Friday, October 23, 2009

Puppy Love

No, we did NOT get puppies! As much as my girls would be in heaven with a puppy, much less two, we have four cats and that's just four cats too many more than enough for us. I will not be suckered in to adopt a puppy.

Other people, however, are much easier to sucker. Enter my friend.

There's a family in town doing this amazing thing of fostering puppies that have been rescued from puppy mills while they await adoption. Well, would you believe my friend let the foster family convince her to take both of these puppies home for a day or two in order to decide which one she'd keep? LOLOLOL! Are you kidding me? After a mere few hours with both of these creatures, she was in love with both of them. Duh. I could have told her that was going to happen! So here she is the new mommy to these cute things. They're both one of those cool mixed breeds of hypo allergenic dogs. The puppy on the left is a terrier type mix and is named Chestnut and the Shih Tzu mix on the right is named Oreo.

I helped her take them to the vet this morning for some shots and had so much fun snuggling them. Two words: Puppy Love.


  1. Wow. Those two are too cute. I wish we could get a puppy so bad. Brother-in-law's allergic and over a lot. *sigh*

  2. Oh Christine!

    I am in "puppy love" too. The cutie on the left looking at the picture has some Yorkshire Terrier in him I'd say.

    How wonderful of your friend. Darn puppy mills, they should all be shut down and prohibited.

    I hope the pups are healthy.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my heart can't take this, there soooo cute :)

  4. OMGosh! They are SO cute! We're not puppy people, unless they belong to someone else. Hence the eight kitties we have. *G*

  5. Aren't those puppy faces irresistible? Can you see I was snuggling them at the same time? They are so adorable, you have no idea! Well, maybe you do... LOL ... and they had that sweet puppy smell.

    Angie, did you know that some dog breeds and particularly some of the newer cross-breeds are virtually allergen-free? Obviously, if your brother-in-law is EXTREMELY allergic, maybe he'd still be bothered by your dog, but it may be worth looking into. I know a family who suffers allergies and has a soft coated Wheaten Terrier and they've had their dog for four years without allergy issues.

    Here's a basic article: Hypoallergenic Dogs.

    I believe Chestnut and Oreo are a Yorkshire Terrier mix and a Shih Tzu mix, respectively, and I see both of those breeds appear on the chart in the Wiki article as being favored as low or no allergen producing.

    You should get one. :D

  6. I want a puppy so bad but I live in an apartment and have 2 cats. One day though, one day. OMG too cute!!!

  7. :subliminal message "you want your very own, snuggable puppy to love" /subliminal message:

    Said as the owner of three cats and a dog :grin:

  8. Sarai, when we lived in that apartment during the construction on our house last year, I was amazed at the number of people who had dogs while living in an apartment. Small to medium sized dogs, but still--there were a lot of dogs there. :)

    :forwards azteclady's subliminal message to Angie & Sarai:

    See? I can resist.

  9. The puppies are so cute! And as soon as you said the foster family has let your friend take them both home before making a decision I thought gonna *grin*

    And dare I ask what puppy mills are? They sound horrible... :(

  10. Don't be to hard on your friend. I would have been in love after a few short minutes.

    Who am I kidding? The picture alone is enough to convince me :)

  11. orannia, puppy mills are places where they breed and overbreed dogs in order to produce as many puppies per year as possible. Many of the bitches have barely weaned one litter when they are bred again. Puppies and adults are kept in small spaces, usually cages.

  12. Jill ~ I wasn't hard on her, really. I just had to laugh at her for falling for the oldest trick in the "you want to adopt a puppy" handbook. I should know... I willingly fell for a similar trick TWICE myself when it came to the last two kittens in the litter.

    azteclady ~ Thank you for explaining puppy mills for orannia. It's such a horrible, cruel situation. :(

  13. Too cute! Your friend wanted those 2 dogs, Christine. You know she did, lol...

    As an apartment dweller and a former dog owner, I can tell you... hmm... No. Never again! I won't get near a puppy just so I won't fall in love. *sigh* I wouldn't have resisted them either. :)

  14. Hi Christine
    No way I could pick either. Their names are perfect LOL.

  15. They are sooo cute LOL :) I guess since they're not the same breed, it means they're not siblings? Ah well, they look alike :D Very cute :D


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