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In Death Series Reading Challenge: March 2011

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After missing three months of the challenge, I finally read an In Death book this month! I don't know what happened that I couldn't get into the mood to pick it up before, but once I sat down and read the first couple of chapters, as usual, it was tough to put down. I hope this is the beginning of a new groove and I keep up with a monthly read from here on in.

How did you do?

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Imitation In Death by J.D. Robb
Book 19

In this installment, Eve and her team are on the hunt for a murderer who is choosing his victims so that he imitates the madness and methods of famous serial killers from the past, including Jack the Ripper, the Boston Strangler and more. The only lead he leaves behind is a note on each victim addressed personally to Dallas. By tracing the source of this high end and illegal, un-recycled stationary, Eve has a shortlist of suspects to investigate.

I found this murder plot fairly interesting. Obviously not because the crimes were so unique--they're copy cat murders, after all, but I found it interesting to learn so much about the different suspects personal lives in the process of the investigation. Each suspect had very unsubstantial alibis that led Dallas to investigate further in their lifestyles to try to verify their whereabouts during the times of the crimes, catching the suspects and their family members in all sorts of lies. Which of course, led to some very interesting other revelations about their personal lives and potential motives for murder. I wasn't exactly sure who the killer was for most of the book, but my gut instinct proved correct in the end.

As always, I enjoyed the personal components to the story as Eve's relationships with her colleagues and friends and of course, her marriage to Roarke continue to evolve. I know I've mentioned it before, but I really adore the rapport between Eve and Peabody and how well they know each other. Peabody isn't as timid at pointing out Dallas' shortcomings, either.

For example, in one scene, Dallas tells Peabody that they will be returning to the U.N. to speak with one of the suspects who happens to be a very powerful politician who did not appreciate being questioned for murder. So much so that he filed a complaint against Dallas to her superiors.

     "We're going back to the U.N., to Renquist, and not risking federal imprisonment?"
     "We're going back to apologize, grovel, and eat massive portions of crow."
     "You don't know how to to do those things." Peabody looked mournful. "We're going to the pen."


I also continue to get a kick out of Eve's uneasiness regarding anything outside of NYC. Eve and Roarke are in New L.A. researching an older murder case with the same MO as her current case in New York and Eve finds herself outside her comfort zone in such a sunny, laid back city such as New L.A.

      "Can't figure out why anybody lives out here," she said. "Just because they've had the big one doesn't mean there's not another big one just waiting to flatten them."
      "Nice breeze though," Roarke commented. "And they've certainly battled back he smog and noise pollution."
      "Whole place feels like a vid, you know? Or a VR program. Too much peachy, pinky, white. Too many healthy bodies with perfect smiling faces on thop of them. Creeps me."
      "And I just don't think you ought to have palm trees waving around in the middle of a city. It's just not right."
      "This should please you then. The building you want appears to be suitably shabby and unkempt, and the locals seem to be satisfactorily shady."
       She sat up, stifled a yawn, and looked around.
      Only about half the streetlights were working, and the building itself was dead dark. Some of the windows were riot-barred, others boarded. Several people skulked and slithered around in the shadows, and in one she spotted an illegals deal winding up.
      "This is more like it." Cheered, she stepped out of the car. "This thing got full security?"
      "It's loaded." He put the top up, engaged the locks and deflectors.
      "Her flop was on the third floor. Might as well poke around since we're here."
      "It's always a pleasure to poke around in a condemned building where someone might stab, bludgeon, or blast us at any moment."
     "You've got your kind of fun, I've got mine." She scanned the area, selected her target. "Yo, asshole!"

Classic Eve. I love it. :)


I'm lacking creativity for our discussion topic this month, so I'm going back to the old AutoChef thing. I'm still stumped by how it all works. Having a "stocked" AutoChef is frequently mentioned. Exactly how does one stock their AutoChef? With fresh ingredients? Fully prepared meals that are fresh? Or frozen? Also, I'm under the impression that AutoChef's aren't that big. I suppose there could be different sized units--small ones for your office that maybe just have coffee and maybe a snack or two. Like a mini vending machine, right? Okay, fine. But what about the ones that produce freshly prepared full course meals? Those AutoChefs have to be pretty big in size, right? It stores and cooks the stuff. Or not if you order salad. How do they even know what dishes are available in there? How does this thing work?! Anyone else wonder obsess about this?

