Monday, June 23, 2008

Peer Pressure

First... I entered the name of my blog, because, well... that's what 'everyone else' did. 

Then.... I entered my given name because, well... I was curious: 

Okaaaaaaaay.  Quentin Tarantino it is then. 


  1. Both of yours are great! It's especially funny that "The happily ever after" would get "back from the Grave for Vengeance." That is TOO perfect! In an ironic way.

  2. Heh. I do wonder what that says about you Christine.

  3. lmao!!!

    *raises eyebrow* Quentin, eh?

    Love it...will go check it out!

    Sorry I missed ya...was posting a funny my auntie gave me...stop by a check it's cute!

    bugs n hisses!

  4. The same director :D
    Too funny.

  5. Wow you and Quentin are tight! He's doing both your films!

    Back from the grave....too funny!

  6. I love the irony in the happily ever after and back from the grave thing going on. But with Quentin directing both films? Kinda creepy! lol


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