Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fitness Challenge Report Card: November 2011

Interested in joining the Fitness Challenge? Please visit the Sign Up post for more information, including the challenge rules. You may leave a comment there or on this post if you'd like to join. Be sure to include your fitness miles goal in your comment.

Did you track your fitness challenge miles* in November?

*ONE fitness challenge miles = 1 mile walked or run for fitness OR = 15 minute increments of other exercise for fitness such as aerobic or strength training exercises.

What kinds of exercise have you been doing?

My ongoing goal has been to reach 100 fitness challenge miles* every month and I just squeaked by this month with 100.97 miles. Phew! That was close. You can see what kinds of fitness related things I did this month in my November fitness log.  I ran A LOT this month. In fact, I worked out 27 out of 30 days in November and 11 out of those 27 workouts were spent running. I think it's the weather. There's something unique about chilly fall mornings that makes me want to get outside and run.

Here's a summary of the fitness challenge miles I earned in November:

Running [outdoors] .... 36.97 [36.97 miles]
Cycling [on road]....... 25 [85.9 miles]
Spin class [in gym] ....14
Kickbox class ........... 13
Strength training........ 12

Total ...................... 100.97

I'm shooting for another 100 fitness challenge miles in December. How about you?


  1. I'm going to keep my eye on this. Sadly I do need surgery. That'll be on the 9th. I said to the dr, so on Monday I'll be
    Iike nothing happened and he laughed. Said 6 wks recovery can exercise but won't feel too good when I do it and we'll talk about running >.< not happy but oh well. Maybe in Feb or March I can join in. Never really kept track but google mapped the path I usually walk and it came out to 2 1/2 miles not so bad : ) and on the treadmill I always do a mile.


  2. I'm still upset that I won't be making my goal this month.
    BUT, you did good this month! WTG!
    I've tried running, I really have, but it's not for me. Funny enough part of it's because I think TOO much while trying to run. *g*

    I wish you the absolute best for December!

  3. I've been sick most of the month so I haven't really done much exercise lately :(

    I feel sad, but I'm so glad you keep on with your goals! :D

  4. Paula, oh no! I'm sorry to hear about the surgery and the subsequent 6 weeks of recovery. It'll probably go by faster than you think and you'll be out on that 2 1/2 mile loop again.

    Brandy, I know you are, but it's okay. The reason we exercise regularly is to keep our bodies strong and healthy so that when we do get sick, we're able to fight back stronger than if we weren't fit. Just think how much more complicated your situation could be if you didn't have a healthy cardiovascular system!

    I know what you mean about the running thing. Which is why having a running buddy is helpful. It's a nice distraction. :)

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a healthful December. xo

    Alex, sorry to hear you were ill. Hope you're better by now. You'll pick up the exercise again when your body is ready. :)

  5. Just noticed this! I actually started the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge blog a few years ago and when I got pregnant I passed it on to Jill and Amanda. They're taking a break right now but have some exciting plans for January--be sure to check it out! :)

  6. Hi Trish! So sorry I almost missed your comment here.

    I did not know you were the original founder of the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge blog! When I wanted to start a challenge like this, I actually came upon that blog but it was inactive for about a year at that point so started this one here. I did give them credit for the idea in my first post HERE. Frankly, it has really been mostly just myself and my friend Brandy doing this challenge together this year, so I think I will gladly jump over to the Fitness Challenge Blog with Jill and Amanda if they are picking it back up! Thanks for the heads up!

    Of course, I will be dragging Brandy (and anyone else who visits my blog for fitness inspiration) with me. That's what friends are for! :D


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