Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Run

I just learned a few days ago that my cycling inspiration and friend Maureen, who is a certified instructor at my gym, designed a new exercise class that she is trying to get off the ground called Fall Run. It's basically an outdoor running class to help participants improve their running form and learn new techniques that will hopefully improve skill and endurance. The class meets for 45 minutes two times a week starting today and ends with a 5 Mile Race the day after Thanksgiving that takes place every year in our community.

I'm not really a runner. I do it once in a blue moon when I need to squeeze in a short, productive workout, but I don't really like it so much.

Currently, I can just about run 1.5 to 2 miles without stopping.

A 5 mile race? Maybe she meant a 5K Race.

I googled it. It's a 5 mile race.

When I go for a run, I have to listen to my iPod with the volume high enough to drown out the sound of my own breathing. If I can hear myself panting for breath, I just start thinking about how I'd better stop soon before I can't breathe at all.

So I signed up for the Fall Run class.

LOLOL! Who does that?

I'm seriously having doubts here as the time to meet at the park approaches. Fifteen minutes and counting.

But I'm going to do it and give it my best. I told my family about the class over dinner on Tuesday night and explained what it involves, where and when it meets, how Maureen gently encouraged me and convinced me to try it, and how it ends with participating in the 5 Mile Post-Thanksgiving Race and so on.

My teen daughter finally asked, "So are you doing it?"
I said, "Yeah."
Teen said, "Really?" with a smile growing on her face.
I said, "Yeah. I'm already signed up. The first session is Thursday morning."
Teen said, "Wow!"
Not really sure if she was more shocked and maybe downright flabbergasted that I signed up for a running class of all things, and maybe doubting myself a bit, I said, "What? You don't think I should have?"
Teen said, "No! It's great that your doing it. You're so brave."

Brave. How often does someone tell you they think you're brave? Let me tell you, when your teenager tells you she thinks you're brave, it is pretty powerful.

She's proud of me and thinks me brave for putting myself out there and trying to do something--get better at something, that she knows and I know, I'm not really very good at, but would like to better. It's the exact thing I try to instill in both my daughters every day. But coming from my own daughter? I'm not sure why that struck me so hard, but it was pretty empowering. I'm holding on to that thought . . .


  1. "Let me tell you, when your teenager tells you she thinks you're brave, it is pretty powerful."


    But see, I happen to agree with her, wholeheartedly :grin:

  2. I think its wonderful that you are trying something new. Not that it's just new, but something you aren't good at and will need to work to get better at it.

    You are setting a good example for your daughter. Way to go Christine!!

  3. What a great thing to do. I'm envious! Good luck!

  4. I did it!!! We ran 3 miles and while I kept up with the pack (i.e., six women) for the first half, I did fall a bit behind in the last mile and a half. But not as far behind as I expected, so that's good. Plus I had company with another runner and we carried a conversation between breaths to help pass the time. Of course, most of our conversation was about running and how slow we were, but still. We did it and finished strong. I feel good. :)

    Azteclady ~ Thank you so much for your vote of confidence and your encouragement as always. It means a lot to me! :)

    Jill ~ Thank you! I was very touched by how much my decisions about my own workouts and exercise goals affected my daughter. I guess I didn't really think it about it until she was so positive and encouraging. It's good to know I can learn from her, too. :)

    Michelle ~ Thank you! I'll take all the luck I can get if I want to be able to do 5 miles in just six weeks! :)

    I sound so pathetic aiming for 5 miles in I-don't-care-exactly-how-long, when Maureen is running the NYC Marathon on Sunday. Her goal is 26 miles in 4 hours, but says 4 hours 20 minutes is more realistic.

    *in awe*

  5. That's so awesome, Christine! And how awesome that your daughter thinks so highly of you for it. It makes it so much sweeter.

    I've been putting off and putting off starting the couch to 5k thing. But I did start going back to the gym last week. Baby steps, I tell myself.

  6. Go Christine, Go!! :D You can do it and apparently, running with people is more motivating and fun :D

    You're definitively courageous! I used to run and do exercises when I was in school... don't know what happened :(

  7. Lori ~ Thank you! And good for you for taking those first steps getting back into the exercise groove! It must be so much more difficult to make that time for yourself to exercise when you're a working mom. I'm very fortunate that I get most of my midweek workouts in while the girls are in school and my father-in-law is napping.

    Nath ~ Thanks for the cheer! :)
    Oh, you're still running. . . . to all of your favorite bookstores and back again! LOLOL! I'm teasing you. ;)

  8. *struggles very hard not to cry*

    Two things struck me as incredibly wonderful and inspiring in your post. First, that you've taken on such a challenge - I'm in awe and you're so inspiring me. At my best, I could run 2 miles (and that was on a treadmill :)

    And second, that you and your husband have raised such an incredible child who is comfortable within herself to express her thoughts...and who isn't shy to tell her mother how truly wonderful she is.

    *still struggling not to cry*

  9. Wow, good for you, Christine! I wouldn't even try. My uncle used to run the NYC Marathon years ago. Run through 5 boroughs...that's a bit much, lol.

  10. That is so wonderful, Christine! I just can't imagine how priceless it must have been to hear that from your girl.

    And you're going to do some running! Good luck. I'm a short distance runner like you - I do maybe 3 miles comfortably, but 5 would be out of my comfort zone, unless I could walk a bunch! But it sounds like it could be a fun class, and what better season for it than fall?

    Congratulations on hitting the 3! I bet it will get easy really fast.

  11. Wow!

    Congrats Christine... You go girl. :D

    I'll be there with you in cyber spirit.. And yes your teen is quite correct, you are very brave.


  12. . . . . 24 HOURS LATER . . . .

    Ouch. I'm so sore. :/

    It just goes to show you that varying your workout is so good for you. The last time I went on a run was back in May. With every step I take today, every stair I climb, I'm being reminded that running works some very different muscles than spin, zumba, kick box, or step class do. Or cycling. Ouch.

    orannia ~ Aww, thanks, sweetie. Two miles was my best, too. Until yesterday.

    Running with this small group of women has just reinforced that I work out best in a group or partner environment. I'm more motivated this way.

    Thank you for the lovely compliment about our daughter. She has a great heart.

    Barbara ~ Thank you! Hey, it's only 5 miles... but that's good enough for me. I can't imagine running for hours and hours.

    Carolyn ~ Thanks for the kind words! The three miles was a challenge. Five is going to be very difficult for me to reach without having to walk, I'm sure! I can see myself run 3 miles, walk .5 mile, then run the last 1.5 mile on race day.

    If I do the race. My participation might be weather dependent. Oh that sounds wimpy. LOL

  13. Lea ~ Thank you so much! I feel the cyber spirit! I really do. :)

  14. Christine,
    That's so wonderful to hear that yo signed up and are trying something your not sure about. That is brave indeed. I couldn't do it :). I can walk, but I don't run. Good luck to you!! But most important...have fun doing it! :)

  15. No, it's true, Christine. I just wish it'd count, LOL!

  16. Way to go Christine! Next time it should be better for you. Your daughter was right! (but how sweet it must have been to hear it from her) :)

  17. Where my blog name ends yours begin.
    It's nice to meet you.
    All the very best.

  18. Wow! You ARE brave. And you're right. When your teen tells you you're good at something or brave for trying something? Well, that's a wonderful feeling! Good Luck!

  19. Thanks again for the well wishes on my Fall Run! Unfortunately, I had to miss Tuesday because my youngest was home with the flu, and now I have the flu, too, so I'll be missing tomorrow. I'm so disappointed. :(

  20. Simone: Thank you so much for stopping by. Your blog is very lovely. :)


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