Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Slush Run

Sounds like a post about an impulsive run to the local quickmart to get a slushy drink, doesn't it? ;)

It's actually in reference to a really great run I had the other day at the park after we had that snowstorm last week. Since we can't leave my father-in-law home alone anymore, I had asked my husband to come home two hours early the other day to watch over his dad so I could get the girls to a 5 pm appointment, and he surprised me by coming home even earlier than I asked so I had a few extra hours to myself. Awesome! So what did I do with that time? Go running, of course!

I headed to my favorite running spot to check out the trails, not sure what condition they'd be in only a short day or two after the snowstorm. This is what I found:

A lot of the paved trail is covered with soft packed snow or slush and a few patches of ice.

Sounds crazy to run on, I know, but wow was that fun!

I started out walking cautiously on the hard packed or icy spots, but found that it was actually really fun to run on the soft packed stuff. Almost like running on sand, which is more work than running on pavement, that's for sure.

My pace turned out to be pretty slow. I ran 4 miles in 51 minutes. Ugh. I probably shouldn't even admit that in a public place!

I'm sure I was so slow because of the extra caution I was taking on the mixed conditions, but it was almost like interval training, in a way, as I frequently changed my pace depending on the conditions underfoot. Either way, fast or slow, it felt so good to be out there. The temperature was in the mid 30s (around 0 C), the sun was shining, the sky was so blue, and I was loving it! The run was both exhilarating and relaxing. And what pretty views, too.

Speaking of pretty views, here are a few photos I took of the yard during last week's snowstorm.

This is the side yard where my feathered friends dine on berries and hide from the mean hawks. This was taken a few hours into last Wednesday's snowstorm. Six inches down, eleven more to go.

This photo was taken maybe two hours after having just shoveled the first 6 inches off the cars, driveway and sidewalks and it was still coming down strong.

The next morning, my husband took this photo of yours truly, finishing up the third shoveling in under 24 hours. I love the smell of the air and the clear blue, sunny skies the day after a snow storm.

It was snowing again last night into this morning. I took this is a photo the backyard this morning when I ventured out to the compost pile with an overflowing bucket of a week's worth of kitchen scraps. You'll see and read more about my compost pile in the coming weeks and months because I started an experiment this morning. I'm sure you're all dying to know more about it. ;p

The house looks a lot different now compared to back then, huh? Or even then? Or wow... way back then!?

I mentioned the other day in my Snow Day Chili post how much I love snowstorms and snow days. How magical it is to watch the landscape outside turn into a glittering winter wonderland. Well, just so you know, that prettiness lasts about two days, if you're lucky. Soon all those piles of snow along the streets and sidewalks become so dirty from mud, pebbles, street grime, piddled yellow from dog pee and children's snow sculptures start to keel over, and it all looks like such a big ugly mess. Lucky for us, though, it snowed another 2 inches last night to cover all that ugliness with a fresh, clean white coating. The beauty of it is that this snow isn't sticking to the pavement. Except by some cruel intervention by mother nature, because our driveway is the only one in the whole neighborhood on which the snow stuck! As I drove my youngest to school... NOT ONE other driveway or sidewalk in our neighborhood had snow stuck to it! What the heck is up with that? Even my neighbor called out to me as I was shoveling and said, "Hey, looks like it only snowed over your house last night." Followed by a laugh! What the HECK? I know I said I actually enjoyed shoveling the snow, but COME ON!

Anyway, while I'm on the subject of fun in the snow.... are you watching the Olympics? I love watching the Olympics, both summer and winter, but I think the winter games are my favorite. Maybe because my husband and I were big time skiers back in the day B.C. (before children). Now we are lucky if we go once or twice a season. Or at all. :(

My husband and I vacationed at Whistler Blackcomb ski area back in 1993. I know that sounds like a long time ago, but it feels like just yesterday for me. Anyway, such a beautiful place with some really great skiing.

So we've been watching the games every day and night. When I was a little girl, I absolutely loved the figure skating. Now I enjoy watching it, but it's not my favorite. My favorite events are all of the ski and snowboard events. The freestyle ski and snowboard events are so fun to watch, as are the cross country events, the combined events, and the races. Oh, and I like to watch the speed skating. Curling is an interesting event, too. I'm going to try to catch some of those events on t.v., too.

What's your favorite event?

One more thing. If you have an iPhone and you're into following the Olympic games, you need to download the free NBC Olympics app. It gives you access to just about anything you want to know about the games including the daily schedule of events, what's going to be broad casted on television or online and when, the medal counts, stats about the athletes and countries, news stories, and so much more.

I think that's all the snow talk I have for now. I hope you're enjoying whatever kind of weather is in your corner of the world. :)


  1. Crazy woman... enjoying shoveling? gah!


  2. The snow does look pretty, esp. when it's fresh. I wonder how we'll feel a couple weeks from now. I'm afraid of floods next.

    Figure skating. I'm such a girl.

  3. I've been almost glued to the telly watching them. I really enjoyed the snow board cross - the one Canada just won the second gold in. And I've been enjoying the figure skating. And it goes without saying that many of us here will be watching to see if Canada can take the gold in hockey.

  4. I love seeing all of that beautiful snow!

    Your time running isn't bad at all considering you were being caution because of the snow. The time looked good to me. :)

    Stay warm!

