Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pimping Megan Hart

Or maybe I should have used 'promoting' instead of 'pimping'?

Naaah... pimping is definitely more eye-catching! I like it. (I just hope Megan doesn't mind...). Besides, the regulars to my blog know what I mean. Other random hitters will quickly realize there is no sex for sale here at the happily ever after.

Got it? No sex for sale here! I'm just pimping (as in promoting) author Megan Hart's blog and books. Here we go....

I read a very amusing rant on Megan Hart's blog this evening about how we, the female adult of the home, have to constantly nag the other people in the house to flush the toilet, turn off the lights and pick up their stuff, etc., etc., etc.

Anyway, I got such a kick out of Megan's post. She occasionally does these neat video blogs and so I've gotten to know her voice and intonations and subtle gestures (Okay, Megan, if you read this, don't freak out... I'm not stalker material. Besides, gas is way too expensive for me to be traipsing across state lines right now, so you're safe...). So when I read Megan's written posts on her blog now, it really feels like she's just talking to me. Personal. Yeah, so I was reading the post, nodding my head, thinking, "Yup. That's my house, too!" Let me just say its pretty darned comforting to see that leaving their shizz shit strewn throughout the house isn't exclusive to my family unit, you know?

But then it got better. One of the comments-- by Sandy-- was this awesome google joke and I just had to share:

What a woman says:
This place is a mess! C’mon, you and I need to clean up. Your stuff is lying on the floor and you’ll have no clothes to wear if we don’t do laundry right now!

What a man hears:
Blah, blah, blah, blah, C’MON, blah, blah, YOU AND I, blah, blah, blah, blah, ON THE FLOOR, blah, blah, blah, blah, NO CLOTHES, blah, blah, blah, blah, RIGHT NOW.

Oh man. I wish. As long as he put his shit away first. Then he can give me all the jizz he wants.

Okaaaaay..... where was I?

Oh yeah!

I had something else from Megan's blog to share with you! She's running a contest on her blog and the prize is a free copy of her Spice novel Tempted! Go read my Tempted review and if you think it's a story you might be interested in, enter Megan's Tempted contest.

Yeah, so I read and reviewed Tempted earlier this year and liked it so much that I decided to glom Megan's backlist. Well, I haven't glommed very well yet. Since Tempted I've only bought and read her novella This Is What I Want. I have both Dirty and Broken on my wish list, though, and I've read a few great reviews on Megan's recent novella, Reason Enough, which is a story on the main characters from Dirty, so I know I'm going to end up reading that as well.

Megan's next full length Spice novel, Stranger will be available January 2009. You can get a glimpse of the sexy cover here and read an excerpt here.

You can visit Megan Hart's website at


  1. I love Megan Hart's books, and she's super cool in RL too. Love her blog.

  2. Nice Pimpage! I have yet to try her, but on your rec I'll add her to the TBR pile. I just discovered her Maverick Authors blog yesterday, where she did an interview with Jeri Smith-Ready.

    My family unit is only 2 people and a cat, and we STILL strew junk all over the place. I just don't know how it happens. I clean, and then the next day everything is messy again!

  3. I've actually never read anything but her but I was just reading the books' blurbs and they sound great! must check them. :)

    By the way, I just got The Host! (like 10 minutes ago) and wow, it certainly looks but a looong story, lol but I'm really looking forward to reading it. Thanks again!

    (I tried emailing you but my gmail's being funny and keep sending me my email back - ugh!)

  4. Heh. I read that rant too. She cracks me up. Also, just an FYI but until the end of June (just a few more days) Eharlequin is offering 30% off Spice print AND Ebooks, so you could pick up her backlist for a great price. I just picked up Dirty and Broken (I already read them both) because my reader circle it seems has kept them! GASP! And when I read the brief about Dan and Elle I wanted to reread Dirty and I didn't have it! GASP!

    I think they were only $9-something a book. and if you buy $25 worth of stuff it's free shipping. :-)

  5. Oh man. I wish. As long as he put his shit away first. Then he can give me all the jizz he wants

    HAHAHAHAHA! Now who's the dirty one??

    I bet you're going to end up with awesome google searches after that. :P

    Great pimpage, babe. I'm down to read her now. Just b/c of the jizz, shit, shizz stuff. :P

  6. Ok - I remember the review and remember I was planning on reading it. What happened? Who knows?!! I'll go join the contest and then maybe I won't have to buy it!!

    Dear Lord - I thought I was the only one who said that about the shit all over the place!! It's never ending! That joke was pretty funny ...what the woman says, what the man hears. I Wish was perfectly said! lol

    Great Pimpage! :)

  7. oh and after the whole email extravaganza yesterday? Jizz is not something I want to hear about! lol

  8. Not sure why my comment didn't show up earlier, but...

    I say shizz so I don't say shit around the kids! Didn't know about the jizz part of it!!

    EEEEK! :)

    Thanks for the pimpage!

  9. There has been way too much talk about jizz!!
    Pimp all you want :D

  10. Stacy :: I really enjoyed Tempted. The dialogue and depth of emotion in this book was amazing. I'm looking forward to reading Megan's other books. I love her blog, too. I have to make a point to visit more often. :)

    Ciara :: We have a small house and five people living here and I swear I'm the only one who cares about being tidy and I just can't keep up.

    Wendy :: Yay!!! That was fast!! 24 hrs. from NJ to FL? Enjoy it! :)

    Anne :: Hi! Welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for the heads up on the 30% off deal. I heard that, but thought it was for ebooks only. Guess who's going shopping at eHarlequin his weekend? Woo hoo! ME!

  11. Holly :: lol What can I say? Sometimes a girl's gotta let her dirty side out to have some fun. :D

    Tracy :: Good luck! I hope you win a copy! That was quite a discussion yesterday, wasn't it?

    Author M :: Thanks for stopping by! I actually used shizz today! Out loud! It's a very good shit word to use in front of the kids. SHITake mushrooms is a bit outdated, so I think shizz is going to take its place!

    I mostly brought up the whole shizz shit jizz for amusement purposes. Several bloggers on an email loop I was in had this rather "creative" discussion yesterday and the word jizz came up frequently. No pun intended. I just couldn't resist exploiting the jizz connection.

    Kate :: Should I remind you that YOU started all that talk?

  12. Oh. And for the record I had to flush someone else's shizz twice today. TWICE. I'm not kidding.

    I also found the dishwasher door left open after someone went in to presumably get a clean drinking glass. Left open. Who does that?

    And I picked up dirty clothes left on the floor in front of the hamper that was only half full. How. Lazy. Can. They. Be?

    *head desk*

  13. Pretty dang lazy,apparently...

  14. Hey C! Got a real kick out of this post. That same 'shizz' goes on in my house too. Hmm. Muah baby!


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