Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Dance Divas!

I've recently survived a crazy whirlwind of end of year activities for my girls that left me a bit breathless for a while there. In the last two weeks, we've had school concerts, end of year parties for girl scouts, a girl scout bridging ceremony, school olympics, dance rehearsals, dance recitals, and a girl scout camping trip. Imagine taking thirteen 9 year olds camping for the first time ever.... in tents!   <-- Me, last weekend. 

My thirteen year old also had the amazing opportunity to celebrate National Tap Day in late May by attending a full day lecture, workshop and performance with world renowned tap dancer, Savion Glover. So so cool. Man, the dude can DANCE!  

So dance is a pretty big deal in our house and consumes a lot of our time (... and money). But its been awesome. This past year, both of my girls were members of their dance studio's competition team making this year quite a busy year!  In addition to a few group numbers, My teen was given a tap solo this year and earned a Platinum Award (highest achievement) at her last competition in April. We are proud of her accomplishments regardless of what placement she earned, but to see the sheer joy and pride on her face when she received this award made us so incredibly happy. 

And then there's my nine year old daughter who grew so much this year, both physically and emotionally. My little one is my shy and quiet one and rarely cracks a smile for pictures or compliments. She is especially reserved when dealing with adults whether it be teachers, friends of the family, or even relatives! So for her to willingly attend dance classes week after week all year long and perform at dance competitions and the recitals was a wonderful accomplishment for her.  And she did it all so well- we're so proud of her! 

I selected about 30 photos out of the the hundreds of photos my husband took over recital weekend to make the slideshow below.  Photography is one of his hobbies, and he took all of these photos without a flash using a high speed lens from our seats in the audience.  He captured some pretty amazing shots of the girls.  

If you hold the cursor over the bottom portion of the slideshow, you can read the captions I wrote in on some of the pictures. :) 

Hey, dance divas! This year has been awesome, but it's time to take five. This Dance Mom is ready for a break! 


  1. Was wondering where you were. But I totally understand the busyness. My oldest's dance recital is still two weeks away. So like today i am picking up las minute costume stuff and going an paying for said costumes so that she is ready for pictures tomorrow.
    You are very brave for doing the girl scout camping thing. Not me.

  2. Look at those girlies! Such great photos, and what a terrific Momma you are, going to all those recitals and being so supportive.

    Now, take a break, woman, and read some books!

  3. Oh my goodness! I seriously don't know how moms do this. I agree with MaryKate, you're a great mom (hmmm, I should tell my mom that, but then she'll just use that opportunity to lecture me *sigh*). Maria and Anna looked awesome! The pics were really nice, especially without flash, in movement, etc.

    You need a break for sure. ^_^ Come to DIK, have some soda, juice *coughliquorcough.* Or just sleep =D.

    Kris- Good luck with your kid's dance recital! I love those things!

  4. Aw Christine those pictures are great! I can't believe he did those all from his seat!

    Time for you to take a breather my friend! Sit back, relax, enjoy! :)

  5. Thanks girls! :)

    Oh, Kris! I feel your pain ... err... joy! LOL That was me two weeks ago. And make up, and doing hair, and fixing costumes, and dishing out the $$$$, and driving them back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. I swear sometimes when I pull out of my driveway on autopilot, I just start driving to the studio! I hope your daughter's recital is awesome!

  6. AWWWW!! Such great pictures! What a beautiful and talented family.

  7. OMG they are adorable you make me want to have some. Although it does seem rather busy at your house... Maybe not but schucks your kids are so CUTE!!!!
    Congrats to them and you for a wonderful fun filled month

  8. Okay whoops forgot I was signed in under DIK my bad it was Sarai in that last comment *blushing*

  9. They look fabulous!!!

    I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time.

    congrats to them both!!!

    You all deserve some rest!!

  10. Awww, your girls are beautiful! You are a wonderful mom.

  11. These are super cool, and fun to look at. What talented and lovely girls!! And very creative.


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