Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Random List of Six

I've been blog tagged by Jill. Her blog is Romance Rookie. 

Here are the rules:

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Six random things about me.... 

1. I'm a coffee addict. I started drinking coffee regularly after my second child was born because I was chronically sleep deprived and could barely keep my eyes open past 3:00 in the afternoon. Now I drink maybe 3 cups a day, but also LOVE coffee anything! Coffee, cold, frozen, alcoholic (Espresso Martinis YUM!), coffee ice cream, coffee candy, coffee desserts, etc...

2. I am not a "cat person," yet have four cats. I do love my pets, but I'm not really the "cat lady" that I must look like from the outside. I'm more of a "kitten person," and well, yeah, they grow. I've been suckered TWICE to adopted the last brother/sister pair in the shelter because I didn't want them to be separated. TWICE I did this. I won't be making that mistake ever again. 

3. I cry a lot. I've always have been a crier, and probably always will be. I wasn't even allowed to watch The Little House on the Prairie when I was a kid, because I'd be a basket case every time. I'm serious. I saw the Spiderwick Chronicles movie last weekend with my nine year old daughter. At the end, I said to her, "I cried." She sighs and says, "I know, Mommy." lol Yeah, so things like movies, books, Hallmark commercials, songs on the radio... they all get to me. My latest example is the Alicia Keys song, "Like You'll Never See Me Again." I can't listen to it without getting that burn behind the eyes. But I don't cry when I see roadkill anymore, so that's good. ;p

4. I love ethnic foods. My favorites are Thai, Mexican and Indian. I'm going out to dinner with my friend Kate tonight for Turkish food, which I'm really excited about. I have only had some traditional Turkish appetizers in the past... can't wait to discover something new! I will try anything once and refuse to get grossed out over what other cultures eat. I'm not vegetarian. I eat animal flesh, so really folks, there's not really much that's more gross than that.

5. I'm a world class procrastinator. Case in point, Jill tagged me Sunday and here I am posting this on Thursday. *rolling eyes* I'm going to try very, very, very hard not to procrastinate doing my taxes this year. Because when you are expecting a refund, it is extremely lame to mail them out on April 15. Just saying. 

6. I've lived in New Jersey my entire life, always within 30 minutes of New York City, barring traffic, and it wasn't until I started dating my husband (who immigrated here when he was 11) that I ever saw the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, where my own grandparents passed through in the 1920s when they immigrated to the US! He was also the one who took me around to all the touristy places in NYC. 

I tag the following people: Anna, Amy, Sarai, Kat, and um... hmm... I think I need more blog friends. Humpf.


  1. Hi Christine! Hey you posted the meme, good for you. (I don't even know what a meme is. I am not even sure if it is a word). I am a crier too. I cry at everything. There is no shame in that! Funny about the roadkill :)

  2. I am a coffee addict also! And I just have to have flavored cream in my coffee.
    Turkish was so yum! Lamb... I feel so guilty, but oh so good!

  3. I'm a crier too! My son takes pride in saying "Are you crying?" at the top of his voice in the cinemas! I can't help it. I also cry at TV ads, at soaps, at other people crying, at people being happy families name it!

  4. I'm with on the crying thing! When I'm reading a book and I start crying Devin alsways askes me why I read them if they make me cry. But those are the best ones!! He doesn't get it!

  5. Oh, and I teared up at the end of The Spiderwick Chronicles, too! ;)

  6. yup. I cry at movies & books too. *sigh*

    read sins of the night the other day...blubbered, all over! gah! Wren on weds...

  7. Wow I am strangely honored to be picked. Told the hubby and everything. I will post mine on Wednesday. Have a guest author today and then my review of her book tomorrow and then I will do it. Sounds fun!!!
    Very interesting things... I love getting to know people better.

  8. I cry pretty easily too. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I love Irish Cream Latte's. Yum! :)

  9. I'm a world class procrastinator, too. Hence my total freak out 6 weeks before the wedding. LOL

    And I'm a coffee addict, too. I just tried a Strawberries and Cream frap from Starbucks with a shot of Hazelnut the other day, and it tasted just like Crunch Berries. YUM! :)

  10. Oh my... aren't we a bunch of crying coffee addicts, or what? LOL

    Ooo, Holly, that sounds delish. I got a Skinny Vanilla Latte yesterday. It was good, coulda been more vanilla-y. But since I bumped into my favorite kick ass instructor from the gym while in Starbucks, I was so relieved I had ordered the 'skinny' before I realized she was behind me in line. Phew! ;)


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