Thursday, December 29, 2011

My 4th Blog Anniversary

So I guess I've been blogging for four years now! What started out as a book blog has transformed over the years to a comfortable place where I get to share my interests in books, fitness, cooking, travel and basically bits and pieces of myself! The happily ever after... has become one of my favorite creative outlets over the years, thanks to all of you who visit and leave comments or visit and never say a peep [I still appreciate your interest!] and a small handful of you who have connected with me privately via personal email. I appreciate all of you and your interest in what I have to say.

For fun, here are some stats:

Top 3 Most Frequently Visited Posts:
Cross (stitch) My Heart posted on August 21, 2008 with over 3400 page views.
And no... I still haven't finished either of those cross-stitch projects! 

Homemade Strawberry Daiquiris for Two posted on June 18, 2010 with over 1500 page views.  Yum!

A Volleyball Pumpkin Party posted on October 17, 2009 with over 1400 page views.  Really??

Should I try to learn something from these stats? Post more about cross-stitching and crafts? More recipes? Specifically recipes for two? I don't know what to get out of all those page views on Volleyball Pumpkin Party! It's so specific!

Top 3 Most Commented-on Posts:
Name Your Desert Island Keeper 339 comments on May 14, 2008 <--that was fun! :)
REVIEW: Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione  59 comments on March 28, 2009
REVIEW of Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas and.... 56 comments September 26, 2008

Authors who have left comments on my blog over the years:
Megan Hart
Meljean Book
Carolyn Crane
LB Gregg
Jaci Burton
Carolyn Jewel
Melissa Walker
Jocelyn Drake
Larissa Ione
Ann Aguirre
Lara Adrian
Lisa Kleypas
Lori Brighton
Margaret Mallory
Sarah MacLean
KT Grant

I hope I didn't forget anyone! Author visits are always so exciting. :)

Book Character who has left a comment on my blog:
Colin Ames-Beaumont, main character in Demon Moon by Meljean Brook's and present in other Guardian series novels. < ---that was so cool!

Anyway, thank you all for keeping me company here on the happily ever after ...  

Here's to another great year! :)


  1. Happy blogiversary!

    Though I comment less these days (reading on my phone does that), I still love reading all your posts. I've loved cheering with you as you trained and completed your 5k then your triathlon.

    Love sharing kid bits and reading your recipes. And of course, it's all your fault that I got hooked on Eve & Roarke :)

    Looking forward to 4 more years :)

  2. Thanks, Lori! :)
    I'm guilty for reading blogs on my phone, too. It's a comment-inhibitor!

  3. Happy bloggiversary, Christine!

  4. Happy Blogiversary Christine! I'm so glad that I discovered your blog and have been able to connect with you :) Here's to another 4+ fantastic years! *hugs*

  5. Thanks, azteclady, Anna and orannia! :)

  6. Four years blogging... nice :) Happy Blogiversary :)

  7. I can't imagine getting 339 comments on a post?!!!! Congrats on 4 years :-)

  8. Happy 4th Anniversary Ms. Christine! I look forward to more!

    And, Holy Cow! 339 Comments? Really? I missed that one, lol! I love your "Really?" next to the Volleyball Pumpkin Party post... it's SO true! It always amazes the different posts people enjoy.

    PS: I also need to stop reading my favorite blogs on the Google Reader and on my phone!

  9. Wow, four years, Christine! That's impressive. I'm very happy The Happily Ever After is around. :)

  10. Happy Blogiversary, Christine!! I really enjoy your blog and hope you will continue on. So to many, many more years!! :)

  11. Happy 4th Blogiversary! I missed your most popular posts, but that means I just need to go back and read them! *g*
    We love whatever you choose to write about, so no pressure of anything, but, keep it up! :)

  12. Happy Belated Blogiversary, Christine. I enjoy your posts and hope you will continue for many more years to come!

  13. Thank you all for the kind and encouraging blogging anniversary wishes! Sharing my blog with you makes it all worthwhile. xo

  14. I like the author comment stats :D Nothing makes me happier than when an author i really like stop by

    Happy Blogaversary!!! :D

  15. 4 years!!!

    Congrats!! I love, love love reading your blog and I hope it shall live for many years to come!

  16. Aw, you guys are great! Thanks for the blogoversary wishes. It's been a joy thanks to fellow bloggers like yourselves. I mean that.

    As for that post with the 339 comments, that was a special event among a dozen or so romance bloggers in which we took turns choosing our 'Desert Island Keeper' books and heroes. So there was a lot of discussion and negotiating going on! omg we were nuts. LOL


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