Thursday, March 18, 2010

Truths Revealed

See Truth Game here.

When Tracy first tagged me on the truth game meme, I didn't think I could come up with any good lies. But to tell the truth, once I sat down and came up with one... then two... then tree... it turns out it was a lot of fun stretching some truths about me into lies. Not only that, but I was good at it, too, because no one guessed the correct two truths! However, one person did get one truth correct, so I am awarding her the grand prize. Read on to find out if it's you....

It's time for confessions!

1. I spent my summers as a kid on eastern Long Island, NY where I spent days "working" on my grandfather's fishing boat.
I spent my summers as a kid on eastern Long Island, NY but I spent my days sailing, swimming and sunning. So spoiled.

2. I have only been out of the country once, when I visited the Philippines with my husband the year after we were married.
I have actually been out of the country five times-- twice to Mexico, twice to Canada and once to Bermuda. We do plan on visiting the Philippines someday, though, so my husband can show me and our daughters his native country.

3. Both of my daughters have my mother-in-law's first name as their middle name.
Each daughter has a variation of either my or my husband's first name as their middle name.

4. I met my husband in college when he was my TA in physics and I was his student.
I did meet my husband in college when he was a physics grad student and I was an undergrad, but he was never my TA nor was I ever his student.

5. I have never beat my husband in Scrabble.
It is a rare occurrence, but every now and then I score a win in Scrabble!

6. The only state I have ever vacationed in twice is Utah.
Two of my most spectacular and most memorable vacations of my life have been to Utah. I know! Who would have guessed Utah would be the place to be, right? I spent a week in Utah for a winter ski vacation, during which we skied at five different ski resorts: Deer Valley, Park City, Sundance, Alta, and Snowbird. Each one was unique and awe inspiring. Several years later, I spent a week in Utah for a summer vacation visiting Utah's many spectacular State and National Parks, starting at Salt Lake City and ending at the Grand Canyon. This vacation was A M A Z I N G! Antelope State Park near Salt Lake City, Arches National Park, Kodachrome Basin State Park, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. I saw sights on this trip that just took my breath away. I would go back to each one of these places in a heartbeat.

7. I was on the track team in high school.
I tricked almost all of you on this one with running being such a new thing to me. The truth is that running is new to me, but I was actually on my high school track team for one year when I threw shot put and discus. I wasn't very good at it. I think I placed only once the whole season and that was just because my one teammate was absent and the other team sucked. LOL. Needless to say, I didn't return the following year.

8. I have my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and my master's degree in business management.
I have my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering but my master's degree is in teaching. I'm qualified to teach high school math.

9. I recently reconnected with my best friend from childhood with whom I was friends when we were 4 years old for the first time on Facebook.
I have never lost touch with my best friend from childhood. We have been close friends for about 38 years. We started out as neighborhood playmates at age 4 and despite the fact that she moved away when we were 10, we have maintained a close friendship over the years and still see each other regularly throughout the year.

10. I had a part time job in high school working in my town's public library shelving books and making sure the card catalog was properly alphabetized.
I had a part time job in high school working in the town's violations bureau doing filing and eventually assisted the court clerk during weekly court sessions. It was enlightening to find out which of my classmates were getting busted for pot or vandalism.

The two true statements are #6 and #7.

No one guessed #6 to be true and only orannia guessed #7 to be true, so she wins the grand prize!

Congrats, orannia!!! :)

I put everyone else's name in the random list generator at and the winner of the homemade bookmark is ....

Natalie!!! :)

Sorry I'm such a good liar, but I hope you all had fun playing the truth game with me, anyway! I know I sure had fun seeing what everyone was guessing to be true about me. :)

Thanks for playing, everyone!!!

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  1. You ARE a wicked good liar. Such tangled webs you weave...

  2. Woo-hoo, orannia, that's GREAT!

    Congratulations to Natalie too, on winning the bookmark.

    And look at you, ms lying pants on fire! heh

  3. Congratulations Orrania! You tell good lies! I'm not sure that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it works! *G*

  4. LOL! Such a good liar! :)

  5. tee hee hee!

    Thanks for playing. :)

  6. Congrats to the winners!! :D

    LOL, all these lies are hard to detect, because they're so close to the truth!

  7. Yay! and yay again I won for a personalized bookmark? Thanks. I can't wait to have it!!!

    Congratz Orannia for winning the grand prize.

    Although Christine, I think that all your questions were all tricky!

  8. Thank you Christine and congrats Natalie!

    In the nicest possible way Christine, you lie very well *grin*

    Christine - thank you for your email. I will reply ASAP!

  9. I think nath is right and I made my lies to difficult to decipher because they were so close to truths.

    Oh well. Too bad.

    That's what you get from playing with a liar. :P

    I'm so fresh!! ^_^


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