Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Baby is a TEENAGER!

My youngest is 13 years old today, which means I'm now officially the mom of two teenage girls. Whoa. I just referred back to a post I wrote almost four years ago when my eldest turned 13-- [HELP!!! My girl's a teenager!] to remember how I was feeling about that. Turns out nothing has changed! I still have those same feelings.

I still can't believe I'm the mother of teenagers.
I'm too young [not really] to be the mother of teenagers.
Way too young. [not really]

I will not to panic.
I will remain calm.
I will continue to act like I know exactly what I'm doing.

Although, perhaps I have grown a bit alongside my girls in the last few years because I'd like to replace that last sentence with this one:

Happy 13th Birthday :) xo
I [we] will continue to do my [our] best to nurture and guide my daughters as they travel the rocky road to adulthood and help them find the determination and confidence to be the person they wish to be, doing the things they love, and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

It's a wonderful thing to see your baby grow into a happy, healthy young woman .. but it's also a little bit sad for mom and dad to have it happen way too fast!

Happy birthday to my baby... my new teenager. xo

One Direction Birthday Cake!
Justin Bieber Birthday Cake!

ps. two teenage girls! wish me luck. ;o)


  1. Happy, happy birthday to your baby! They grow up so fast. And yet, I'm still totally young. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    You're raising two beautiful girls. Congrats!

  2. She's absolutely beautiful!!
    Congrats, Mom!!

  3. Happy birthday to Anna!! And you're doing well, Christine :) LOL. You're a great mother and they're lucky :) Plus, no matter what, they'll still be your babies :)

  4. Happy Birthday Anna! You are a FANTASTIC mother and should be super proud of yourself and your girls. Wishing her continued love, happiness, success and health; blessings to you all :)

  5. (((Christine)))

    I sympathize--my youngest is finishing her first year in college!

    *feeling very, very old*

    Happy b-day Anna!

  6. *hugs*
    Congrats to you and your daughter! 13 is an awesome number!
    Scary to be sure, but full of potential!

  7. Happy birthday to your Anna and congrats on reaching this milestone. I hope the years ahead are filled with lots of fun and good times.

  8. Beautiful post Christine! Happy birthday to Anna. :)

  9. It goes way to fast Christine, my oldest turned 31 in January and I remember the day she was born like yesterday. As the mother of 4 girls with one now officially a teen the other 1 more year away, I can say it can be trying at times with their moodiness, but for the most part they are fun. My son just turned 21 last week and I don't know where the heck the time went.

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby, because they are always your baby no matter how old, and yes, you are still young, I myself am only about 20 ; )


  10. Happy Birthday to Anna! I feel your pain, even with just one teenager. *g* Great post!

  11. Happy Birthday to Anna!

  12. Awww...two teenage girls. I wish you the best of luck! I hope that she had a wonderful birthday!!!!

  13. You don't need luck - your revised sentence shows your strength and determination. Your two girls are very lucky. But two teenagers? Good luck! *grin*

    And I revised your sentence to:

    I'm too young to be the mother of teenagers.


    And a belated Happy Birthday to Anna!

    PS One Direction are coming to NZ. The teenagers here have gone mad!

  14. You guys are the BEST! Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Anna. She says thanks. :)
    And thanks for all the good wishes for me, too. Actually, you guys should really be sending good luck wishes to my husband who has TWO teenage girls AND me! Just think PMSx3 with a sprinkling of Pre-Menopause thrown in for good measure. LOL! Poor guy.

    PS @ orannia ... I think teenagers ALL OVER THE WORLD have gone mad for One Direction. They just announced a US tour and I've been trying to get tickets all afternoon. They went on sale at noon and at 12:06 pm I couldn't get any. Bummer.


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