Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Loving Larissa Ione!

I love Larissa Ione's Demonica series. Demonica is a romance series at heart, but it also contains tones of urban fantasy and even horror. Those dark, edgy, and sometimes gruesome elements set this series apart from other typical paranormal romance series, making the Demonica series really shine for me.

The Demonica Series Overview:
The Demonica world is a complex world made up of many different species of demons, vampires, weres, fallen angels, and humans. Only a select group of humans are aware of the existence of nonhuman creatures, human Guardians called the Aegis and an elite military group. All of the different beings in this world do what is inherently natural to them in order to survive and thrive in this world. With different needs and means for survival, one can only imagine the conflicts and potential for catastrophe that can occur. The lines between good and evil are certainly blurred in this world, making for some very interesting story telling.

The first three novels in the Demonica series are centered around three Seminus demon brothers who were sired by the same father, but have different mothers. Their lives are intertwined not only through brotherly bonds, but also literally through the blood, sweat and tears they each gave to found the demon hospital Underworld General Hospital. I have read and reviewed both Pleasure Unbound and Desire Unchained (loved them both!) and am currently reading an ARC of Passion Unleashed. Each book is a dark, edgy, and very sexy romance filled with complex, seemingly insurmountable conflicts and plot twists within the hero-heroine relationship as well as within the politics of the Demonica world. Passion Unleashed is no exception. I'm currently shocked at some plot twists and on the edge of my seat in suspense wondering how in Heaven, Earth or Sheoul there can be a happily ever after. Yet I know Larissa will make it work. I just have to keep reading to find out how she does it. One hundred pages to go....

Upcoming Review and Book Giveaway:
I'll be posting my review of
Passion Unleashed within the next day or two and I'll be giving away 5 copies of Passion Unleashed compliments of Forever Romance from Grand Central Publishing. Don't miss this awesome chance to win your own copy!

Demonica Compendium:
In the meantime, be sure to check out the Demonica Compendium by Larissa Ione, available to read online at the Hatchette Book Group website. You can get there by clicking the
BROWSE INSIDE THIS BOOK button on the widget below. The compendium is chock full of all kinds of fascinating information about the different demon species, and other paranormal beings; the hospital, and key characters in the Demonica world. Not only that, it contains a great short story called The Reckoning about how Shade and Eidolon found Wraith and saved him from a slow and torturous death at the hands of his own vampire clan.

If you like Meljean Brook's
Guardians series or Nalini Singh's new Guild Hunter series, I think you'd enjoy Larissa Ione's Demonica series as well.

You can visit Larissa Ione at her website


  1. "The lines between good and evil are certainly blurred in this world, making for some very interesting story telling."

    Great review! I'm big on blurred lines. Okay, I have PU in my TBR itching to be read. I can't wait.

  2. Awesome Review Christine!

    You KNOW I'm a total Demonica addict. So, I certainly share the love of Larissa!

    And, Carolyn - you are in for a treat. :)

    Warm Regards

  3. Thank you for the overview! I love this series more with each book so I'm thinking Wraith's book is going to be wonderful!

  4. Thank you so much for the overview Christine and I look forward to reading your review of Passion Unleashed :)

    Please don't include me in the contest - I haven't read the first book yet (something I should obviously rectify :)

  5. Someday I'll get back in the groove of reading. It's been eluding me lately. I still need to read book two. Man! Book three is coming out next week. I'm so behind :(. I wnat to read it. But I wnat to read this book and that book, oh and that other book and this other book!! I'm just confused :).

  6. OMG I still have to read book 2 and I'm dying for them all LOL. I can't wait to see/skim your review!

  7. I also think this series is great for getting over the BDB. If you're wanting to get over the BDB. If that crack-tastic-ness has worn off for you. Just sayin'. :P

    I am still not far enough along in the third book, but I am LOVING it! I always new Wraith would be me fave.


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