Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ketchup Chips

And other yummy treats from Canada!

Did you know that there are Ketchup flavored potato chips? Lay's makes them but you have be in Canada to buy them. What's up with that? Isn't ketchup a classic American condiment? Then why is it that you can only buy these chips in Canada?

Last Saturday, I had the very special opportunity to spend the afternoon and evening with my fellow New Jersey book blogger, Hilcia and nath who came down for the weekend from Canada with sister, Emilie. Nath and her sister came to celebrate Emilie's birthday with a weekend full of shopping in NYC and in some outlets here in New Jersey. I think poor Hils is still recovering from power shopping with those two. LOL!

I joined the shopping spree when it came time for the book shopping part. But get this.. I DIDN'T BUY A SINGLE BOOK! What the heck? I KNOW! And we went to both Barnes & Noble and Borders.

What is up with that?

It's because I have the iPad now. What's the point of buying paper books if I'm now fully equipped to go ebooking, right? I have to admit there is something very elemental and comforting about holding a paper book... but I am trying to be realistic here. I LOVE the iPad... therefore I should USE the iPad. And right now I am proud to say that I'm not building up a TBR on my iPad, unless the book is free, of course. Otherwise, I plan to only buy a book on my iPad when I know I am going to read it right away. I don't know why that same rule didn't apply to paper books when they were released, but for some reason I'm able to hold back from buying on my iPad just to have the book at the ready. Go figure.

Want to see what books nath and Hilcia bought and traded?

Nath's weekend post is HERE and Hilcia's is HERE.

So nath, being the kind and generous soul that she is, comes bearing gifts! And I .... went to see her... empty handed. Shitake mushrooms! Don't you hate when that happens?

Oh wait! I did have a book for her, but I gave it to her on loan only. *blushes* So embarrassing. I would have given it to her at that point to save face but the book was signed by the author and addressed to me by name, so that would have been really awkward. More awkward than it already was.

Nath gave me these three books from her shelves at home for keeps:

Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale
I have one of Kinsale's recent books, Lessons In French on my shelf, but I've heard so many readers name this one as their favorite Kinsale romance.

Turbulent Sea by Christine Feehan

I was missing this installment in the Drake Sisters series when I bequeathed that treasure trove of books from Mariana.

Her Vampire Husband by Michelle Hauf

I'm pretty tapped out on the vampire stories, but I remembered reading a couple of rave reviews for this one. Has anyone else read it?

While nath assured me she wasn't trying to sabotage my diet, she presented me with some really delicious treats from Canada.

The ketchup flavored chips which I've been eating with lunch this week. The chips are a surprising shade of maroon and taste surprisingly delicious! The flavor starts out sour like salt & vinegar flavored chips and then pow! you get the tang of tomato ketchup!

A box of premium and uniquely flavored chocolates. My favorites were the Chai tea, habanero pepper and saffron flavored chocolates. Mmm... And yes, you read that correctly ... were is not a typo. We like our chocolate in this house.

A can of 100% pure Canadian maple syrup. How did nath know I am a major maple syrup snob? None of that fake corn syrup crap. Sorry, Aunt Jemima. You suck.

Delicate chocolate filled orange meringuettes, which I tasted a few minutes ago just so I could tell you they taste as delicate and melt-in-your-mouth sweet as they sound.

Nath! You spoil me!! Thank you so, so, so much for everything. Just keep in mind that revenge is sweet. I will get back at you for all of this kindness and generosity... xo

It was so great hanging out with you and your sister. I had such a nice time. :) Next time we hit that UBS!

Hilcia, can't wait to see you again soon! xo

Have you ever tried Ketchup potato chips? Did you like them?

What's your favorite kind of chip?


  1. So glad you had fun - isn't it fun hanging out with other book bloggers?

    I've been recommended Flowers from the Storm several times but haven't read it yet - I'll be looking for your thoughts.

    And, believe it or not, I hate ketchup - my daughter thought girls didn't eat ketchup until she was about 5, LOL. I think I'll pass on the chips :) They really taste like ketchup, huh? Interesting.

  2. Boy, Nath sure does get around, doesn't she? *g*

    So glad you had a great time! And as for ketchup flavored chips? I'll pass, thanks, Even though BBQ is my favorite flavor. My youngest would eat them, though.

  3. Herr's also makes Ketchup chips. You can get them at Stop and Shop.. although it may depend on the store. I saw them at the White Plains one, but not the North White Plains one. :)

    They're REALLY good. http://www.herrs.com/Products/Chips/Ketchup.html

    Nice people, giving books.

  4. Sounds like y'all had a great time! And you went into a bookstore and DIDN'T BUY BOOKS? *gasp*
    I've seen those chips in the store, but only a few times a year. My Daughter likes them. I don't really eat (or like) potato chips, so don't have a favorite. *g*

    Hope you're having a fantastic week!

  5. Not one book? Wow. I don't think I could do that. LOL

    Nath brought all kinds of goodie. I"m curious about the habanero pepper chocolate - could you taste the pepper or did the chocolate mute the heat?

    Haven't tried Ketchup chips, I like just regular chips or salt and vinegar.

  6. Christine, I hope you enjoy Flowers in the Storm. I love that book. :)

    LOL on the Ketchup Chips, Camille loved them and I enjoyed them too. They're different and addictive. I didn't get to taste the chocolates because those went to my husband, but I HEARD they were great. ;P But I can't complain, I did get some incredible French Macaroons!! Yum!

    You were smart not to buy books! You can get them for your iPad -- control my friend, control. :D

  7. Patti...
    It IS fun hanging out with other book bloggers. Are you planning on going to RWA in NYC next year?

    I will let you know what I think of Flowers from the Storm. Hopefully it won't sit too long on the TBR shelf.

