Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Week's Box of Organic Goodness

I received such great feedback from all of you the last time I posted what came in my co-op box that I thought I'd do it again. I loved all the suggestions on how to prepare some of the produce in new-to-me ways and even tried some of them. For example, I followed Marg's recipe and used the bok choi to make a really delicious asian-inspired soup. I also followed Beth and Diane's suggestion to put orange sections in my salad and whoa was that the most exciting thing or what? So awesome. The oranges added such flavor and juiciness that I barely needed any dressing on my salad! Definitely a keeper salad idea! Thanks, everyone!

Take a look at what I brought home in this week's share:

Beets with greens, two bunches of kale
potatoes, cabbage
bananas, Spartan apples, navel oranges, Bosc pears, Romaine hearts
tomatoes, avocados, turnips
Daikon radishes, carrots 

If you came home with this box of produce, what would you do with it? 

***Especially looking for inspiration with the turnips!!! Thank you!!

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  1. You could make sushi with the daikon and the avocados. Add lettuce, fish or tofu. Yum.
    No ideas on the turnips. Sorry. I've had little experience with them beyond pureed.

  2. Orange-avocado salad! Chunks of avocado, segments of orange, a little fresh herb (cilantro?). You could even toss in the tomato.

    The big bunch of kale could be baked into kale chips. I have been wanting to try that for ages. I have heard good things.

  3. The first thing that I thought of was apple and rhubarb crumble, but that could be because we are having our first wintery day today!

    So glad you enjoyed the recipe last week!

  4. Oh, that's cool. Those apples look yummy.
    I have heard of mashed turnips with potatoes, but I've never really done them that way.

    I asked my friend who's studying culinary something and she said that when you braise them, they turn awesome. Like this ( ) but that you have to be careful not to have the heat too high.

  5. I have no idea why, but I see minestrone when seeing your bounty. That and I really, really love sliced tomato with salt and pepper. *g* Hope you have lots of fun finding new recipes to try!

  6. I'm embarrassed to admit I have no idea :( I'm so not a cook. I volunteered to make a cake for work next week, and I'm leaning towards carrot cake (you have carrots :) but I've never attempted one! Is there such a think as too many recipes? And how do you know which one is best!

    Oh, and I second the crumble comment. Apple crumble. Like me mother used to make - YUM! I wonder if I could make a mini one?

  7. I look at that and think two things - curry (!) and a cabbage dish my mom taught me to cook.

    As far as curry goes, I like to use red curry paste, combine it with one can of coconut milk and 1/4 cup of sugar. Simmer while lightly browning potatoes, carrots, & onions in a separate pot. Add in the curry mixture (you can add more coconut milk or water if it's too spicy) and slowly cook everything until it's soft. The last time I did this I randomly decided to add in cabbage and I loved it! When the rest of the veggies are almost done I peeled off leaves from the cabbage, set them on top of the curry, covered with a lid and let it cook/steam until done. SO GOOD!

    And as far as the other cabbage dish I like, it might not be the most healthy but it's one my mom passed on to me (you do need some kind of pre-cooked sausage though). You peel potatoes and cut them up, putting them along the bottom of a deep stew pot (I have no idea of the 'technical' names of pots). Add in sausage (cut up in quarters or smaller, try Hillshire Farm smoked sausage) and then finally the cabbage on top, filling the pot to the brim. Add enough water to cover the potatoes, salt & pepper to taste, and simmer on medium-medium high until the potatoes are done. Serve it with a side of whatever veggies you like - YUM! (And that's probably the first time I've ever tried to type that out so I hope it makes sense!)

    (Oooh and you could also add turnips to the curry! Or I just like making turnip mashed potatoes, but that includes more butter (or margarine) than you're probably in the mood for, lol)

  8. Ok, each Thanksgiving I make mashed turnips and potatoes. My mother-in-law always did so I do now as well, but it doesn't need to be just at the holiday. I got nothing else for turnips ;) Kale would be just as good as escarole in a soup my kids love and super easy! Chicken broth, what ever you have homemade or not, a chunk from the end of parmigiano cheese, and cannelini beans. Cook to wilt the greens and serve with crusty bread. Looooove!!!roasted beets! fold a nice size piece of foil in half, salt and pepper it them some olive oil wrap like a baked potato and roast. I do one beet to a wrap. I'll cut it in chunks, add some thyme to it and put in a nice salad with goat cheese, another kid fave. I'm going on a limb here, just googled the recipe myself, trader joe's spicy lentil wrap, shred the cabbage fine and use it in these super yummy wraps that I lvoe from the store but bought red lentils so I could make it myself. Another kid fave!

    have fun


  9. This is my favorite game show! I'd make a salad with the romaine, oranges, pears, tomatoes and avocados. Add some olive oil to dress and yum.

  10. oh, beets and kale..I would be doing something nice with those. but then the taters, turnips and carrots would be lovely together. mash together, a wee lump of butter, a big grind of pepper...

