Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tag! You're It!

Pretty much irrelevant to the topic at hand here, but the movie titled "Five Children and It" (2004) popped into my head when I started writing this post.  Has anyone else seen it? The film was received with mixed reviews, but I think it is quite charming.  It is based on the book by the same title written in 1902 by Edith Nesbit about five children who move from London to the countryside in Kent where they meet a sand fairy at the beach who grants them each one wish that lasts a day and invariably deals with a lesson in consequences. 

Anyway.... I've been tagged by Ana & Thea from The Book Smugglers

Open the book nearest to you and open to page 123.  Then post the 5th sentence.  Very simple. 

Is it odd that it bugs me that we don't have to do anything with the number 4?      

Okay then. The closest book to me right now is Hidden by Eve Kenin.  Just finished it today, actually. 
Now, years later, he understood at least a part of the reason he had survived when his comrades had died.
  His telomeres--little stretches of DNA at the ends of his chromosomes--never shortened, no matter how many times his cells divided.

This is Eve's second novel written for Dorchester's Shomi line of 'action romance' and is the sequel to her August 2007 novel, Driven.  

I tag the following people:

Tracy at Ahhhhh romance 


  1. oh. damn.
    I missed you AGAIN!

    I was at the stupid urgent care being told I'm psychotic & a hypochondriac!


    In any case, thanks for the tag...should be interesting. Will post. I have to have bloggers only??? I don't know very many! O.O

  2. I keep hearing about Hidden! So many books so little time!

    Hey - thanks for the tag!

  3. I'm glad you didn't tag me, but I liked reading this random bit.

  4. I still need to write my review for Hidden. I suck at reviews! I don't know how you guys write them, but I seriously struggle!

  5. I ADORE 5 Children and It. My kids received it ages ago from (I think) my ex-MIL and we watched it at least twice a week for over a year. Such an adorable movie.

  6. Wooo, I want to read Eve's book. Been holding myself back. >_<
    BTW, that movie sounds adorable! I wanna watch~~~ ^_^


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