Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Library Loot XLV

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I thought last week's library loot post was going to be my last one of the year, but I was wrong! Hey, it happens sometimes! My youngest is reading Indigo's Star by Hilary McKay in school and discovered the author has written several books about Indigo's siblings, as well, so of course it became extremely urgent to get her hands on all of them at once. Thankfully, our library had all of them except one. We'll have to hunt that one down at another library at some point. Since we were there on a Saturday afternoon, it gave me the opportunity to browse the shelves at a leisurely pace instead of my usual rush in, grab books, rush out. It was nice.

His Mistress by Christmas by Victoria Alexander

A new Christmas Historical Romance.

I may not get to this one in time for this holiday season, but I couldn't resist taking it home just in case!

My Father's Daughter by Gwyneth Paltrow
I saw this cookbook on the new release shelf for non fiction and the only reason I picked it up was because it won the 2011 Goodreads Readers Choice Awards in the Food & Cooking category. I like Gwyneth Paltrow, but I did not vote for her cookbook. [I voted for Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home by Jeni Britton Bauer, in case you were wondering.] I usually pass over cookbooks by celebrities on the principle that the only reason their cookbook is in bookstores selling copies is because they are celebrities, NOT because they are exceptionally original or talented in the kitchen. In fact, I think those are largely same reasons why this cookbook even won the Readers Choice Awards--because people know and recognize Gwyneth Paltrow. Not because they have read or cooked from her cookbook.

So out of curiosity, just this once, I brought home a celebrity cookbook from the library. It's a nice cookbook that uses simple, fresh ingredients in basic, familiar recipes that are healthful--which is how I strive to cook for my family. The food in the cookbook looks good, but not exceptionally noteworthy, but perhaps that's just because I already cook similarly to Ms. Paltrow. However, I am going to try her recipe for American Rotisserie Chicken tomorrow for dinner, so maybe I will be surprised and it will be the most exceptional roast chicken I've ever made! I'll let you know..

What's your take on celebrity cookbooks?

I borrowed some music by Maroon 5, Britney Spears and Pussy Cat Dolls. Don't judge.

I bought some Christmas novels on the 'books for sale' shelf to add to my collection. This coincided with my decision to collect little hardcover Christmas novels.



The Christmas Hope Donna VanLiere
Our Simple Gifts by Owen Parry
A Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber
The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Is there a particular sort of book you like to collect from used book sales or stores?


  1. I was skeptical about My Father's Daughter too but borrowed it from the library a few weeks ago as a fast read and was really impressed by the recipes, the writing and the photography. I can definitely now understand why it's been winning awards and praise. I hope you enjoy the chicken! I'm looking forward to making her recipe for duck "cassoulet".

  2. I don't think I have ever read a celebrity cook book. Celebrity chefs yes, celebrity no.

    Enjoy your lot!

  3. LOL!! I adore the little hardback Christmas novels!! They're my favorites the week between Christmas & New Years.
    I hope you enjoy the Alexander book. I just finished it & giggled through the entire book! Hubby thought I was nuts but she so makes me laugh!!

  4. Christine, I love the small Christmas hard cover novels. I have a few of those in my collection. But from used book stores I usually buy books that I will re-read from favorite romance writers: Nora Roberts and Mary Balogh are good examples. :)

  5. His Mistress by Christmas looks good.
    No judgement on Maroon 5, Britney or the Pussy Cat Dolls. I have all 3 in my iPod right now!
    My co worker gets Gwyneth Paltrow's email (GOOP) and makes a lot of the recipes off that. She's always been happy with them. No judgement on that either.

  6. I seriously need to read some Victoria Alexander, I have never read her books though I do have a novella by her somewhere in my reading list.

    As for the cookbook, I agree about the whole celebrity thing. Let me just say that I don't even like Rachel Ray's recipes - plus, her dishes tend to look like a big mess, though I like her well enough and even watched her shows sometimes.

    But now I'm intrigued about the ice-cream book you mentioned. I'm going to look it up.

    I kind of love the Pussy Cat Dolls sometimes, I like their songs, they are very upbeat. :D

    And I think it's lovely you collect the Christmasy Hardcovers. they usually have lovely covers. Whenever I indulge on used books it's usually for hard to find or out of print stuff, I had never thought of collecting them.

