Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last night's winning Scrabble word

I scored 68 points with QUELL. :)

Playing Scrabble with my husband always seems to bring out this little competitive streak in me. I enjoy playing with him first and foremost because I simply love to spend time together, but I can't help but want to do really well in Scrabble when I play against him. I think in part, it's because I know he has a more extensive vocabulary than I do, so if I can do well or even win, it makes me feel good about myself. But really, I think the biggest reason, is that yes, even after almost twenty years.... I still want to impress him. :)

Here's how the 68 points racked up for me:
Q (10 pts.) on a triple letter square = 30 pts.
U, E, L, L (each 1 pt.) = 4 pts.
Total: 34 points
Double word: 68 points!

What are your favorite board games? Do you get competitive when you play? 


  1. Awesome word, Christine! I love playing games with my family. We used to do Friday night game night each week, but the kids have grown up, and Jeff is never home on Fridays anymore. Every now and again we still get together for a game night, though. The boys love to play Risk. It's how I learned the majority of my world geography when I was a kid, so I love playing with them - hey - a little educational quest to rule the world never hurt anyone, LOL!

  2. For me and Devin it's Harry Potter Scene it. And no, I'm not competitive :). I just like to play with my son and have fun. He can be competitive! But the Harry Potter, it's more than just a game. I love playing that. It's one game I've not been able to tell him no to. Oh and we like to play Pass the Pigs! Sometimes Devin can get really pissy! He tries to press his luck too often :)

  3. Heh heh heh - Scrabble brings out the competitive streak in both my sisters and I when we play - all being fanatic readers, we all think we should win.
    And I will have to remember Quell - excellent word.

  4. Oh wow, that's so cool, Christine!

    The kids and I used to play a number of games--Jenga was quite the favorite. Uno. Sorry! Clue...

    Funnily enough, even though we are all readers, we didn't play Scrabble all that often.

    Of course, not they are all grown *sniff* so...

  5. Wow Christine!

    Awesome word and score. I love Scrabble, but haven't had anyone to play with in a long time. (Kids all grown up - lol)

    It's so nice that this is something you can enjoy with the hubby.

    Warm Regards

  6. Congrats on the win and awesome word, Christine! What a score! :)

    I don't think I've ever played, can't remember.

    I don't play board games all that often. It's more like phases, with quite a few months in between. When I'm playing, I'm not all that competitive. I like to win, of course, but I seem to be missing the gene that bends some people into a pretzel when it looks like they might lose. Although, I can't really say that I miss that. LOL

  7. That is one great word! My family never really played games. My brother and I played Monopoly (among others, including Cluedo), but he 'had' to win, which invariably ended in him cheating.....

  8. Well you made my heart do a happy roll. Love those big point words! My husband and I go in cycles with Scrabble. We haven't played in a while and I can't wait to tell him about this.

    Like Lori we had game nights on Friday nights with my sisters and their families. All the kids are grown, but when we are all together we have a tendency to gravitate to games. SCENE IT is a big family favorite right now.

  9. Lori: We try to organize a family game night when we can. It certainly gets more challenging once the kids are teens and their social lives become so important. *sigh*

    My husband and I used to play Risk on a Mac in college. I bought the board game a few Christmases ago, but I was a bit overwhelmed by the instructions and rules. I need the cliff notes. ;)

    Amy: I bet you'd beat Devin every time if there was a LoTR Scene It, what do you think?

    Kristie: Quell is definitely a great Q word for you to keep in mind the next time you play your sisters. I was surprised at myself for even thinking of it. I wasn't even 100% sure it was correct when I put it down. ;)

    AztecLady: We went through an Uno phase when the girls were younger, too. Of course it all started out with Candyland. *sigh* Those were the days, huh? ...

    Lea: Thanks! Have you heard of the online Scrabble game you can play with other people over the internet? I think it's Scrabblous or something? I'd check it out for you, but I'm afraid I'd get sucked in and spend a lot of time there. teehee

    Taja: Thanks! I think that 68 point word goes down in my Scrabble history books, for sure! I only seem to get this competitive when I play my husband. LOL!

    orannia:: Thanks! I played a lot of Monopoly as a kid, too! Great game, but you need to set aside a lot of time for that one.

    Rosie: We go through game phases, too. Right now Scrabble is IT!!! Two or three times a week! :)

  10. Hells, yeah! Scrabble's my game. I mostly play it online. The best is getting a Q (or an x or z) on triple word. Though getting it on triple letter can sometimes be even better, as you did. SO satisfying!


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