Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a RoCkStaR!

We bought Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and a PS 3 console for Christmas in 2007, but after failing miserably when convinced to play by my family who are all of above average musical talent whereas my musical ability lies in the realm of negative, and getting booed off the stage in a mere few seconds, I quit the band. Getting booed off the stage is awful, you know?

Fast forward to Christmas break 2008. So we've been living in this one bedroom apartment (condo, whatever...) about a mile and a half from our house since Thanksgiving weekend (long story... ) with NO TELEVISION and a slower wireless network (that we're basically hijacking from some unassuming dude in the apartment complex who has an unprotected wireless router... SCORE!), so we brought along a projector and the PS 3 so we can at least play DVDs and video games. And since we're living in such close quarters (two adults, a senior citizen, a teen, a tween and four cats.... in a one bedroom apartment, condo, whatever... ), it was only a matter of time (minutes) before I got convinced to give Guitar Hero another go one year later. I figured I might as well since I'm going to have to listen to it up close and personal anyway since I have no place else in the place to sit really. So I fail miserably on my first attempt and get booed off the stage in a matter of ... oh ... less than 20 notes, I imagine. No surprises there. But my teen steps in and shows me how to place my fingers on the 'keys' and how to angle my wrist just right, and how to relax my fingers and wrist (I should follow her advice. There's a good reason she's first chair violin in the school orchestra, you know?). I give it another whirl, and guess what? I actually freakin' finished a song! There was singing, dancing, records playing, dancing in the streets! Okay, well not really. But I did get lots of praise and pats on the back and hugs and kisses from my fans. I liked that. So I went back for more. And more. And more. And that, my friends, is how a Guitar Hero Mom is born.

Tonight, I got my all highest score yet! I scored 125,425 points playing Knights of Cydonia by Muse, circa 2006. Check. Me. Out.

Notice I'm sweeping the charts. SWEEPING!

Actually, I'm practically sweeping the charts on ALL the songs.

It's true. On Easy.

Because no one else plays on Easy but me.

But that's beside the point! The point is I'm a STAR!

In my house, in the eyes of my husband and daughters.

And I apparently, I can go to parties now, too! Sweet.

My favorite songs to play:
Knights of Cydonia, Muse
My Name Is Jonas, Weezer
Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Pat Benatar
Black Magic Woman, Santana
When You Were Young, The Killers
Ruby, Kaiser Chiefs
Don't Hold Back, The Sleeping

Admit to me that you play video games, too! I'd love to hear what you play!   


  1. Oh, I'm a video-chick. Big time! I bought a PS3 almost as soon as it came out. I've been playing video games since I was...12?

    My favorite kinds of games are the sniper, stealth, crazy assassin games like Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell, etc. And I rawk! (I'm also very modest about my playing, no?)

    No one will play me b/c I kick their butts. LOL!

  2. Oh LOL! The title of my post this morning? "Currently Playing: Prince of Persia - Warrior Within" !

    Anyway, congrats MOMMY! :)

    I suck at Guitar Hero (GH1, love to play David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust"), I'm more a RPG and strategy kind of gamer, with some action games for diversity. I really started to play when I was in my early twenties and there are times I can get into it big time. But, uhm, even though I love to play games, I only own a PS2. *slinks off*

  3. Well, when I come out there this summer I am soo asking for your autograph! I cannot play those guitar games. I only tried once and that was almost a year ago myself.

    BUT, I can play the Price is Right!! Oh yeah, I won a trip to Copenhagen, some new furniture and a new Spa! Oh and a couple surf boards :).

    Devin loves that game. You'd think he really was on the Price is Right.

  4. I do love video games but I haven't pplayed anything really since the abysmal Final Fantasy 11.

    But we recently got a Wii and I am a freakin Tennis Star! I love it! *g*

  5. I love the Sims2 which is a computer game I play on my desktop, BUT we got a Wii last year and I loooooove Dance Dance Revolution, House of the Dead and have recently been playing Resident Evil 4!

    I like shooting zombies!

  6. I am a sad, sad guitar hero player. I suck at it, totally. :(

  7. Christine!

    You rock lady!!! That is AWESOME, not only because you have conquered RoCkStaR but for living in peaceful co-existance in your little abode.

    I do hope you are homeward bound soon.

    Sadly, I am an epileptic so video games are a no-no. But I live vicariously through my sons who know all about this stuff. lol

    Very Best Regards

  8. How funny! I'm addicted to Rock Band for the Wii. I'm working my way through medium on the drums and guitar and hard on the mic. I took a break recently, but I've been itching to get back to it. Those drums are awesome for relieving tension, I'll tell you that.

    I would like to hear the story about y'all living in a one bedroom condo. Want to email me?

  9. LOL!! That is too cute! I saw Guitar Hero at Target and debated getting it for my kids, well, me too, lol! It's great you all have something fun to do to pass the time while the house is being finished.

    As far as hacking into someone's internet connection. Oy...I do it atwork sometimes and I swear *hand in the air and all* I worry that the the poor guy is going to bust through the door of the salon one day and rip me a new one. LOL! Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures ;)

  10. I am totally coordinated. I can type up a storm, make intricate jewelry with my hands and I STILL cannot get the damned Guitar Hero mastered! lol I'm so proud of you - I can't even do it without getting booed off the stage! lol

    Congrats Rock Star!

  11. Rock on, Christine!

    I would play Guitar Hero, but I can never seem to get the controller out of the hands of the testosterone twins. Woe is me.

  12. OH, Snap! you are rockin' sistah. I bought Rock Band and have yet to open the box. I have to get on it because it sounds like so much fun :)

  13. Geez, I am totally lame. We have a Wii and it just doesn't interest me. I'm still in the dark ages playing Spider on my desktop.

    Still only on p. 97...

