Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Organic Produce Share

I just picked up today's share from my organic produce co-op and am already planning our next several meals around this gorgeous array of fruits and vegetables!

From left to right, starting at the top:
Swiss chard, arugula, romaine lettuce . . . acorn squash, yellow onions, poblano peppers, tomatillos, an avocado, bananas . . . white mushrooms, Devoe pears, slicing tomatoes, baby asian eggplant . . . black plums, green lipstick peppers, empire apples, and carrots.

click on photo to enlarge

I timed my trip to pick up my share perfectly, because when I got to my friend's house, she had just finished cooking butternut squash soup seasoned with ginger, salt & pepper using the squash from the last order. Of course she offered me a bowl and of course I said yes. It was so delicious, I think I'll be making something similar in the next few days using either the acorn squash or carrots.

I'm also definitely seeing a Mexican meal or two made from the poblano peppers, tomatillos, and the avocado.

What about you? From this week's share shown in the photo above, is there anything in particular you'd like to see a recipe for?


  1. Look how lovely!!! We belong to a CSA (Thanks for reminding me I have to pick up my stuff today!!!) and it's good, but they have tons of sunchokes (jerusalem artichokes) which I have no idea how to work with them!

  2. My husband just got home from the Farmer's market and bought apples, butternut squash, acorn squash, a medley of peppers and cabbage. We are going to make a little harvest fest this weekend. Yum!

  3. Carolyn ~ That's so cool! I love CSAs but unfortunately don't have one close by. We've never gotten sunchokes before. Globe artichokes, yes... but not sunchokes. I think they're very different, aren't they? I'd love to hear how you prepare them.

    Michelle ~ What a great idea to have your own little harvest fest! I have most of those same veggies! Not the butternut squash, but the others including half a head of cabbage from my previous share. I'd love to hear how you prepare everything.

  4. I looked up sunchokes and forgot they were a tuber! So, yes, very different from globe artichokes! LOL

    I found two great links for you, Carolyn:

    sunchokes #1


    sunchokes #2

    The last one has a recipe for a delicious looking soup.

  5. Christine that looks lovely. You can make some great mexican dishes with those ingredients. Let us know if you do. :)

  6. Hilcia, I'd love any suggestions! I haven't done any planning on the mexican dishes yet aside from thinking about chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce and maybe stuffed poblano peppers. Stuffed with what, I'm not so sure yet. Cheese and . . . ?

  7. I washed the arugula last night with plans for sauteing it in olive oil with garlic, but I popped a leaf in my mouth and it was so good that I decided to eat the whole bunch raw. I had some in a salad last night and am going to have more on a turkey sandwich in just a few minutes.

  8. I still have that huge cupcake from last week sitting in my fridge. LOL
    hmmm mushrooms. Love mushrooms.

  9. How can you possibly allow a gourmet cupcake to go uneaten for that long??! That's just . . . so wrong!

  10. Ohh, lots of yummy looking vegetables! I'm going to have to Google tomatillos and poblano peppers, although I'm guessing the latter is a particular form of pepper. I look forward to hearing what you make with everything :)

    I planted half of my vegetable garden yesterday this weekend - tomatoes, peppers and chillies. Now I just have to get my beans, peas and beetroot seeds planted :) It's only a small garden - I might go bigger next year :)

  11. orannia ~ Your garden sounds wonderful. I'm going to be prepping my garden beds over the next few weeks for spring by filling them with shredded leaves that I've mowed up on my lawn. I should be doing that this moment actually.... ;)

    My girls just LOVE fresh peas from the garden. They always eat them raw before they ever make it into the house! Sugar snap peas, too! MMmm!

  12. Hmmm, looks very good :D Love the colors!


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