Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TBR Challenge Review: FAIL!

It's not that I forgot. I simply haven't finished reading my selection yet. I have less than 100 pages left, and while I could feel this self imposed pressure to hurry up and finish the book and write up a quick review before midnight tonight, I thankfully thought twice about it. I think rushing would definitely detract from my reading pleasure, so I opted to just finish the book at my own pace and get the review up as soon as I can.

I'm reading Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas, the first book in the Wallflowers series. I love Lisa Kleypas' contemporary romances, having read and loved Sugar Daddy and Blue-Eyed Devil and more recently, an ARC of Smooth Talking Stranger (look for that review coming up soon, as well...), yet I haven't yet read any of her historical romances. Shortly after the release of Sugar Daddy in hardcover back in March 2007, which is when my admiration of Lisa Kleypas' work began, I picked up the four Wallflowers books at a going out of business sale at a local bookstore and they've sat on my TBR shelf since then. So when I saw that this month's theme for the TBR Challenge was historical romance, I decided straight away that I would read Secrets of a Summer Night. It was about time I sampled Lisa's historicals. 

While Secrets of a Summer Night isn't going to top my charts of favorite books, I am enjoying it very much. Annabelle is a spunky, determined heroine and Simon is just what she needs. It's a lot of fun watching her figure that out. Anyway, I can't wait to finish and share my thoughts, especially as I know this series is so popular with many romance readers. 

Note: Please do not post spoilers in the comments to this post. I'm highly allergic. Thanks. ;)


  1. No spoiler. Just going to say that I loved Simon, and you will LOVE the ending. (or the almost ending, LOL) So passionately beautiful.


  2. Oh, and I hope that doesn't qualify as spoiling in your book. Nervous now.

  3. Oh, I LOVED LOVED LOVED this series!!! I hope you enjoy it just as much!

  4. *sigh* Now for me, this book is my fave of her historicals. There's something about Simon that totally does it for me. :) Le sigh.

    I cannot WAIT to read Smooth-Talking Stranger. So very jealous. *sigh*

    And if you're still awake, I'm giving away some books! Here's the linky...just copy and paste since I have no idea how to do tags. *sad*

  5. Pressure to finish reading and post a review by a certain date is NO fun! And it shouldn't be that way. Enjoy the book. :)

  6. Good Morning Christine:

    I don't think there should be any "failing", grade with respect to reading a book. Just enjoy what sounds to be a wonderful story!

    You go girl!!!

    Warm Regards

  7. LOL, you are so wise Christine! That was a very good and mature decision! Hope you love the ending :) I thought this was a good book :)

  8. Lori: Simon is really great... I'm really enjoying this couple! :)

    Barbara: I love the "wallflowers" idea... what a great premise for this series. I'm already looking forward to the other stories, and I'm not even finished with this one yet!

    Lady of the Review: I don't blame you.. Simon is a great hero.

    Not too much longer until STS is in your hands! Thanks for the heads up on your contest... I may have missed it. Be by in a few...

    Jace: I'm glad I realized it was better to take my time than to rush and maybe not enjoy the book as much. :)

    Lea: Hi! Don't worry, I'm not beating myself up over not completing my TBR Challenge on time. I'm just glad I actually read one more book off my TBR pile! LOL

    nath: Heh. You think I'm wise and mature? LOL! How sweet of you. I'm hoping to finish the book tonight. :)

  9. I loved it, but you know that since we talked about it. :) Glad you're enjoying it.

  10. Good call Christine :) Reading is meant to be a pleasure, not a stress :)

    I'm looking foreward to your review. This wasn't my favourite of the series - Devil in Winter is ;)

  11. K so I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who didn't get the TBR finished this month. Gawd I just ran out of time.

    As far as this book goes I love it and it might just turn into my reread for April. Thanks for the suggestion

  12. know I love me some Sebastian aka Lord St. Vincent in Devil in Winter! My fave's are the Autumn & Winter ones. Then spinoff with Cam's story!


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