Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where In The World Are You Reading? Café Style

Where in the World Are You Reading? is a monthly themed meme that started over the summer by Trish [Love Laugh Insanity], Lisa [Books Lists Life] and Kelly [The Written World].  This is a book meme that encourages readers to share the places they're reading or getting their books around the world. Visit the blogs above for more details and follow the #wwread hash tag on twitter for more buzz!

This month's theme for the Where In the World Are You Reading? monthly blog meme is Cafés & Coffee Shops. My favorite kind of place right after libraries and bookstores! Especially if they're serving desserts. With ice cream. Yep, that's heaven to me right there.

Truthfully, I don't often read in cafés or coffee shops because I rarely go to those places alone where I can sit and stick my nose in a book for a while. I have a favorite local coffeehouse that I frequent, but again, not alone. I'm usually with friends taking an hour or two to step away from the blissful craziness of home and responsibilities to sit over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake for some much needed girl talk. In fact, I just met with some friends one evening earlier this month for that very thing!

I was hoping I'd see someone in the coffee shop reading so I could get a photo for this meme, and sure enough I saw not one, but two people in the coffee shop reading! One was reading on a kindle and the other was reading on her laptop. The latter may or may not have been reading a book, but she must have been reading something, right?

Reading in my local coffeehouse.
I should have snapped a photo of the counter with all the desserts in the glass case. To die for!

Do you ever sit and read in a café or coffee shop?

To see where in the world others are reading in cafes and coffee shops, visit this month's links at Trish's blog, Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity. Go check it out!


  1. Wow - great coffee shop, Christine :) I do take a book to a cafe/coffee shop, but then I end up having to re-read the page over and over again because I love to people watch.

    Ooh, I suddenly have the urge to get my book and go to a coffee shop...maybe later today!

  2. Janet This IS a great coffee shop. We're spoiled having it right downtown.
    Oh I can TOTALLY see that being me if I would read in a coffee shop. So much to watch, right? Hope you enjoy your "reading" time the next time you visit your coffee shop. Hopefully today! :)

  3. That's a lovely coffee shop! I can see why you choose it to meet friends at.

  4. Nice, Christine :)

    I rarely sit and read in a cafe, simply because I rarely drink in a coffee shop. Whenever I get something to drink, it's mostly to go :P But really, there's no place like home and bed :P

  5. That's a really nice shop!!
    Here is all Starbucks or Starbucks wannabes. :(

  6. LOL, you should've photographed the counter and posted it for Weekend Cooking :) Your local coffeeshop looks lovely, great couch! My local ones are either Starbucks or not decorated for cosy afternoon reading.

  7. Lisa It is a lovely coffee shop. I'm thinking I should start hanging out there by myself more often. My friends and I usually sit in one of the small booths, but the comfy seating is so inviting!

    nath You're right. There really is no place like home to read. :)

    Alex We're very lucky to have a lot of cozy coffee shops like this one around here.. but really.. this one is the best. :)

    Chinoiseries What a great idea!!! I wish I had thought of that. But you know.. I have time to go back. If you really want me to, I can even eat a slice of cake or pie just to let you all know how delicious it is. No hardship on my part. Really. ;)

  8. This sounds like a fun meme, and right up my alley. Must read up about it. Thanks!
    I never read in coffeeshops either (except for newspapers), but hang out in them all the time, :).

  9. Ok, one day you and I WILL have coffee! deal?

  10. I can't say that I ever really get the chance to sit and read in a coffee shop. Maybe when the kids get a little bit older I will find some quiet time ;P

  11. I ADORE the look of this coffee shop! Especially with the carpeted floors--feels so warm. I wish I was able to read in a coffee shop more often but really only get a chance to once a month before book club. Like you, if I'm there, it's usually because I'm socializing with someone else.

    Don't you love spying on people reading? ;) Thanks for playing along Christine.


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