Friday, March 18, 2011

Fitness Challenge Mid Month Progress Report: March 2011

Sorry I'm posting this a few days past our mid-month check point. I had plans of posting more this week and now, poof! It's Friday afternoon already! Anyway, I've been working out really hard in the last few weeks having already accumulated 69.5 fitness challenge miles as of today, just a few days past mid month. Let's hope the rest of the month goes just as well.

As I mentioned last month, I started swimming lessons one night a week, which has already helped me tremendously with my freestyle technique. However, I still find swimming nonstop really hard. It's the breathing. I find a do a lap and a half of freestyle and have to switch to backstroke to catch my breath. I understand that it's more difficult to breath while swimming because the water applies additional pressure to your lungs while you're in the water and well, you can't breath when your face is in the water (!), so hopefully I'll see improvement if I just practice, practice, practice. Which I'm doing one other day of the week now in addition to the lesson. We learned breaststroke in this week's lesson, which is just what I need because from what I understand from other triathletes, many swimmers alternate between freestyle and breast stroke during the race. I'm guessing freestyle is best for speed and efficiency and breast stroke is best for sighting the course and other swimmers.

How are you doing so far this month?

Do you use any home exercise DVDs?
"Move-type" video games such as Wii or Playstation Move?
On demand exercise shows?

I've been using the Get Fit with Mel B workout game for the Playstation Move lately on days when I'm unable to exercise outdoors or get to the gym for cardio. I'm still exploring all of the options in the game, but it's okay so far. Not as good a workout as what I can do at the gym or running or biking, but it's a good back-up workout.

Wishing you all a great weekend! Got any fun plans?

It's a gorgeous 79 F (26 C) right now here in NJ--a real treat for this time of year. I'm off to pick up sticks in the yard and rake out my flower bed while it's so nice outside. We'll be back into normal March temperatures in the low 50s F (11 C) for the next few days.


  1. Hey good for you! I just started nutri-system for 40 days. My hubs doesn't eat solid food for the 40 days of Lent, so I figured what the heck. Since my bladder surgery I've been doing the treadmill and am happy to find out that I can now run again without feeling the horrid urge to pee! Never mind that I can sneeze and cough with no "accidents" ;) tmi, lol. The foods really not that great but I lost about 25 lbs once before on it so why not.

    Tomes Devotee

  2. So far I have 55 fitness challenge miles. I might make it to my goal this month. *knockonwood*
    I have two Wii Fit games. One is the Biggest Loser workout game. The calorie counter is not that great, and the cardio workout is okay. The yoga is annoying when having to shift the remote from one pocket to another, but it's not too bad. I do wish we had a more fun game for workout though.
    I don't use exercise DVD's. They're too repetitive and drive me crazy. I used to record 'Bendy Man' (our nickname for him) yoga. He makes you WORK! *g*

    You're doing great and the swimming -breathing will eventually get better!

    Have a terrific weekend!

  3. Go, go, go Christine :) You still have time for training and I think you're really on the right path.

    I know I've said it many times, but I guess it's really time for me to start exercising, sigh.

  4. Look at you girl, doing a lot of these fitness activities! Did I say I'm really happy for you? Well I am really happy for you even if your blogging time is shrinking. Lol. I know what you meant about time. It was only Saturday when I last read blog posts and now it's Saturday again. Time flies!

    But I like seeing you happy so I second Nath -- Go go C!


  5. This past week was spring break here and I haven't done any exercising all week! It's also girl scout cookie time. See where this is going? Right to my thighs, ass and boobs (like they need to be bigger!).

    Starting tomorrow I will get back on track and up the workouts. :)

    You, Christine are doing awesome! Definitely motivates me to not give up!

  6. Congrats Chrsitine - on the fitness miles and the swimming. I used to swim three times a week when I was young - was recommmended by the doctor as being good for asthmatics. I haven't swum in ages though. Hmmm. Tempting..

    Good luck for the rest of the month :)


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