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In Death Challenge Post: February 2010

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Vengeance In Death by J.D. Robb
Book 6

I just finished reading Vengeance In Death this morning, and to tell the truth, if it wasn't for being the hostess of this challenge, I probably would have fallen off track already because there are so many books calling me this month! However, I'm glad I felt compelled to read it, because once I started, I couldn't put it down.

Vengeance In Death starts with an anonymous phone call to Lieutenant Eve Dallas from a man claiming to be on a mission from God to murder in the name of divine retribution. He confesses to the murder of his first intended victim and ends his transmission with cryptic clues as to where the victim can be found. This begins the games this elusive, techno-savvy murderer has in store for Eve in which he sends her riddles about his victims, leaving her barely enough time to figure out the victims' locations as she and her crew race to save a life and catch the murderer.

Eve figures out rather quickly that the victims are linked to Roarke's past in Ireland and his carefully buried criminal activities. No sooner does Eve begin to explore some leads in the investigation that Roarke's long time friend, father figure and butler, Summerset is implicated as the prime suspect. Eve's moral compass is tested like never before as she tries to protect Roarke from becoming a future victim and Summerset from being framed as the murderer.

Vengeance In Death is another fantastic installment in this series. The murder mystery was suspenseful and because the murderer and the victims were so intimately tied to Roarke's past, the story was extremely personal for Eve and Roarke. As a result of the links to Roarke's past, more details about Roarke were revealed in this story. Eve and Roarke worked together on this case more so than ever before. They had a few heated and emotional arguments because of the case, which was actually good to read because it made them refreshingly normal. Of course, it was also nice that they made up each time. Eve also verbalized her love for Roarke quite a few times, which we know is rare. Not only that, but she admitted to herself and to him that she needs him, too. I loved this. Even needs to need him, and admit it to him, too. He really needed to hear it from her.

The end of Vengeance In Death was really intense. Not only was I on the edge of my seat over how the killer was going to get apprehended, but I actually choked up a little on the emotional impact of this last scene. As always, the emotions between Eve and Roarke run high as they sigh in relief over not losing each other, but in this case, there was also a small--very small, sigh of relief for Summerset. Never thought I'd see the day.

Which In Death book(s) did you read this month?

What's your take on the Eve & Summerset relationship?

I happen to love it. It adds extra fire to the home life of Eve & Roarke. Like they need more, right? Most times I find Eve and Summerset's constant sparring and jarring very entertaining. This was the case for Vengeance In Death, but in addition, I also loved how this particular story was so personal for Summerset and how it forced him and Eve to get to know and understand each other better. Even if just a smidgen. They're both so stubborn!

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  1. Looks like I only managed to review 2 this past month, but I'm on book # 12, so I know i read more than I reviewed. Hmmm....

  2. Oh how I love these books! And they keep getting better the farther you get into the series. Glad you liked this one ;0)

  3. I got a late start this month, but I'm halfway through Witness In Death.

    I'm judging a contest and it's taking away my discretionary choices in books this next month. I have 8 and a half required books to read in the next 3-4 weeks, so I REALLY hope I have time to fit in the next In Death as well.

    re: Vengeance - I liked how underneath all the sniping, Eve and Summerset are merely jealous for the affections of the same man. And they both hate that Roarke's savvy enough to keep them both feeling so important.

  4. As always you’ve delivered an inspiring review of Robb’s novel, Thank you Christine. I’ve recently completed Vengeance in Death and I loved it – loved it more than the rest of the earlier novels in the series. There were so much to digest in this book and too much to learn but perhaps one day I’ll revisit this again. My take on the Eve and Summerset relationship is comparable to the analogy of a cat and a dog both serving the same master. It was hard for me imagining in each of their situations but at the same time found myself cursing to the foolish acts of Summerset. Of course it was intended to happen that way to stir the already boiling events and emotions – an important trick Robb had already mastered. Thinking ahead on the next novel, I think that Summerset and Eve will remain the same disguising the affection for each other behind acts of hatred - affection in the sense of friendship and being closely related to the same man – Roarke. Of course I have yet to start on the Holiday in Death to confirm my thoughts.

  5. Lori, Only book #12? LOL.

    samantha, this series really is awesome. It makes that pile of 30 books ahead of me a little less daunting to know they're all very good.

