Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fitness Challenge Mid Month Progress Report: February 2011

I'm feeling the crunch of trying to meet my 100 fitness mile challenge in this shortest month of the year! I knew this was going to be a tough month for a couple of reasons, but at this point, I'm going to need a few things to line up just right for it to happen. Like cooperative weather and no "sick days", not to mention the determination and stamina on my part to have a few days of double workouts. As of today I have 42 miles to my name for February, so I'm going to need to earn 58 fitness miles in only 13 days!! Yikes! That's going to be a challenge for sure, but I'm going to see what I can do to make it happen. Or at least come really close! :)

Are you struggling with finding time to exercise every day? 

Remember that when there is a will, there is a way.

Recognize how important it is to exercise regularly. Your body needs it. It will make your body stronger, improve your mood, keep you healthier and help you live a longer, fuller life. Plus it just feels good! Must be those endorphins...

Make exercise as important to your daily routine as maintaining good hygiene, eating well and getting enough sleep.

When you make exercise a priority in your life, you will find the time to do it every day.

Like at 6 am like me...

How are you doing this month so far?


  1. Still on track for 3-4 times a week. But it totally sucks cause I get up at 4:30 to do it. But I always feel so good afterwards.

  2. @Lori ~ Ugh - 4:30! You're a better woman than me. Only a sick kid or the house on fire would get me up at 4:30. :P

    So far I'm on track this month (38m so far) but I need to pick things up a little, maybe do something different. I'm getting bored doing the same workout but not motivated enough to change.

  3. I'm way behind this month thanks to sick kids, a cold and then the flu right after the cold. *sigh* However, I'm giving it my all and have had a couple days of double workouts this week. I don't think I'm going to make my goal, though.

  4. Grrr.
    I think I've made it twice! Whatever is going around is really hitting our family hard! I'm the 'lucky' one I've just kept the headache & body aches & not gotten anything else...

  5. I am doing not good. I only worked out twice last week, and twice the week before. I just don't have the energy or motivation.

  6. Lori: You're doing great! ... 4:30 am is pretty insane, but I love it! :D Do you workout at home or go to a gym?

    I used to get up at 5:15 am only one day a week for the gym... any more than that and it exhausted me too much. But over the course of a couple of months, I built up to four days a week and 6 am on Sundays. Tuesdays I get up at 7 am leaving Saturday the only day I sleep in... which usually means 8 am at the latest. LOL! You get used to it.

    Leslie: Great job! I think the biggest reason I love to cross train is because my workouts are mixed up and I don't get bored. What about listening to a new playlist while you exercise? That helps me.

    Brandy: I know you've been having a tough time with colds and illnesses. Just do the best you can without overdoing it. :)

    Gina: Oh no! Hope everyone feels better in the Hott house! Hugs!

    Sarah: Twice is better than not at all! Do you think you're having a hard time because of the weather? Too cold and dark? I hope you feel more inspired soon!

  7. Other than injury (plantar fascitis takes forever to heal--it's been a year, for heaven's sake!) I have to contend with a work schedule that changes every week.

    Some days I start work at 5AM and others at 11AM--it's not at all conductive to setting aside a good time for exercising, let me tell you!

    It looks as if this month I'll be short again, but it ain't over 'till it's over, right? Here's to doing!

  8. You can do it - I have complete faith :)

    I...had a great first week, but this week has been a mess eating wise! Hoping to get back on track tomorrow. I won't know how I'm going till mid-March, so fingers crossed :)

  9. Not on track at all! I'm so glad that you are doing good even with it being a tough month. It's better to keep doing something, really anything, then just stopping all together...that is what I have done and I'm seriously kicking myself for it right now!

    I just started up on walking/jogging today and hope to keep up a regular exercise routine from now on. Now by regular I mean doing some sort of activity, working-out wise a day!

  10. azteclady, I feel your pain regarding the planter fasciitis. Literally. Mine took upwards of 9 months to heal, modifying all my exercise to mostly no impact, spacing my low impact workouts far apart. Even now I'm being cautious. If you are on your feet a lot for work (which I think you are...) I don't know how it will ever heal! In fact, I'd be worried about permanent damage. :(

    Michelle, thank you, my dear! ;)

    orannia, I'm trying to make 100 this month. It's gonna be close! I hope you're back on track eating wise. I have been remiss about logging my food in Lose It lately, but I am at least cognizant of my food choices throughout the day.

    Deanna, it must be challenging finding a regular exercise routine when you are a student and maintaining a job at the same time. I think you can do it, though... it'll just take some serious planning and some time management, something I'm not so great at!


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