  11. I see a pear tart in your future! Kimchi with the daikon and turnips. :)

  12. Whenever I have turnips or rutebagas (I think I spelled that wrong!) I just peel them and boil them with potatoes and them just mash them together. Adds a different flavor to the potatoes!

    Here is a comment from Paula Deen's recipe for English Peas (combine 2 cans of peas with half a stick of butter and heat in a small pan.) "This is very similar to my Can of Corn recipe, perhaps I could have my own show on Food Network!?"


  13. I'd make a salad like Diane's. I love salad with fruit. Or with the kale I'd make a salad and add roasted vegetables. I recently made a salad with kale and I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did, I thought kale has a pretty strong taste, but it was good!

  14. Oh, what fun!

    I'd make colcannon (cabbage and potatoes)again like I did for St. Patrick's day and cook the turnips with the potatoes. I've had mashed turnip and potatoes in restaurants and the turnip gives the dish a lovely spiciness. Here's my colcannon experience:

  15. Kale chips! Wash and dry the kale, rip it into pieces (discard rib and stem) put in bowl and toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper. You add hot pepper flakes. Bake at 300F for 20 minutes until crisp. They are so good. Here's a link to Smitten Kitchen's recipe:

  16. Oh man. I'm at such a loss. Because of hub's allergies we don't eat a lot of produce (he can only have if cooked so no fresh salads). I made a risotto the other day with carrots and tomatoes that was really yummy. And I've been using a lot of apples lately in steel-cut oat recipes for breakfast. Lots of good stew veggies there!

    Mmmm to Jama's pear tart. Yum! :)

  17. @ Linda ... Have you made your own sushi before? I attempted with a friend once.. it wasn't nearly as good as the sushi place, so I never tried again. Although I could certainly make a sushi pilaf with seasoned sushi rice and the other ingredients chopped up and mixed together!

    @ Shannon ... Orange-avocado salad! I am going to try that. The only fresh herbs I have on hand right now are chives in my garden.. but will pick up cilantro when I'm at the market this week. I have made kale chips before.. I'm the only one who eats them. Which isn't bad.. I'd just like to share their goodness with the rest of the family. So nice of me, right? ;)

    @ Marg ... You don't have to work too hard to convince me to make a crumble! And rhubarb is just coming into season here, too. If I still have some apples left before my next delivery date, I will make an apple-rhubarb crumble! :)

    @ Alex ... I might try mashed turnips with potatoes. Seems like a popular combo. Or those braised turnips from the link you shared. That sounds pretty good too. Thanks for the help! :)

    @ Brandy... I'm kind of tired of soups. I've been making a batch of soup once or twice a week since the fall.. I've had enough. lol

    Oh I love tomato that way too! I often serve tomato wedges sprinkled with salt and pepper on a plate as a side dish for dinner when time is short. Especially good with tomatoes at their peak in late summer. I can't wait!!!

    @ orannia ... I love carrot cake. I have a super easy and very reliable recipe that I used to make when I first started baking many years ago. You can make it right in a rectangular baking dish and take it with you like that to work! Easy to transport. I will scan the recipe and email it to you. You'll just have to convert the measurements to metric. Sorry. :/

    @ Dana ... Hi! :)
    Thanks so much for those detailed recipe ideas! We LOVE curry dishes at my house, especially ones with coconut milk. I will try your recipe.

    The one from your mom sounds really good too. Very comforting. I think my family would enjoy it. Especially the sausage part! LOL!

    @luv46kdz ... You know, Paula, you make that kale and bean soup sound so easy and I just KNOW it would be much better when you made it.

    I've roasted beets that way once or twice but usually end up steaming them! I love them on salad with goat or feta cheese too. I'm going to do that.

    Are you referring to the frozen Dosas from Trader Joe's? Those Indian spicy lentil wraps? SO yummy! I should try making that homemade, too!

    Thanks for the help!!!

  18. @ Diane (bookchickdi) ... haha! It is like a game show! Who will give me the $100 dollar recipe? ;)

    Another suggestion for avocados and oranges together. I definitely need to do that.

    @ caite ... Beets and kale together, huh? And another vote for mashing the turnips and potatoes together and you say add carrot. With a wee lump of butter.. Yum! Sounds delish.

    @ jama ... A pear tart! Yes! Boscs are not my favorite to eat out of hand. I think I'm the only one who doesn't adore Bosc pears. :/

    I've never made kimchi before. Will look into that, especially if I can make a small batch.

    @ Libby ... Mashed potatoes and turnips it is! Unless I decide to try kimchi. ; )

    I still can't get over those ├╝ber simplistic recipes and those mocking comments. Too funny.

  19. @ Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook ... I love salad with fruit too.. I choose it over savory 9 out of 10 times.

    I ate salad with raw kale earlier in the year when I was following a detox diet and I have to say I wasn't crazy about it. I didn't mind the taste.. it's just a bit tough to eat raw. Lots of chewing. lol! Maybe I'll try it again. I'm trying to eat more raw vegetables these days.

