Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Blogger Friends,

If you blog with Blogger, please consider changing your comment settings to Embedded comments [if you don't already do so].

In case you haven't noticed, blogger changed the format of blogger comments about three weeks ago and now you can ONLY subscribe to replies by email IF AND ONLY IF the blog on which you are leaving a comment uses embedded comments. If comments are formatted on your blog any other way.. you [the blog owner] will get still receive replies by email, but your commenters won't. This means that people will not be seeing your reply comment or any other comments made on that post in their email inbox. The only way they will see any comments on that post is IF they come back and look at the comment section of that post again. I don't know about you, but I barely have time to visit a fraction of the blogs I follow every day, let alone have the time to click back to every post I've commented on in a day! I need to receive replies in my inbox so I can read what you or other commenters have said.. and to know if and when to come back and comment again on that post. I think this is likely the case for most people leaving comments on blogs.

This blogger change is very frustrating, making it really difficult to follow a comment thread on so many of the wonderful blogs I visit--like YOURS! We all love the sense of community we establish through the exchange of blog comments with our readers. Let's face it.. community interaction is a HUGE reason why we are all blogging in the first place. Let's not lose that meaningful connection to each other. Please consider setting the format of comments on your blog to embedded comments. Thank you!

Warm regards!

How to do it:
In the NEW Blogger Interface:
From your blogger home, go to your blog's Overview page by clicking on your blog name.
Select >>Settings on left column [wrench icon]
Select >>Posts and comments Under Comments,
Set comment location to Embedded.
Select >>Save settings [in upper right hand corner]

In the OLD Blogger Interface:
Go to Dashboard to Manage Blogs
Under your blog's name, select >>Settings
At top menu bar, select >>Comments
Next to Comment Form Placement, select Embedded below post.
At bottom of page, click on >>Save Settings


  1. Done! The only one I didn't have it on was my personal one, because Holly made me change it back at some point (she couldn't comment or something when it was first introduced). So I blame her :) But have now switched it back.

    Just for you :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up Christine. I didn't realize they change anything with the comment section. I have embedded comments now. :)

  3. Done! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Yay! Thanks guys! I'd hate to miss out on anything in the comments of your blogs! :D

  5. Thanks for the tip, I thought the change had to do with following blogs, so now I understand better.

  6. Here! Here! I'm finding it equally frustrating - I like to follow the comments...and come back to comment again if needed (or when the discussion is particularly good).

  7. You ask, I listened! I switched LOL. I was actually going to ask people's opinion about the comments section... I dislike the new look of the popped-up window or page ^_^; This kind of solved my problem LOL.

  8. I'm not very happy with the changes in Blogger. I use a different comment system - Intense Debate - and so far it has been working pretty well. But for me is very frustrating commenting sometimes because I have to refresh and refresh and write the same coming two or three times before it goes though.

    :( I'm really, sad. I wish I could change to WP but I tried once and i was way too complicated for me.

  9. Done my dear : ) what do you think of the book you're reading so far? I've read her first three in the Demonica series. I have #4 on my shelf to get to.


  10. I'm having issues with commenting on blogger using my iPhone. No idea why. But, I want you to know I followed your instructions. *g*
    Best wishes for a good weekend!

  11. It is much easier to comment on the embedded comments.

    Now I just have to remember to click on the subscribe button, which I keep on forgetting!

  12. Thanks for taking note of this and adjusting your settings! I was getting so aggravated with this new setup on blogger and I didn't want to miss anything with you guys on your blogs!

    @Alex... Every now and then I toy with the idea of switching to WP, too.. but I'm intimidated as well and don't really have any major complaints with Blogger. Except this new comment format change.. and I don't like the NEW Blogger interface either. What's wrong with the old one??

    @luv46kdz .. I read the first three Demonica books a couple of years ago and LOVED them. Then Ecstasy Unveiled and Sin Undone sat on my TBR for so long! I just read Ecstasy Unveiled last week for the TBR Challenge [March's theme is "series catch-up"]. I'm so glad I did because I was reminded how fascinating, intense and sexy romantic this series is! If you already have Book#4 on the TBR, I say pick it up and read it when you're in the mood for something fast paced, sexy and romantic. I'm enjoying Sin Undone right now, too!

    @Marg... Now I just have to remember to click on the subscribe button [...]

  13. @Brandy... Are you using the Blogger app or just trying to comment from the Safari browser? I don't have much experience with either, but do comment from my phone once in a while. I wonder if your trouble has to do with the blogs that use pop-up windows?

  14. That's interesting! I didn't realize. I used to use embedded comments, but some bloggers/friends had a terrible time leaving comments (some could NOT leave comments at all), so I switched!

    I will try the embedded comments again. Hopefully Blogger fixed the bugs that didn't allow some comments to be posted. :(

  15. @Hils ... Oh I hadn't heard of people having trouble leaving comments with the embedded format. I wonder if that's still going to be the case. I hope not and shame on Blogger for making leaving a comment and getting replies in our inboxes so dang impossible!! Isn't that largely THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF BLOGGER???!

    btw comments were still posted.. you just can't subscribe to replies with the other formats anymore. :(

  16. Did it! I had no idea this had changed so thanks for not only the heads up but the easy instructions. :)

  17. @Leslie ... Thanks, Leslie! :D

  18. I switched a couple of weeks ago just because I was tired of @ing people in my comment and just wanted to be able to reply to each poster. But I'm so glad I did, I have no idea that Blogger switching things up was this crazy! Thank you! :)

  19. nice info.


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