Wednesday, March 24, 2010

REMINDER: In Death Reading Challenge next week!

Just a reminder that if you're participating in the In Death Reading Challenge, there's only one more week left to March, so if you haven't already started, now would be a great time to pick up that next In Death book. I'll be making a post next week with Mr. Linky so you can report your latest read. Remember that you don't have to write a book review for the challenge. You can write up any kind of commentary about the book you read or about the series in general, or you can simply link to your list of books on your blog. Don't forget that I'll be doing a drawing in April for the participants who have read or listened to an audio book version of an In Death book each month from January through April, so be sure to stay up to date! If you fell behind or are starting late, go ahead and read what you need to in order to catch up.

I just finished reading Holiday In Death a couple of days ago and will do a little mini review of it next week. I also read the short story, "Midnight In Death" that immediately follows Holiday In Death. The stories take place so close to each other in the series timeline that it really was fun to read them back to back. I was enjoying Eve and Roarke, Peabody, McNab so much that I even started reading the next book in the series, Conspiracy In Death. I ventured as far as three chapters in when I realized I had library books due in a couple of days that I should be reading, not to mention I want to read an historical romance before the end of the month for the Year of the Historical reading challenge I'm doing, so I set it aside. Right now I'm reading the fantasy novel, Except the Queen by Jane Yolen and Midori Snyder as well as the historical romance novel, Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan, depending on my mood throughout the day or night.

What are you reading right now?

For more details about the In Death Series Reading Challenge, visit the challenge sign up post HERE. New members are welcome to join in any time.


  1. You may drop dead of shock, but I think I've only read 1 1/2 In Death books this month. I need to finish Betrayal and write a review!

  2. Anyone who keeps up and reads one In Death book per month impresses me. Including myself!! LOL!

    Don't forget that you don't have to write a review if you don't want to. I don't want this challenge to stress out anyone but me. :)

  3. I'm reading The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen. I also picked up Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith at the library yesterday. *G* Although this post makes me want to dig out some of my In Death books and read those, too. *G*

  4. Conspiracy in Death is really good, Christine!! So you better stops now before you can't stop!

    I'm not really reading anything. Finished A Conspiracy of Kings during the week-end... but right now, I'm too busy to read :(

  5. Ooo! Brandy, please let me know how you like The Girl Who Chased the Moon! I hope it is of the same caliber of the author's prior works. Or better! :)

    My library just got it in, so I'll put my name on the hold list hopefully by the weekend.

    I actually did a quick skim-like re-read of Naked In Death the other night, so even though I'm only on book 8 in this series, I already get that desire to re-read these books now and then! :)

    nath, LOL! I know what you mean. Those first three chapters of Conspiracy were so good already! And it's one of the longer books, too! I'm excited about that.

    Too busy to read???!?! Sorry! :(

    A Conspiracy of Kings as in the latest Megan Whalen Turner book??

  6. Actually, compared to King of Attolia, I thought A Conspiracy of Kings was short ^_^; It clocks at around 300pages which is not bad, but I wanted more :P

  7. You may faint, but I'm thinking of reading an In Death book next month! I've forgotten what's it's called ATM :)

  8. nath, I read The Thief last spring after reading such great reviews about it from my blogging peers. Interestingly, we had a copy of it on our family bookshelf that I picked up at a book swap years ago not knowing anything about it other than it was a Newberry Honor book. And there it sat for so long! LOL! Now I just need to hunt down the rest of the series. :)

    orannia, you must be nearly all caught up with the In Death books by now? Looking forward to finding out which one it is your reading. LOL.


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