Monday, February 4, 2008

Stood Up

My girl got stood up on her first non date thing.  Well, she still claims it wasn't a date, which is a good thing, because even though she was disappointed, she was not heartbroken.   She waited for 20 minutes before giving up and having her dad drive her to a friend's house to shoot some hoops.  The boy called her later that afternoon with no explanation for why he didn't show up and asked her if she wanted to reschedule for Sunday.  Her response: "No. I don't think so."  She told me she needed some time to decide whether or not she wanted to take a chance on him standing her up again.  That's my girl. 

Oh! And the friend who she hung out with playing hoops?  The other boy who had asked to join them on their non date downtown!   ;o) 


  1. Good for her, telling him "no, thanks". What a little punk for not even giving her a reason. Boys. *headesk*

    But hey, this is better for you, right?

  2. That a girl! Christine please tell your daughter, she is way to smart, way to beautiful and way to busy to give him a second glance let alone a second chance!

    I still think boy #1 and boy # 2 had some sort of boy thing and boy # 2 beat out the oh the drama =)

  3. Ahhh - good decision on her part!!!

  4. Christine, I think your daughter is learning the universal truth.

    Boys. Are. Dumb.

    We all learn it in 6th or 7th grade. And for some of us, the universal truth never goes away. ;o)

  5. Good for her for having a brain and not being upset over some boy who obviously wouldn't end up being worth her time or energy! She's learning early! Smart girl. Glad she got to hang with her other friend - she probably had more fun shooting hoops anyway! :)

  6. Love that story Christine. Good for your daughter-as someone once said, "Never make someone a priority who makes you an option." Sounds like she's being raised well.

  7. *snickers* atta girl, m!!

    hhmm...*lifts hands like weight scale*

    boy who ditches you?

    ...ooorrr...boy who graciously has you over for hoops after you tell him he can't hang with you and the other doofus...errr...boy?

    *lifts eyebrow..the good m* I'd say you have a winner! *g*

  8. Good Girl!!! That guy sounds like a jerk. Glad to hear she was still have fun hanging out with Boy #2.

  9. That's really great! Sometimes the other boy is the real gem, as we all know from our reading.

  10. Oh yes, Holly, this is definitely better... I'm glad she still hasn't had a date! :D

    When I was her age, I was so eager for a boy's attention, I don't think I would have hesitated to say yes to the reschedule no matter how hurt or disappointed I was the day before. I can't tell you how happy I am that she's as smart as she is when it comes to relationships! Of course the hormones haven't kicked in full force yet, so all her wisdom might just vanish! LOL

    Thanks for all the support ladies! :)

  11. That guy does sound like a jerk I'm glad she stood up to him!
    I hope it works out with the "friend" those relationships tend to last a long time ;)


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