Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a really safe, happy and fun Halloween today!

I made this Halloween banner tonight using a really fun, easy and FREE photo editing website called using a photo I took four Halloween's ago when we hosted a Halloween party for the high school volleyball team. That post is one of my most popular hits on my blog. I think because of the pumpkin carved like a volleyball. :)

Hurricane Sandy pretty much put a damper on Halloween this year in our area. Schools are closed for the rest of the week because of power losses everywhere and the dangerous conditions with fallen trees and power lines all over the place. Trick-or-treating has been rescheduled for Monday, November 5th. Kind of anti-climactic, but hopefully the kids will get into it.

In the meantime, since we're among the fortunate to still have power, we've opened our home to friends who need a warm place to visit, a hot meal, outlets to charge their cell phones, ice for their freezers, a washer and dryer and most of all the cheerful company of friends.

Hope you're having a spooktacular week! xo


  1. NO kids came~ I was rather disappointed. On the up side, I now have a lot of chocolate. :D

    Please keep us posted about the Nov Halloween. :D

    And it's so wonderful of you and your family to help out. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help. :)

  2. We had over 90 kids. I'm glad they've rescheduled Halloween for the kids. And am very glad y'all are okay!

  3. Very nice banner! I'll have to check that program out.

    I'm with Brandy, it's good that they re-scheduled Halloween for the kids. I think it'll also be a good occasion for people to go out and get together :)

  4. Aww!! That's sad about halloween, but at least they are trying to make it up to the kids.
    Here in Mexico our Halloween, such as it is, last three days - starting on Halloween night on the 31st and ending on the night of Nov 2, our Dia de los muertos - and each year more kids get into it.

    Hope things get back on track soon! And that banner is awesome!

  5. Guess what? Halloween--that was rescheduled for tomorrow--has been postponed until further notice. They should just skip it now. I mean, we already ate our candy stash. LOL. Still so many without power, trees across some roads and power lines down. Tomorrow will be a week and it is getting freaking cold out there! Today's high was only 48 F and it's going down to 32 F tonight and 30 F tomorrow!

    You guys should definitely check out It's so easy and FUN to use.

  6. I just got an email update from our police department. 34% of the homes--3300 in our town of 9600 homes are still without power. They're anticipating restoring power to about 700-800 per day over the next FOUR days. :((

  7. 'They' meaning our electric company.


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