  14. Oooh nice Christine! I'm also an amateur gamer--and I totally kick ass on Guitar Hero. Hard/Expert. Hold the high scores at my local bar. That's right. lolololololol

    I'm an xbox 360er though ;)

  15. Hey rockstar! Aren't you so hip! Wow. Sounds like you guys are having a great time over there.

  16. Ha! I knew there are gamers among my blogging peeps. You guys are too cool. :)

    I had a crazy running around type day yesterday, so sorry I didn't get to reply to your comments sooner. But I did check my email on my phone a couple of times during my travels and every time I read one of your comments it brought a smile to my face. Thank you! :)

    Bridget Locke:: Sweet! You must have some serious gun wielding skills!

    Taja:: LOL! Great minds. ;)

    There aren't any Bowie songs on PS3. Boo! You guys need to invest in a PS3 so we can battle online together. ;)

    Amy C:: LOL! I'll have to practice signing my name with flourish for that autograph. ;p

    That is so funny about you and Devin playing The Price is Right! Great prizes. ;)

    Sayuri:: I wonder if playing Tennis on the Wii can actually improve your game on the court since it is an active video game? If so... I ought to get one of those. I need all the help I can get for my game!

    AuthorM:: Ah... Sims. We went through a Sims phase on the computer at one point. My teen still plays once in a while. I think I saw a post on your blog recently actually--documenting your peeps in Sims2. Too funny!

    There's got to be some awesome satisfaction shooting zombies, I would think. Plus, you never know when you might need that skill in real life, you know? ;)

    KB:: OMG, I'm usually such a spaz at eye hand coordination tasks. So if I can do it, anyone can! Seriously.

    Lea:: Thanks, babe! I can't wait to go home, too. I think another 6-8 weeks, though. :(

    I didn't know you were epileptic? That stinks. I bet you'd make a great Guitar Hero RoCkStaR! :)

    Holly:: I remember your posts over the summer(?) when you guys got Rock Band. Wow. Hard on the mic? Impressive!

    Oh, the story about living in the one bedroom condo isn't that private or that interesting really. It's driven by our construction. I should really make a post about it. Everyone could use a good pity party once in a while, right? ;)

    Barbara:: I love the way Guitar Hero brings my family together. Okay, that sounds really goofy, but when you've got a teen, you do what it takes to keep them hanging out with you, you know?

    Tracy:: Getting booed off the stage is NOT a good feeling. I'm venturing into Medium and I get booed more often than not. It can be very discouraging. :/

    Lori:: LOL! You mean you don't think your boys would want to play with you?

    Ravenous Reader:: LOL! Girl, hook that Rock Band up and start rockin'! Whatcha waitin' for?

    Phyl:: Aw. There's nothing wrong with playing Spider on your desktop! Believe you me, I know a lot of really stuffy people who don't even indulge in something so recreational as a computer or video game. Some people need to lighten up, you know?

    Still only on p. 97...

    Thea:: OMG you're such a show off! Get out of my spotlight, girl! *hipcheck* ;)

    Wow! You set the bar high with those scores! (pun intended). Maria holds the highest scores in our house and she plays Hard. Occasionally Expert. I'll never catch up... LOL!

    Carolyn Jean:: Yes, well we're doing our best to make an adventure out of this experience. Guitar Hero has proven to be a really fun tension reliever. :)

  17. Um I just got the Wii for christmas with Rock Band (PS I rock at guitar and bass SUCK at drums and singing go figure) I also do the sports boxing and tennis are my favs. Then I got Mario Kart and I LOVE IT!!!

    Glad your having fun

  18. Way to go Christine :) Nope, no video gamer hidden here. I haven't played one since.....OK....years, and that was just because I was visiting a friend and they had a Star Wars game. And I was abysmal at it :)

  19. You are awesome!!!
    I am not a gamer at all. My sister and her boyfriend play Rock Band all the time and he is very addicted to it. A Wii is on the wish list but has not happened yet.
    I hope you get back in your house soon. A friend of my hubby is in a similar situation. They are camped in a friends house/livingroom with him and his pregnant wife and 3 kids because of construction issues.

  20. lmao...I love it! Rocker Mom!!!

    I for one SUCK BIG TIME on video games. I do not one any vg software except what was on the pc already. I was given a gameboy a few Christmas' ago...for which I jacked my bro's LotR game! That is all I play...and I STILL haven't beaten the game on all the characters.

    As I said...I so suck.

  21. p.s. I forgot...I bought a Harry Potter game for my gameboy...I ROYALLY SUCK on that one and have only played it a few times.

    btw...I love the art on some of the games like Prince of Persia & Final Fantasy. I like to gather icons for them and may have tried to make some myself. I think! lol

  22. You are just too funny! Congrats on those high scores!! Personally I'm too afriad to try that one. *grin* I am currently driving myself nuts with Sims2 Castaway on DS. :)

  23. Sarai:: Figures Mario Kart would be a favorite! How fun!

    orannia:: No video games? At all? Not even on your computer? *gasp!* Well... does solitaire even count? Maybe not. Oh well... just think of all the time you have for reading if you're not also spending time on video games! =)

    Kris:: I hear a lot of families love the Wii. I'm sure you'll all love it whenever you get it.

    And wow. Pregnant and three small kids camping out in the living room of a friends house? Talk about stressful! I hope their issues get resolved soon, too.

    dd03:: I'm not naturally good at eye coordination stuff... so Guitar Hero is a challenge for me. But I'm getting better every day! :P

    Taja (see second comment up there) plays those kinds of games... and in fact, recently informed me that a movie based on the Prince of Persia video game is coming out in 2010! Pretty neat!

    Kimberly:: A Sims castaway? Like the characters are on a deserted island? That sounds really cool!


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