Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wrapping Presents

Right now I'm wishing I had several hours I could pull out of my back pocket. How about you?

I have a lot of last minute things to do today for Christmas--mostly food preparations, tidying the house before guests arrive and wrapping presents.

Doing my best to do it all merrily!

Speaking of wrapping presents... check out this adorable video on How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Eve!  ^_^


  1. Oh my god! I love, love love this video!!

    Have a great, happy, awesome Christmas!!

  2. Alex, isn't that the cutest? One of our cats laid down right on the wrapping paper today and my daughters shot video of them trying to wrap him just like in this YouTube video. Ours ran out of the paper before he was completely wrapped, but it was still super cute!

    You have a super happy Christmas, too! xoxo

  3. Hope your Christmas Eve was festive and fun!

  4. This was such a cute video! My sis loved it LOL. I like that the person took the tail in consideration!

  5. I like the bow, too! And the way the cat watches the ball roll by. So cute! ^_^


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