  7. I'll take your word for it, so to speak, on the Gweneth Paltrow book. She gets on my last nerve for some reason.
    I don't really collect books from the UBS. I tend to go in, look around and buy what catches my eye. *g*

    Hope you're having a good day!

  8. I find Gwyneth Paltrow a bit (hmm... a lot) annoying... not sure I can get into her book.

    Not sure if you're a fan of the Real Housewives of NJ, but Teresa Guidice's Skinny Italian has some great recipes.

  9. I went into the library take the local librarians chocolates. Not a bribe... *looks shifty*

    I think the only cookbook I've borrowed from the library is Jamie Oliver. I'm just kind of scared of cooking, because things never taste right...

  10. No judging on the music! Love Maroon 5 and if you heard whats on my Pod you'd be surprised ; )

    Not a fan of G.P. I agree that most celebs get whatever they write published because of their name. I am also finding the whole food network and cooking tv lot quite annoying as well. Giada is too damn skinny to really be eating anythingexcept for what she prepares for her show. Maybe thats why when she tastes her food she closes her eyes and looks like she's having really good sex, cuz thats the only time she actually eats ; ) If I gotta hear Paula Deen snort and drawl over how much butter she uses I'm gonna scream and Rachel Ray?! yummo my eye!! Not too catty huh?

    I am obsessed with cookbooks I have them in my kitchen bookcases as well as inside my window seat. I do collect them though I only go back to a small handful for recipes. I can't part with any.

    Have a great Christmas!


  11. Claire,
    I like the cookbook but don't think it's particularly exceptional. The rotesserie-style chicken came out well but it wasn't quite as straightforward as she made it sound in the instructions. I also made the roasted spiced sweet potatoes and I thought they were just okay. I'd leave out the star anise-too licorice tasting.

    You'll have to let me know how the duck "cassoulet" turns out.

    Celebrity chef cookbooks make sense! I'm just not a fan of actors writing cookbooks. I guess I feel they're exploiting their stardom or something.

    I can't wait for the used book sale at my library in February. There's bound to be some new Christmas novels then! :)

    I'm going to try to read the Alexander book before the New Year. We'll see. I'm glad it's funny!

    That's a good used book strategy, too. I look for Nora Roberts or J.D. Robb, too. I don't have a few of the newer In Death books, but will try to find them in paperback.

    I had songs from all three artists in my iPod already, too... was looking for more. Was hoping to find Britney's newest album [came home with a greatest hits instead], but they didn't have it. Will check another library.

    I didn't even know Gwyneth has a newsletter. Huh.

    I haven't read Victoria Alexander yet, either, so I'll let you know what I think!

    I don't follow any celebrity chefs at all, although I'm familiar with many.

    I like a lot of PCD songs too--I put them on my playlists for running. :)

    I like the sizes of the Christmas hardcovers. The books themselves are just the right size for holding and the stories are just the right size to finish in a day or two. And of course, the stories are always good for the soul.

    I like Gwyneth Paltrow as an actress well enough. I really don't follow many actors off screen. As for UBS, I don't have any nearby--I wish! My used book buying is usually my library book sales.

    Another non-Gwyneth fan! lol! I don't watch The Real Housewives of NJ. That's my life already. LOL! But thanks for the rec.

    Marg [see above] has posted a few Jamie Oliver videos and cookbook reviews on her blog if you're interested. Don't be scared of cooking! You can do it. Just read the recipe a few times before starting to help you visualize the process. I think that helps a lot.

    Now I want a sneak peek onto your ipod playlists!

    I agree about the celebs getting whatever they want published because of their name. I swear G.P.'s cookbook only won the 2011 Goodreads Reader Choice award because she basically won the popularity contest against all the other cookbook authors who were nominated.

    LOL re: Giada! I used to watch the food network years ago, but not so much anymore. I have no interest in Paual Deen's recipes.. they're all heart disease on a stick!

    I love cookbooks, too. I sometimes like to curl up in a chair and read them like I would a novel.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too! :)

  12. I became a fan of Donna VanLiere this Christmas. Have you ever tried her audios?

  13. Juju I haven't listened to her audios. Do you like them? Honestly, I didn't even read her books yet--but I'm sure I'll enjoy them. I love these sweet Christmas stories. In December... ;)

  14. Juju I haven't listened to her audios. Do you like them? Honestly, I didn't even read her books yet--but I'm sure I'll enjoy them. I love these sweet Christmas stories. In December... ;)


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