  5. Aww, the snow is so pretty. But, I would not have been brave enough to run in the slush! And our snow? Gone. It started to melt the next day and now there are hardly any traces we had any at all. To be honest? We haven't been watching the Olympics, we're just not sport people. Although, I hear that Martial Arts were added? (Not to the winter games.) and we may watch those later.

    Enjoy your snow! *G*

  6. azteclady, I know, I know! No one admits that, right?

    Phyl, oh yeah. One warm rainy day and poof! My town turns to Venice, Italy. I'm not kidding. I'll take pictures.

    Figure skating is a joy to watch. The costumes, the music, the routines are so beautiful.

    Kristie, isn't snowboard cross a blast? I was just watching the woman's qualifiers. It's so exciting to watch. Oh, wait!! You just told me the results of the finals before they were televised! LOL! I could have guessed that you'd be watching to see if Canada can take gold in hockey. I mean Canada IS hockey, right? ;)

    Donna, you're so sweet. When I checked my time at the end, I was like, "What? That's IT?" But you're right. It's not too bad considering the conditions. :)

  7. Brandy, I'm sorry your snow is gone already. We've got some to spare... I wish I could dump some in your yard for you! :)

    As for the running in the snow, I honestly didn't think I'd end up running on it when I first started out. But I had the time to myself and went through the trouble to dress in all my layers so I figured I'd walk the snow and run the pavement, but then I got the feel for it and was cautious.

    The only sports we watch are international sports such as the Olympics, tennis, football (as in soccer), and the tour de France. And sometimes other winter sports events when we catch them. But that's about it. Maybe basketball, but even that's rare.

    I just love the way the Olympics brings the best athletes from around the world to compete together. I think that's such an awesome feat alone. Then the events themselves are so thrilling to watch. I'm hooked. :)

  8. K So props to you for a)shoveling what four times in 2 days and b) for running in the snow... or just running your pick!

    Glad to see the house is done! Looks great!

  9. Kristie, I just watched the woman's finals in snowboard cross. WHAT A RACE!!! That was exciting!

    Congrats on the second Canadian gold! :)

  10. Sarai!!! *tackle hug*

    Thanks, sweetie! For the shoveling/running props and the house happiness. Still haven't passed final inspection.. waiting on replacement tempered windows for the three attic windows. Grr! I'll break out the bubbly when it's DONE done. ;)

  11. Awe, I miss the snow. It look so pretty. I always liked that hush that seems to come with the snowfall.

    Good for you for getting out for a run. It's sounds like it was exactly what you needed.

    I've been watching bits of the Olympics. I like watching the downhill skiing.

    And the weather has been really nice, sunny and low 70's. But I still want snow. :D

  12. Christine, those are some gorgeous shots! I love a beautiful snowfall the first day & can't stand it by the next day when everything gets slushy... yesterday's snowfall was gorgeous, though. :)

    I love the Winter Olympics! I loved the moguls, the speed skating, the biathlon was really exciting, the downhill, the snowboarding competitions are just getting started and that's going to be really fun! Can't wait for the rest of the ski jumping. :)

  13. Leslie, I love that hush that comes with the snowfall, too!!! It's so peaceful.

    Oh, the downhill skiing... those speeds are incredible. I can only imagine how much their quads and glutes must be burning in those runs.

    Your weather sounds really nice. I think I'll be done with winter very, very soon and be ready for your kind of weather! :)

    Hilcia, same. I love the snow... but not the mess on the streets and sidewalks that comes with it.

    Sounds like we love the same events! I think the men's snowboard half pipe is today? I gotta check my Olympics app for the schedule. ;)

  14. Oh, the path doesn't look too bad actually :D

    Ugh, shoveling. In the past 5 years, we've retained the service of a company to do it - way faster :D much better LOL :)

    I'm like Kristie, been glued to my tv or computer at work to watch the Olympics :D I'm watching everything except hockey. ugh.

    I'm happy that curling has finally start. I find the 3 hours difference is hard...cos it's sooo boring in the morning!!

    Go Canada! Go!

    and your house looks great!!

  15. nath, my husband and I take pride in doing all our shoveling by hand, by ourselves. Not only do we get a great workout but it's green! ;p

    I take it you avoid watching hockey? Too violent for you? or just uninteresting? I don't seek it out, but if it's what's on, I'll watch it.

    Enjoy watching the curling! :)

  16. Honey the snow is beautiful! I can't believe how pretty it is. It seems like forever since I've seen snow. That's so sad. lol

    You house is gorgeous. I love seeing it with at the lovely white stuff around it. And the color! I love the color you all chose to paint the house.

    FYI - shoveling's great for the arms. ;)

  17. LOL, the pride goes away pretty quickly when you have to shovel a couple of storms each year :D

    I just don't like hocky. Uninteresting to me :) Curling is the real Canada's sport!! :)

  18. yay! i found your blog again. It's taken me awhile to find it and i'm so happy i did! I love these photos! And i'm so proud of you for running on those snowy trails!! It so beautiful!! And the transformation on your home! WOW! Just beautiful!

  19. Hi Shawn! Thank you!!! :)
    I'm glad you found me again, too!
    Would you believe we got dumped on again yesterday? My husband and I spent 2 hours shoveling about 14 inches of very heavy snow today. I'm counting that as a workout... again! ;)

    I'm still planning on my Saturday run tomorrow. I hope the trails are clear!


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