Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another NEW romance from Lisa Kleypas!

Did you know Lisa Kleypas has a new book coming out in January 2012?

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know I'm a big fan of Lisa Kleypas, so naturally I'm super excited to hear she has another new book coming out soon!

Rainshadow Road is a contemporary romance and takes place in one of my favorite places--the Pacific Northwest. Isn't that cover just so pretty?

Needless to say, I cannot wait to read Rainshadow Road!

For a sneak peek, you can read an excerpt from Rainshadow Road on Lisa's website following this link: http://bit.ly/j5qdP8.

I'm sure Rainshadow Road will make it to your wish list once you read the excerpt, too!

NOTE: I am one of "Lisa's Divas" - a group of select fans who share info & content related to Lisa's novels and get sneak peeks & swag in return.


  1. OMG! I’ve been waiting for this book since last year!!! I loved Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor and I just fell in love with all the brothers. I admit that I prefer Kleypas’ contemporary romances over her historicals, Blue-Eyed Devil is one of my favorite books in the world and even though these books are lighter and more like a fun holyday read, I just adore them. The one thing I hate is that she takes too long writing them!

    Does the fact that you’re a diva means that you get inside scoop about upcoming books?!?! Because I’m dying to know if we’ll get more Friday Harbor books, there were three brothers, right? So we need at least one more book!

    I could talk about this book forever! Have you read the blurb?! The heroine’s fiancĂ© dumps her and hooks up with her sister!?!?! And then the cheating fiancĂ© asks his friend, aka the hero, to seduce the heroine to make her forget, but they really fall in love and then she finds out about his deceit?!?!?! That’s like romance novel crack!!! I see that and I get high!!!

  2. YAY!
    I did know LOL
    But that doesn't matter, I'm just so happy to have more books by her!
    I've missed her this year.

    And I do hope she comes out with a historical soon, I love me some of those.

  3. Brie! :)
    I LOVE your enthusiasm for Lisa's contemporaries. I am right there with you, sister! ; )

    I've only read one of Lisa's historicals, but have at least eight of them on my shelf that I intend to get to at some point. Like you, I love her contemporaries and Blue-Eyed Devil is an all time favorite book of mine. It was a cathartic book for me, really, and affected me in a very meaningful and powerful way. You're welcome to read my post about it in my archives, September 2008. I just re-read my own post and the comments and got teary eyed. Woops.

    Well, I'm quite new at this Diva thing, today's my first day on the job, actually. LOL. Assuming all goes well, then yes, I believe I'll get some inside scoop on upcoming books in order to spread the word to other readers like you. I'll definitely keep you posted!

    I only read the excerpt for Rainshadow Road on Lisa's website but YES, just read the excerpt on amazon and man oh man do you have that right when you say it's like romance novel crack!!!!! I REALLY can't wait for this book!!!

    So glad to share the passion with you. lol

    Alex! :)
    YAY! So glad you knew already and are as anxious for this one as I am! It's hard when one of your favorite authors writes only one book a year, isn't it? Thankfully we don't have long to wait for this one now.

    I would love to read more historicals by Lisa, too! I guess I'm lucky to still have plenty from her backlist to keep me occupied in that department. : )

  4. Not in first person, yay!

    Sorry about that, but the first person thing from Sugar Daddy and Blue-Eyed Devil totally wore me out. I haven't finished Smooth Talking Stranger because of that, as a matter of fact.

    (Please don't faint :-P )

  5. LOL! That's okay azteclady. A lot of readers have a tough time with first person unless it's done juuuust right. No fainting. ; )

  6. I am really looking forward to this - it's been way too long since Lisa's had a new book out! But then again, I think she has 3 coming in 2012 :-)

  7. LOL, it makes sense no that she'd have a book coming out in 2012, since she was on sabbatical in 2011?

    I'm intrigued by this one. Just hope it's a bit thicker than her last contemporary ^_^;

  8. Dev, I'm looking forward to it, too!!! Does she really have all three books coming out next year? I didn't realize that. You guys are better Divas than me! LOL!

    nath, I thought the same thing about her sabbatical, but was actually given a little hint that she was still writing from her friend and colleague, Eloisa James when we struck up a little conversation at RWA in July. Maybe Lisa took her sabbatical so the pressure would be off and she could write at her own pace and in the end, she was able to write faster than she expected. Whatever the case, I'm not complaining! LOL!

  9. What a beautiful cover. I've never read anything by Lisa Kleypas but I guess I really should if she's one of your favorites. Which book of hers would you suggest someone start with?

  10. Hey Deanna! Start with THIS ONE! LOL! Actually, I think it would be a good place to start.

    Her first contemporary series features the Travis Family. The reading order is Sugar Daddy, Blue-Eyed Devil and then Smooth Talking Stranger. The first two are pretty deep stories and do have somewhat more of a chick-lit feel to them than a romance--but there is DEFINITELY romance in both. It's just that the stories are more than just romances. The heroines go through a lot of soul-searching and transformation in the stories. I love both of them.

  11. *light bulb* I actually might have an extra copy of Sugar Daddy somewhere around here... hmm... I will look and let you know!

  12. Haha, ok. I will look into that series but I'll wait to rush out and by Sugar Daddy from the store if you have an extra copy. Maybe I can just buy it from you. :-D Let me know through twitter if you do or not, whenever, and I'll wait to buy anything until then. :-D Thanks a lot Christine!

  13. BED is still one of my -all-time favourite contemporaries so I must check this out :)

    And Lisa has some great historicals :)


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