Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RELEASE DAY! Mind Games by Carolyn Crane

Today is the official release day of Mind Games, the debut urban fantasy novel by author Carolyn Crane.

I'm plugging Mind Games today despite the fact that I haven't read more than the book blurb and brief excerpt that's posted on her author site. While I admittedly can't proclaim Mind Games a stellar read without reading it for myself, I am hopeful --and confidently so-- that the book will be thoroughly entertaining.

Why? Because I have been reading Carolyn's blog, The Thrillionth Page for over two years now and I know that she is smart, insightful, sassy, creative, and has a fantastic sense of humor. While these traits obviously aren't indicative of author talent on their own, they are characteristics of Carolyn's writing style that will be evident in her published work as they are on her blog. I just know it.

Don't want to put your confidence in my speculation?

No problem.

Check out these fantastic cover quotes from the following very talented authors:

"With a twisty, edgy storyline, a unique premise and a fascinating heroine, MIND GAMES jumpstarts a smart and original urban fantasy series. A fabulous debut!"
~Meljean Brook, The Guardians series

"Carolyn Crane writes with deft and evocative flair, creating a fantasy-noir world touched with comic book cool. With a twisty plot, a unique heroine, memorable supporting characters, and an amazingly fresh premise, debut novel Mind Games is a delicious, unforgettable delight. I can't wait for the next book!"
~Ann Aguirre, national bestselling author of Blue Diablo

What?! You don't want to take their word for it either?


  1. Mind Games blew me away and I think you will feel the same. :)

  2. I can't wait to read this book. I have been waiting for over a month, ever since I noticed the counter on your blog and went and checked out the premise. *G*
    Hope you're having a good week!

  3. KB : I can't wait to read it. It felt like this day would never come. I'm going to try to get to B&N tonight to pick it up.

    Brandy : Excellent! The premise is so refreshingly unique, isn't it? I'm so curious about this story.

    I hope you're having a great week, too! :D

  4. YAY!!!!! So exciting, I cannot wait to read it.

  5. Yeah Carolyn!

    Mind Games is an awesome read Christine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  6. This is one book I've been looking forward to reading for so long. And we only have 6 months to wait for the 2nd book. :)

  7. I bought my copy of Mind Games last night! I'm so looking forward to reading this .... and finding out if Carolyn can really write. LOLOLOL!!! ;)


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