Monday, July 21, 2008

No more free visits with Dr. Horrible! ;)

Did everyone else succumb to the hype and watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog last week? I was a bit late to join the bandwagon, but did manage to watch Act I & II on Friday and then miraculously remembered to catch Act III last night before it was removed from free viewing. No worries if you missed it, though, because it is now available as an iTunes download. But now you'll have to pay $3.99 for your Doctor's visit. lol ha ha! ;p 

For those of you watched Dr. Horibble already, I want to know what drove you to watch it in the first place? And don't just say because Joss Whedon is a genius. Tell me why. 

For me, it was pure curiosity as to what was so great about it to create such an enormous buzz on the internet. And honestly, when I watched the first two Acts, I thought, 'Okay, this is cute. It's got this black comedy component with a bit of adorableness, combined with a well produced musical score,' but I wasn't blown away.  The tone kind of reminded me of "The Little Shop of Horrors," gone superhero style. Yes? By Act III, I was really digging it. I didn't realize Neil Patrick Harris could sing, let alone Broadway style. And Felicia Day? Totally won my heart. Her look, her acting, her voice. All wonderful. 

What did you like best about Dr. Horrible? Besides when Captain Hammer says, "The hammer is my penis." 

I think for me it was the musical score and orchestration. I loved the music, the lyrics, and the delivery of each song. I believe it is Joss' fiance, Maurissa Tancharoen who wrote the music with Jed Whedon and I think they did a outstanding job of it. My favorite song was the poignant song that Felicia Day sang to Dr. Horrible in the laundromat in Act II at the 7:50 mark. "Here's a story of a girl... Who grew up lost and lonely..." Totally tugged at my heartstrings. 

Was there anything you didn't like about Dr. Horrible? 

There was something I noticed almost right from the start that stuck in the back of my mind and bothered me about this production. I first noticed it during one of the first scenes in which Dr. Horrible was singing-- when he was in the laundromat? Everyone there was white. He's in a city laundromat and everyone is white? Then he proceeds to walk down the street and everyone is white. At one time we see the back of a woman's head and she has black hair, but there was no way to tell if she was nonwhite. Then it isn't until Act III when we finally see nonwhite actors; Maurissa Tancharoen herself, who is Asian, plays one of the groupies and then there are two or three black people as walk ons later in the act. I know this is a low (no?) budget production, and all the actors were probably friends and family who weren't even paid, but still it bothered me.  Anyone else? 

All in all, I enjoyed watching Dr. Horrible and look forward to future productions by Mutant Enemy Productions. The idea of a web series is fun and ingenious, and I especially like the Broadway Musical feel that Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog had. I wonder what's up next and how soon before we see new web series by other production companies? It should be interesting. :)


  1. I have a crush on Neil Patrick Harris. Long live Doogie!!
    Have you see the new Old Spice commmercial with him playing a doctor? Too funny.

  2. Dang! I meant to catch this while it was still free. But I guess itunes will get some $.

  3. Totally missed everything...didn't even know it existed.

    Sounds cool...and so loved Doogie ages ago...don't know much of his recent work.

    Now, I've seen the Mutant Enemy Productions logo after something I've watched before...just can't remember what!! lol

    I doubt I'll pay to see it.

  4. I guess I didn't watch it long enough. I got maybe two minutes into the first act and couldn't watch anymore.

    Was Dr. Horrible Neil Patrick Harris?? I am so clueless to faces on TV. I don't even know who Joss Whedon is. Am I supposed to know who he is?

    Now if you asked me who Fred is I would say yes, shaking my head, trying to hold back the ridiculous giggles. My child insists I watch Fred on you tube. So, if my son is not insisting I watch something then I don't have a clue.

  5. Kate :: LOL Neil Patrick Harris was quite adorable in this production. And he can sing!!

    Yes, I saw that Old Spice commercial recently on YouTube. Maybe you even sent me the link!? Too funny.

    Aymless :: If you're really curious, $3.99 isn't that much for 45 minutes of entertainment. You pay $10+ for barely 2 hours in the movies, right?

    dd03 :: I should have given the heads up last week when I watched the first two Acts. Sorry. Next time. :)

    Amy C :: Fred? Who's Fred?
    Joss Whedon is the writer, director, executive producer, and creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. He also writes a comic series and has written some scripts. I'm not a big TV watcher, so he's not a household name for me either.

  6. Go to my blog and meet Fred! LOL

  7. I had a crush and still do on Neil Patrick not to mention his boyfriend is HAWT OMG they are a pretty couple.
    Wait what were we talking about?

  8. Heard about, but didn't have time. Maybe in the future...when I can fully work iTunes. ;)

  9. Sorry, but "The hammer is my penis" or whatever he said really was the only part that got a rise out of me long enough to smile, let alone laugh.

    I think it was a great concept, but the overall story through acts one and two was a bit snorish for me. I do admit I did not get to see Act III. Trying to watch that on my home computer might have resulted in the meltdown of my hard drive; it's a bit of a dinosaur now.

    Is act III worth paying to see? Will it magically make me like the whole think when I found the first two to be simply OK?

  10. I['m so out of it..this is the first I heard so had no clue there was a hype. Oops. :)

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  11. I thought it was great. There may be more episodes and I cannot wait. I loved him as Doogie, I was trying to explain that show to my teenage sister and she was totally clueless. My hubby loves to watch him on How I Met Your Mother.

  12. I was so curious what everyone was talking about I bought it from iTunes, but I haven't watched it yet. I keep saying soon, but soon hasn't come yet.

    I am glad you explained who Joss Whedon is, though. I keep hearing the name, but had no clue who that was. Makes sense now.


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