    @Joy Weese Moll ... How did I miss your colcannon post? I think I never finished hopping to everyone's weekend cooking posts that weekend! The Healthy Irishmen's recipe looks delicious and pretty easy too!

    @ Beth F ... Thanks for sharing your kale chips method! I've made them once before and my kids didn't like them, but I did! Since I have two bunches, I should make them for myself anyway. Especially with the hot pepper flakes!

    @ Trish ... Your poor husband with those allergies! I don't usually make steel-cut oats because I usually don't decide what I want to eat breakfast until the exact moment I am going to eat breakfast. LOL! I do, however, eat raw rolled oats with very thinly sliced raw apples and berries with soy milk. So delicious!

    Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! I can't wait to try some of these! Yay!

  20. They're not frozen, they're sold in the case with the sandwiches and california rolls. The soup is so easy, especially if you use ready made broth : ) Let me know what you prepare.


  21. Oooh! So it is a prepared lentil wrap? I'm going to Trader Joe's tomorrow morning right after spin class so I will make a point to look for it in the refrigerator case with the fresh sandwiches and check it out. :) Thanks, Paula.

  22. Lately I've been inspired to make soups or salads out of all the fresh foods I see. Fresh beets are my favorite because the greens are so good cooked down. I love the bulb of beets lightly cooked and then chilled. I slice them or matchstick them in my green salads. Mmm - good food.

  23. Chicken Jharkovia (Russian Stew)

    1 fryer or roasting chicken cut up into pieces
    Vegetables cut into large chunks
    1 onion or 2 leeks
    2 potatoes
    2 stalks of celery
    2 carrots
    1 bell pepper
    2 zucchini
    2 parsnips, or turnips or both
    flour to dredge chicken in
    salt and pepper to taste
    1 tablespoon oil
    2 tablespoons butter
    4 cups chicken broth and 1 cup of water if more liquid is needed.

    Have all your vegetables washed, peeled, cut and set aside. Prepare the chicken: roll in flour seasoned with salt and pepper (start with 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 tsp. salt and 1/4 tsp. pepper). Shake off excess flour and add to heavy dutch oven with 2 Tbsp. butter and 1 Tbsp oil heated. Brown all chicken pieces well. Remove browned chicken from pan and add all the vegetables except zucchini and parsnips. Brown well in the drippings. Add chicken to the vegetables and add 4- cups of broth. Cover and let simmer on top of stove or in preheated 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. At this point taste and see if you need to add salt and pepper. Add the zucchini, parsnips and extra cup of hot water if needed. Cover again and cook for another half hour or until vegetables and chicken are cooked through.
    Can use your turnips and other veggies in this!
    Thanks for stopping over!

  24. Thank you Christine! *hugs*

  25. What a colorful crate of produce! I'm not a big fan of turnips, so I can't be much help .. maybe roast them or make a soup?

  26. I think turnips are good in soup or stew but don't know for sure as I have never purchase them. It is a colorful bunch of produce!

  27. Yummy! I'd peel those turnips and eat them raw!

  28. How lovely! I have an organic vegetable bag each week and I love it so much! :)

  29. Update! I cooked one of the turnips and mashed it with some potatoes and it was very good. I played it safe and only added the turnips to MY serving of mashed potatoes just in case the kids hated it and I was stuck with the whole pot to myself! (My husband doesn't do mashed or pureed veggies or soup. Go figure.) I don't think they would have tasted the turnips at all, especially if I used more potatoes than turnips. Ha!

    @ Margot ... I am going to roast the beets tomorrow. I already ate the greens, sauteed with a bit of garlic. There's only a small bit left over and I'm going to have it in an omelette tomorrow after my morning workout. :)

    @ Peggy Ann ... WOW!!! Thank you SO much for leaving the entire recipe for Chicken Jharkovia in the comments. It sounds absolutely delicious and so nutritious too. I am definitely going to try this, although I just made chicken last night. Hmm.. maybe on the weekend.

    @ Dawn @sheIsTooFondOfBooks ... I'm not a turnip fan either. If I "hide" it in soup, everyone expects it's a potato and then gets annoyed when they taste it and I hear, "What is this white vegetable in here?" I could hide it well in pureed soup, but I'm the only one in my family who eats those soups so I'm not hiding it from anyone! LOL!

    @ Kim ... Yes, it IS a colorful bunch of produce! I have to admit I really enjoy laying it all out on my table as soon as I come in the door with my box. It gets me excited to have such a wonderful assortment of produce in my home. I think it helps me feel even MORE grateful to have access to such a bounty!

    @ bermudaonion ... You know.. I have one turnip left and I think I might just do that! I've been doing that with the Daikon radish and it's almost gone. I'll follow that with the turnip!

    @Uniflame ... It's a wonderful feeling to be able to bring organic produce into your home, isn't it?

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!!! xo


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