    Venus, do you really think Eve and Summerset are jealous for the affections of Roarke? Hmm, I don't really see it that way. I think Summerset's issues with Eve run more along the lines of disapproval and resentment. In fact, I think Eve exactly figured out Summerset's feelings for her in Vengeance In Death on p. 110.

    As far as Eve's antagonism towards Summerset, I think she could have been okay with him if he wasn''t always so rude and snooty towards her from the start. He never tried to hid his disapproval of her, so why should she like him back?

    But I DO agree with what you said about Roarke being savvy enough to keep them both feeling so important. He does that so effortlessly, too, doesn't he?

    Natalie, thank you so much! I love that we both read the same book this month! :)

    Oh, I like your cat and dog analogy for the Eve and Summerset relationship! And I think you're right. I think they're relationship won't change too significantly, but there will be this new respect between them just under the surface of their relationship.

  6. I just finished Fantasy in Death and the relationships continue to grow. I always look forward to Summerset and Eve's sniping toward each other, and their interactions with Roarke. I think toward this point of the books Summerset and Eve really do care for each other. They just will never admit it! *G*

  7. Great review, Christine! Vengeance is not one that I re-read often, but perhaps I should! ;D it's been a while.

    I love seeing Roarke meet up with some of his friends from the past :P Shows another side of Roarke. As for the banter between Summerset and Eve, it's really great I think :) Definitively something that Eve needs :P

  8. I re-read Memory in Death a few days ago and I'm re-reading Vengeance in Death just now.

    I enjoy Eve and Summerset's relationship myself, and have from the first. It would seem very natural, for the man who has been Roarke's father in all the ways that matter, to disapprove of someone like Eve for Roarke, and for Eve to resent Summerset's attitude is equally natural.

    I particularly enjoy Summerset's interactions with the rest of the cast--Mavis, Peabody, etc.--and how they contrast with his behaviour and (outward) feelings towards Eve. It's an interesting dynamic.

    Vengeance starts a shift in that relationship that is both fun and touching for me--you'll see more of that during Conspiracy in Death and throughout the rest of the series.

  9. I read two ID stories in February. Midnight in Death (in Silent Night anthology) and Conspiracy in Death (8th full length novel). MiD was a 3.5 star read for me - quite basic, nothing special. But... I happened to love CiD (5 stars)! I think it could be the best book in the series so far (counting these 9 stories I've read) - or at least one of the top three.

    I've already ordered and received the next two books: Loyalty in Death (9th full length) and Witness in Death (10th). Hopefully I'll have the time to read them in March, even though I have some pretty tough studies ahead of me this month... Plus moving to a new home (been doing that for a week already, where does all this stuff come from or are my closets bottomless...).

    Ps. I also love Eve & Summerset's relationship.

  10. I finished Glory in Death this month and reviewed it. Since I've read two books only, I can say that so far (besides Roarke and Eve), I'm liking Eve's relationship with Summerset. It's a hoot! I also like Eve & Mavis together -- Eve seems to need that relaxing girl talk away from the police work. Mavis is irrevent, tacky & I like her style. ;P

  11. Brandy, I'm so glad to hear Eve and Summerset are still at it!

    Did you like Fantasy In Death? I saw my library got it in, too. It's good to know it'll be there for me when I'm ready for it in 2012. LOL!

    nath, yes, it was really great to see Roarke go back to where he grew up in Ireland. Does he ever go back again at another time in the series?

    azteclady, I really love that you regularly reread this series. I can certainly see why you do.

    I agree with your take on the Eve - Roarke - Summerset dynamic. AND the Summerset dynamic with Eve's friends like Mavis and Peabody. It is very amusing. And interesting.

  12. Maija, TWO ID books in Febrauary? Good for you!
    I haven't gotten to any of the anthology shorts yet, but I can imagine how they'd be less satisfying than the full length novels. I'm so glad to hear that CiD is your favorite so far! You're not the first to claim that.

    Good luck finding time to read the next two ID books on your list. Especially with intense studies AND a move going on. We moved out and then back in to our house for construction last year and I *still* feel like I'm settling in nine months later. Good luck!

    Hilcia, totally agree with you regarding Mavis. I like the way she forces Eve out of her comfort zone.

  13. Glad you're enjoying the In Death books Christine :) I haven't read any to date this year - perhaps this month?

    I like Summerset & Eve's relationship, but I do want to see it develop... *fingers crossed*


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