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  1. I managed 2 books this month - all the way up to #26! Even though I'm still really enjoying the series, I'm running out of inspiring things to say about them, though. This makes me sad.

    As for the auto-chef, I often wonder about that myself. I guess I picture it kind of like the Jetsons. I mean, how else are they going to store all that food in there if they can't zoom it up from some hidden location when it's asked for? Then it gets spit out, plated, and pretty.

    All I know is that I want one!

  2. actually, i was thinking about that as well this month. mainly because the autochef in eve's office only has coffee (otherwise she wouldn't need to constantly go to the vending machine) but we never hear about it being filled -- and if the autochef doesn't have a code on it wouldn't everyone steal her coffee? but it obviously doesn't otherwise she could just put her chocolate in the autochef.

    Yes, I obviously think about this quite a bit...

  3. Great snippets, Christine!! It's been a while since I last read this one, but i know I enjoyed it. The cases were pretty interesting :)

  4. Lori, I know what you mean. I really like these books a lot, but I'm running out of things to discuss in our monthly round up posts, too!

    I want an AutoChef, too!

    Gina, see? I knew I wasn't the only one who has really given this thing some thought. LOL. It makes sense that there'd be some kind of security code to operate the AutoChef in Eve's office. Especially since it's stocked with REAL coffee, right?

    nath, I'm starting to mark some of the passages that make me laugh in this series as I read them. It's fun to reread them later.

  5. I didn't read any ID books this month. I tried to pick up from where I left earlier with Creation in Death, but it felt so forced I had to put it down. There wasn't anything wrong with the story, I just didn't feel like reading that genre. I've been devouring lots of contemporary and erotic romances and decided to stick with them as long as I'm in the mood…

    Life's a bit hectic with work and university and it'll stay this way for a few weeks. I hope I find the energy to do all required things. I've been a bit ill for four weeks now. Not a sore throat, but somewhat swollen and slimy. No medicine seems to help. They did tests, but nothing came up. They said it's just something persistent and it can take a while before it goes away. It's okay but it bugs me the most in the mornings when I can't sleep because of it. And I need my sleep. I'm not one of those people who can function with a few hours sleep :)

  6. Nath & I did a buddy review of Treachery In Death. I wish I had more time to do some re-reading, Imitation would be one of those.

    I think the AutoChef is filled with food capsules that get zapped by super micro-waves turning them back into edible food. There are different types of AutoChefs - MiniChefs which can only carry a few items, StandardChefs which are the most common and found in most homes, and the UltraChefs, the high-end deluxe AutoChefs, which is what Roarke has.

    Clearly, I need to get a hobby. :)

  7. Maija, so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. :( I hope you're back to your usual self very quickly. I know exactly what you mean about needing to put down the In Death book for a bit. I was like that, too.

    Leslie, I'll have to check out your buddy review. I hope you guys liked it.

    Do you know your AutoChefs, or what?! I think you are spot on with those different models. Spot on. :)

  8. I didn't get to any ID books this month.

    Not sure how an AutoChef works, but I'd love to have one. Preferably a high-end one with lots of options.

  9. Hhhmm, I've not thought much about the auto-chef, though I wish I had one ;)

    I am only on book 4, I gotta loooong way to go to catch up to ya'll! I do like the series though :)

    Tomes Devotee

  10. Sarah, I could use an AutoChef, too....

    Paula, you have a lot of great reads ahead of you!

  11. Is this the last one you read? I'm suddenly in the mood for an In Death, but the library doesn't have the one I need on the shelf (Salvation) and I was wondering if I'd miss anything by skipping to Promises. But I don't think you can help me know! I hate reading out of order, but usually they only cover a few days anyway...


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