    That's funny about your daughter thinking girls didn't eat ketchup! LOL! If you don't like ketchup, definitely pass on these, but truthfully they taste more like salt & vinegar than tomatoey.

    Nath has met a lot of US bloggers considering she lives in Canada hasn't she?

    I love BBQ flavor chips, too! Years ago I used to buy these garlic and rosemary potato chips at Trader Joe's that I'm pretty sure were made by Terra Chips? THOSE were my favorites! It's a good thing TJ's doesn't carry them anymore! Good for my hips, anyway. :)

    Oooh! So the ketchup chips have landed in the US! There's a Stop and Shop nearby, too....

    You don't like potato chips?! Wow. You're so lucky. LOL! Hope you're having a great week, too!!

    I picked up a book or two a couple of times, but kept putting them back down thinking of my iPad. Plus, nath's sister isn't a reader, so she was very good at telling me what to do. LOL!

    The habanero pepper chocolate was mostly chocolatey, especially with the first bite.. but then there'd be a little kick of heat that didn't overpower the chocolate. I liked it!

    Salt & Vinegar chips are frighteningly addictive. Even though they're not necessarily my favorite, they're very hard to stop eating once you start.

    My husband ate a lot of the chocolates, too. I wanted to taste them all though, so I kept asking for little nibbles of the ones he picked out. ; )

  8. One day I want to meet all the people whose blogs I visit - I think it would be a riot...in a good way :)

    No ketchup-flavoured chips here. Currently I like the basic (plain) flavour, although I should be avoiding them altogether :)

  9. How fun! Isn't it great spending time with other book bloggers?

    Nath did the exact same thing to me when she came to visit. I didn't even think to bring anything for her..and bam! She totally spoiled me. I felt awful. Still do, actually. sigh

    I'm not a fan of ketchup, so I don't think I'll be trying those chips anytime time soon. I bet LM would love them, though. To him ketchup is a food group.

  10. Great books. I'd love to own Flowers from the Storm. Some day I'm buying it!
    I fount Turbulent Sea from some UBS. Have read a few books from this series earlier…
    I downloaded Her Vampire Husband for free from Mills&Boon, read it and it was nice. It could have been better, but overall quite nice story...

    I don't like ketchup at all. And I usually eat just the basic salt chips. Our stores are full of different flavors and my husband enjoys tasting them, but I stay away from them.

  11. I really like the Kettle chips, the Sea Salt variety. Yumalicious! Ketchup chips sounds pretty awesome too, I think the little kiddo would really dig these. He seems to need ketchup as a side to EVERYTHING!

    (the Shitake mushrooms expression made me laugh out loud!!)

    I am a maple syrup snob too. I need the real thing. My mom gets the Lite Aunt Jemima and i just criiiiiiiiiiiiiiinge when i see it. yuck yuck yuck!

    I'm so glad you had a lovely time!!! So fun to read about your adventures.

    My adventure? The little one peed on the potty this morning! HOORAY! (jet set, right?)

  12. Hey Christine! Sorry for the late comment, but coming back to real life is always hard and time-consuming!

    Actually, for the ketchup chips, Heinz actually makes them as well. I think it's recent though. I need to ask my sis if they're different LOL.

    I bet my sister was persuasive LOL. She tries with me, but I'm immune!! :P LOL, you'll have to let us know though when you start buying e-books!! :P

    LOL, funny you said shitake mushroom, because when I went to buy the meringues, there were some coffee flavored and mushroom-shaped! So when I read Shitake mushroom, I was like, "Wait a minute... I didn't buy her the coffee ones!" LOL.

    I'm just glad you enjoyed the chocolate and the meringues :P and I hope you will like the books as well.

    LOL, I didn't know you were a maple syrup snob, but LOL, the real thing is always better, right?

    Now, I need to go buy myself some chocolate to try them out :P

    Holly - LOL, I did? I remember bringing you maple syrup... but what else? LOL. Now that I found this shop though, everyone will get chocolate haha.

    By the way, I don't like ketchup either, but ketchup chips, I don't mind :P

  13. orannia...
    YES! One day you should meet all the people whose blogs you visit--including ME! May I suggest RWA in NYC next summer? ....

    LOL! Too bad you didn't warn me about nath's giving skills... then I could have been prepared and only you'd be sitting here feeling awful. ;p

    The thing about the ketchup chips is that I'm not a fan of ketchup either, but these chips are kinda yummy!

    Thanks for the feedback about those books. Are you a fan of Kinsale in general? I'll let you know what I think of Flowers from the Storm when I get to it... unless you get it and read it first! Then you can tell me! ;)

    What kinds of unusual flavors of chips can be found in Finland? I saw somewhere online that there are "curry" flavor potato chips available somewhere. I'd totally try that!

    I love kettle chips, too. Trader Joe's has their own line and they're mmmm so good. Hawaiian BBQ!

    I stole that shitake mushroom line from Spy Kids the movie. It's not original. ; )

    Congrats on that potty milestone!!!! Hopefully he won't wait another 6 months before doing it again! LOL!

    You're not late replying here! At least by my standards. I'm quite familiar with being the last person to comment on a thread days after it was posted. Sometimes a week or more! ; )

    Again, I had fun visiting with you and thanks for your generosity and kindness. xoxo

  14. Christine,
    There's a lot of flavors... Starting from sourcream & onion, spring onion & black pepper, chili something etc. But no curry yet I think.
    Haven't read books by Kinsale yet. I do have one in my shelf, but haven't tried her... Flowers from the Storm has gotten so much praise and it's got my favorite theme in it, that's why I want to read it :)


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