Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jack Johnson ROCKS the Billboards

Oh, Saaaamaaaanthaaaaa!!! Well, well, well, what do you know? Look who's on the cover of the latest issue of RollingStone magazine. C'mon, you know you've been Sitting, Waiting, Wishing for his newly released album! I even saw it for sale at Starbucks this week! Surprised? Nah... you shouldn't be. This new album, Sleep Though The Static is currently #1 on the Billboards! That is, #1 on The Billboard 200, the Billboard Comprehensive Albums, the Top Digital Albums, and the Top Rock Albums!!! Go Jack!

Do You Remember the times you made fun of my fondness for the soulful sounds of Jack Johnson? Thinking I was a Flake? Well, girl friend, those days are Gone because in Times Like These, I obviously don't Walk Alone. There are millions of Jack Johnson fans. And someday... maybe someday... you'll be thinking to yourself, "If I Had Eyes, I'd be a Jack Johnson fan, too."

So tell me, did this news turn your world Upside Down or what? Don't worry... I know what would cheer you up. Come on over to my place, I'll fix you up some Banana Pancakes and expose you to some Sexy Plexi. You know you want some. ;o)

Go here to the Jack Johnson's website to the video section of this laid back surfer dude music artist. "If I Had Eyes" is from his new album. "Upside Down" from the Curious George movie is another of my favorites and the lyrics can apply to adults, too. :)


From the Oxford American Dictionary:
flake |flak|
1. a snowflake.
2. informal: a crazy or eccentric person.

Samantha has never called me a flake, especially in regard to definition number two. I really just wanted to use that song title in my post. However, I am like a snowflake.... unique and delicate. There's no one out there like me! :) ... but I'm not cold. ;p

And here's Jack Johnson performing one of my favorites,
Better Together:


  1. I took my cousin to see the Curious George movie where Jack did the music for. I was so surprised he didn't get an oscar nom for best music in a movie. Because of his song writing skills, that movie was such a joy to watch, and of course the antics of George and the man in the yellow hat. :)

  2. I am so behind, I don't even know who he is!!!

  3. That's okay CJ me either. I guess I should borrow a CD from the library...

  4. Sitting, waiting, that song...

  5. Lmao.... Make sure girls when you listen to his CD you bring towels with you. Just in case you have this overwhelming feeling of either slicing yourself or slitting your wrists!

    I am not surprised that Mr. Johnson has made the Top Billboards everyone these days are about the angst!

    And....Christine darling not once did I ever say or think you were a flake.

  6. I have seen Rolling Stone cover, I have no clue who that man is. LOL!


    ...oh, can't sleep and I gotta work in the am!
    *wipes eyes*

  8. I don't think Jack Johnson is angsty. His songs may be portray concerns about the future of humanity, but they aren't full of unfocused anxiety or dread. They are more matter of fact. His songs are soulful, with simple sounds and simple lyrics. Yet the messages are about life and love and hope and the way things of the world just ... are. His songs tell stories. Simple stories that touch your core because you can relate to them.

    You're right about one thing, though, Samantha, you never did call me a flake. But I am one of a kind... like a snowflake, right? Unique in every way? Right?

  9. Oh I like Jack Johnson, and the Bubbly Toes song is my favorite. I like how he has simple truths in his songs, and they are catchy and sometimes rather hypnotic.

  10. I love Jack Johnson. (Does that make me unhip?)

    Banana Pancakes is my favorite.

  11. Hiya Christine, what's up baby girl? Ohhh I love Jack Johnson...(dreamy, dreamy) and handsome. I can watch a video and not even have to turn the volume on. LOL!! Ohhh and I did start my blog

  12. Mary Kate ~ I don't think liking Jack Johnson's music is un-hip.

    I made the mistake of teasing Christine about a song she had playing on her yahoo messenger. I was on the wrong assumption that's what friends sometimes do.I never realized that my teasing bothered her that much.

    I meant no harm towards Christine's like for his music. People's likes and dislikes is what makes the world go round. What works for some may not work for others. Doesn't make either party wrong or un-hip or in Oxfords definition a flake.

    I have learned a lesson out of all this so here's to you Jack Johnson, here's to hoping!

  13. ok ..lmao...all you bitches are fucking out of your minds over this jack johnson bullshit!!..who cares who likes him or not..i dont like him..i do however like elton john..and i dare say a couple of country tunes to go with my eclectic stlye of music..point is i like sam have ripped christine over her choice of music on more than one occasion...but since nobody knows that the three of us are all really good friends and are not only on-line friends might have im gonna clarify it...cakes !!!..jack johnson can kisss my fat ass in macys window on a bright sunny i know you were having a blonde moment with this post but since i luvs you its all good!! never mind this shit and lets talk jack and gingers in the twilight zone!!!..oh and byt he way the bloggings coming along very nicely!!..later ckaes baby!!

  14. ok so after i wrote that whole thing ..of course me being the computer moron i am i couldnt post thanks cakes baby!!...muuuuahhh!!!

  15. Samantha, your teasing never bothered me at all... it was always fun for me... our little inside joke. I was just trying to have a little fun and tease you back. I was wrong to bring the inside joke between two real life friends to the public eye on my blog. I apologize for coming across harsh, insulting you, or portraying you in a negative way. You mean so much to me, and I would never want something silly like this to come between us. I'm sorry.

  16. I love Jack Johnson and my favorite song by him is Bubbly Toes and Banana Pancakes, my cousin can play Banana pancakes on the ukelele and we totally rock out...Jack Johnson rocks my socks!

  17. Oh, I love me some Jack Johnson! Better Together would have to be my favorite. I don't know, there is just something about his music that makes me feel all peppy and smile.


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