Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Volleyball Pumpkin Party

I mentioned a several weeks ago that my eldest daughter, who is a freshman in high school this year, made the volleyball team. The season is quite short, but no less intense with practices every weekday since late August, a few Saturday practices, and games 2-4 days a week. It's hard to believe the season will be over by this time next weekend.

Today we hosted a little pumpkin party for the team at our house. The team of fifteen girls crowded around the dining room table wearing fake vampire teeth and carved pumpkins.

One of the girls brought a white pumpkin and carved it in the likeness of a volleyball. Isn't it great?

Pumpkin seeds were saved for roasting:

Yummy treats were served, including these very delicious pumpkin cookies made by one of the moms that had both milk chocolate and white chocolate chips in it. Soft and cake-like. Mmmm. I've got to get that recipe!

Despite the fact that it's been rainy and unseasonably cold here for the last several days, the girls headed outside to toss set and bump a volleyball around in the yard after the rain had stopped. So dedicated.

By the end of the afternoon, we had this adorable team of pumpkins:


  1. I loved the volleyball pumpkin! Roasting the seeds is my favorite thing to do after Halloween. Yum.

  2. THat volleyball pumpkin is awesome and the cookies look delicious!
    If you get the recipe, you should post it! unless of course it's top secret family recipe!

  3. How cute! I miss highschool, only in highschool will you have these cute parties and gatherings. Did your daughter have a good season?

  4. Ohhh what a great fall day, Christine. That volleyball pumpkin is a work of art! Oh and yes... we want the recipe for those cookies too!

  5. How fun - and I love pumpkin so for me that was a great theme to have. So good that you had a great time. Those cookies look and sound heavenly.

  6. You are a fantastic mom! And the girls are really so creative... :) If you get the recipe for the cookies, please post, as my daughter is all about the pumpkin.

    And as much as I love winter, I really would've enjoyed the fall for a while :|

  7. I love the volleyball pumpkin and the team of pumpkins! (LOL, I always want to leave out the second p in the word pumpkins!)

    Nice pictures, Christine, and the pumpkin cookies look yumm!

  8. The pumpkins all look do the cookies! Is your daughter enjoying playing?

  9. Lori ~ You inspired me to create and post a recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds. See today's post. ; )

    Michelle ~ I did get the recipe, but was asked not to share it as it is a recipe that my friend tweaked and perfected on her own based on a pumpkin cranberry bread that was in her family. I do plan on posting my own recipe for pumpkin bread in the next few weeks, and perhaps I'll try tweaking it to cookie form, too!

    I <3 Book Gossip ~ High School is a pretty special time, isn't it? My daughter is LOVING volleyball. Their record is so-so, but they're playing really well. The scores are always sooooo close!

    Hilcia ~ That volleyball is indeed art!

    Sorry no recipe for the cookies as I explain above to Michelle.

    Tracy ~ I love everything about pumpkins, too!

    Mariana ~ Aw, thanks! No go on the cookie recipe, but I'll be posting my own pumpkin recipes in the coming weeks. We usually get a Cinderella pumpkin in the organic co-op before Thanksgiving, so I'll have lots of pumpkin puree to bake with soon!

    And, yeah, what is up with this winter weather in NJ? I think it will be back to the low to mid 60s this week.

    Taja ~ Thanks! : )
    I like to call my girls 'punkin' so you can leave the second 'p' off and I'd know what you were talking about! LOL

    orannia ~ Daughter is LOVING volleyball. She's going to be so sad when the season is over. We're looking into a winter volleyball club (not affiliated with the school). Some of the other girls are interested in it, too, so it would be nice.

  10. Wow, they did a great job carving pumpkins :D and the volleyball pumpkin is great! :D

  11. Thanks, nath! The girl who made the volleyball pumpkin obviously brought it home with her, but I'm so tempted to go buy a white pumpkin and do it myself! It looks so cool!

  12. Interesting peace of fiction about to hosted a little pumpkin party for the team,the pictures are also amazing to see.

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  13. Thanks, Carl. However, this is a true story, not fiction. And dude... no one is going to want to buy dissertations from you when your comments have so many grave grammatical errors like that!


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