Madness."
What? That doesn't make sense!
Referee Madness?
It could be a typo. I am reading an ARC after all.
I read a couple of paragraphs and then . . . wait a minute . . .
{light bulb}
Ohhh! Reefer.
Duh. LOL.

Speaking of reefer.

Do you know The Beatles songs "Within You Without You" & "Tomorrow Never Knows"? Well, I don't think I've ever heard either one until we got Beatles Rock Band. The version on Beatles Rock band is a mashup version of the two songs originally from The Beatles Love album (wikipedia.com) and its definitely one of my favorite songs to play on Beatles Rock Band. Anyway, I was feeling gutsy tonight, and with a little encouragement from my husband (and accompanying me on drums), I played it on expert.

That's right. 91% on expert.
{I'm so excited about this!! LOL!}
I guess I'm not that old, after all.

Well, not that age has anything to do with Rock Band skills, but it makes me feel young.. errr... younger, anyway. ;o)

By the way, the book I'm currently reading is the fourth Spellman book by author Lisa Lutz, The Spellmans Strike Again and the main character doesn't use reefer anymore. She's left those wild times behind in her misspent teens and twenties. She's all of 32 now. Anyway, I'm really enjoying the book and in fact, I'm almost finished with it already and I just started it a day or so ago, which for me, is fast. I had to force myself to put it down because I want to finish it tomorrow morning when I'm all alert and focused for the ending.


  1. My kids played with a Beatles Rock Band thing at Best Buy a few weekends ago. Sad thing is? They've never heard even one of the songs. (I know the songs, just not a fan. Especially as my middle name comes from one of them.)

    WTG on 91%! And we call catnip "kitty reefer" sometimes.
    Hope you're having a nice week!

  2. Thank you for commenting! :)

    These guitar heroing rock banding games are definitely way more fun if you know the songs. We have regular Rock Band and Rock Band 2 and I *might* know a third of the songs. I at least was familiar with nearly ALL of the Beatles songs. In fact, I'm enjoying their music more now on Rock Band than I ever did before. Must be the family bonding thing, too, that makes it extra special fun. :)

    I'm so proud of myself for getting 91%. On Expert, no less. Sometimes it's the silly little things that can make your day, you know?

    Oh yeah... our kitties go bonkers with catnip. One *way* more than the others... it's so funny to watch.

    I hope you're having a great week, too, Brandy!

  3. LOL very funny Christine. Hey you're not old -- I know for sure! My sister is a huge fan of Beatles. They play their songs every Sunday morning on the radio and it has been a traditional alarm clock for me. I guess my walls are that very thin. LOL. I've also recently went to a concert of RAIN at NJPAC for a tribute to the Beatles -- they sing all Beatles songs -- well they imitate all their moves and customes too. Including the hair styles.

  4. LOL, it feels like I'm missing half the references here :D But I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the book :)

  5. "You know you're getting old when . . . the chapter title in the book you're reading is 'Reefer Madness'"

    And you know you're REALLY old when you immediately recognize that title as a hilariously awful, old government backed propaganda film warning teens about the dangers of the "new drug menace destroying the youth of America" that was "rediscovered" by stoners in the 60s. In fact, it became pretty popular for it's over-the-top doomsday inaccuracies.

    Search YouTube- it's there in all its awful glory.

  6. Natalie, that concert sounds really cool. I bet it was loads of fun. LOL @ your Sunday morning unintended alarm clock!

    nath, maybe you're too young. ;P
    I'll have to email you the answer to your question about the last Spellman book. Not sure how much detail you're looking for.

    Bev!!! ROFLOL!!! You know... now I think the author used that chapter title on purpose because of that govt film. She's funny and clever like that.

    Thanks for the visit! It's good to 'see' you!! :)

  7. I must be old because I've never even played Rock Band, Guitar Hero or anything like that. The last time I played anything it was Super Mario Brothers. lol

    dear lord.

    But I do know what reefer is...yep, I'm old.

  8. OK, I'm going to show my age, but...what's reefer please?

    Oh I feel like an idiot :)

  9. Michelle, LOL that makes no sense when I KNOW I'm way older than you. Not enough to be your mom, maybe, but eh.. your much older sister, that's for sure! So maybe you're not OLD ENOUGH to play Rock Band or Guitar Hero. So maybe you have to be OLDER... like old enough to have teenagers in the house in order to have those kinds of games available. ;)

    orannia, oh, you are excused for not knowing what reefer is because of where you live. It may be an american slang term. Reefer is one of the many names for marijuana. :)

  10. I need to get back to the Spellmans. Love their crazy eccentricities.


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